Dinner Tonighta!!


I’ve been asleep all day. All day! And had the best day of sleep ever. I like literally opened my eyes, all ‘hoochie- sleeping beauty, who might have a drinking problem’ and i really did think i had slept the whole way through the night and woken up on a merry sunday morning. I nearly had a bloody panic attack. Then i stumbled down stairs in my knickers to watch the ‘X’-Factor…which i’m finding boring. I mean i hate all the early everyone auditioning part. I only like it when it kicks it and gets to the final, where everyone is good. The tom foolery annoys me. (I’m a bit grumpy right now, because as i’m writing this, i have an old flipping man circling me and being miserable.) GO AWAY!!

Anyway just wanted to report that i’m now OVER my crush. Over it. My sleep ridded me of such nonsense. I got it out my system merrily with wine and shut eye. And if i’m being honest…i’m just not that ready to dive back into another ‘love story’ yet. I’m still recovering from the last one. And not quite 100% healed from it yet. There’s still a ‘pull’ a connection there and until that’s gone and completely gone…i don’t think i can move forward too fast. (Well maybe i can try…Lol.) I do want to settle down though with a ‘lovely.’

Anyway, just so you know, i’m still socialiting and still doing my Glamour pussy do-do. Tonight i’m going out to dinner, for warm food, red wine and ‘good times.’ I have A LOT going on. A LOT!! And i’m loving where my life is taking me…well i think i do?? I’m being invited to appear everywhere, to smear my jiggery pokery all over this land and then write about it in a inappropriately sexy manner. And i’m loving that part of my life. I’m a bucket load of fun and get a little carried away at times..but you godda admit…YOU fucking LOVE IT!!!

Off to dine my darlings!

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