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My apologies for missing a blogging day, but i’m ridng the crest of a crazy work tide, that i actually can’t believe is a happenning to Me. The Good Luck Gods from up above have blessed me with ridiculous career opportunity over the  last 2 weeks, out of nowhere, that now my ‘work’ is pretty much taking precedence over everything. And it is just the way i like it. Dreams come true! They really do. Your wildest dreams. And it only takes one hour in one meeting, if you have talent, or if your good at what you do, to change the whole rest of your entire life.

In the last two weeks, infact even one week…my LIFE has completely changed. I have glided up the ladder of Greatness, without knowing how i’ve managed to make it work. I’m having to pinch myself. I even cried a little, due to astonishment. I am a liver of life. A happy ‘cheer’ of a ‘wink. And you know what i am living proof, that if you actually 100% believe in yourself (i’m a confident girl) and trust your ability…(like i feel now, i can look at myself and think ‘yeah i feel really stable.’ ) then ANYTHING can happen…with a little wine.

I’ve never really had anyone in the actual industry tell me i wouldn’t amount to much. Even in Hollywood. They’ve always seen potential in me and rooted for Me. I’ve had jealous mindless friends or boyfriends say it, due to their own fear and lack of ability. I had one recently tell me i was nothing (which was odd as his resume is hardly anything to boast)…WELLL….i’m not one to gloat but IN YOUR FACE!!!! Hahahahah! It’s gonna be an eye opener. Infact, i had to actually take the day off yesterday to have ‘normal’ time with Lashes. Due to sheer, ‘i can’t believe my luckness.’ I jumped around with an innocent excitement, and a wink so viscious. I have a great team a round me right now. And well all i’m gonna say is if you don’t make it, you it’s not because ‘talent is sooo wasted’..( i hate it when i hear people grumble that line…or blame it on the industry.) If you don’t make it, it’s because YOU wasted YOUR talent. You didn’t work hard enough. You didn’t put yourself in the right positions. A dream is a dream, but then you’ve got to beable to have the know how, to turn it into a reality.

I’m not a big believer in right place, right time….i think dreams come true if you are fearless, work hard and are actually GOOD at what YOU do. If you are good at what you do, you will have that one meeting and you will ACE it. If you aren’t, they’ll raise the ‘Pass’ card and give it to someone who is. Then you can blame everyone else, yet the fault is really ON YOU. I’ve learnt the hard way. But now, my stars are a shining. And don’t think i won’t hold up that trophy and cheer!! Haha..

It’s weird because i came out of the meeting the other day and actually said to them, ‘I can’t believe you would just offer me this??’ And i had the producer & Director laugh and say, ‘But why? You’re Chrissie Wunna.’ And for the first time, i kinda just stopped for the moment, looked at them and said, ‘Yeah…i guess i am.’ (Then winked.) I see myself as so normal, more than you would think i would. But that day, i sort of realized that i’m not..there’s this odd something about me? A beautifully, clumsy ‘orignality.’

When i was a little girl in Hollywood, i’d go to an audition that i really wanted to get quite badly. More than anything. I’d get my callback, but then get a call from my agent saying ‘Honey, call backs cancelled. They offered out to someone.’ I’d be sad, but not too gutted as i always knew how the whole thing worked. Therefore it was just a day of feeling all pathetic and worthless etc…LOL. But now, years later, i’m the girl that callbacks get cancelled for and the work gets offered to. And well if i’m being honest I LOVE IT!!!! I know i should feel bad, but i don’t because i’ve worked hard. It feels good. I’m really grateful.

This blog isn’t about boasting. It’s merely to show you how things can change, if you work hard in life and are dedicated. I have great people around me right now. I’ve cut out all the wrong’uns OUT. Especially just recently. I don’t waste my time on ungrateful losers, who play a game of ‘pretend.’ I don’t concentrate on their life. I concentrate on my own. Keep ya chin up, smile and Va Voom your way through this Chapter. I’m living life alongside you, yet merely reporting mine as it goes along. I have a great mentor. Make sure you do to!

I’m currently juggling an acting career, with a modelling career, with a brand, a life, love, a book, blog and a title of ‘IT’ girl. What more could anyone wish for…apart from a dancing crowd of Mini Me’s, dipped in crack. I love you x

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