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I definitely had a ‘Moscow Mule’ in the back of my Mum’s  silver Mercedes this afternoon, after errand running had got the better of me. I’ve had this AMAZING weekend of ‘family’ with Ruby and Junior, we’ve felt closer than ever and well life honestly just seems too perfect right now. (And I only say ‘right now’ because i’m an ambitious little Doll of ‘want success.’ I look ahead, plan ahead, hope for greater…yet i’m always really happy with where I am during the present. Yet this time…I really AM happy. My family are lunatics though…yet that’s what makes us ‘Wunna’s’ a joy! We’re so close it’s crazy.)

Anyway to celebrate how great my life feels right now, I figured whilst sat in the back of the car, in my big hair, white faux fur, big pouty lips and over eyelined, Chrissie Wunna LASHED eyes 😉 that I felt a little parched and to cure that moment of parchiness…I’d whop out a ‘Moscow Mule’ which is a vodka, mixed with ginger beer and lime…COCKTAIL. 🙂 Y’see when the going gets tough…the tough get into Bikini’s i believe the saying is 😉 . However when life is swirl of absolute bliss…you simply whop out  a back seat cocktail and simply to say cheers to ‘The Heavens.’ THANK YOU!

There was a moment today when I was going through my retainer agreements for the eyelash line. I’m excited to be working with Zach in America and well it seems i have a hit with this lash line, by accident. Now, i’m gonna run with it and enjoy every single moment of trying to become established! Dream home here I come! But yes, during that moment, I had a lime and ginger tea (my diet is going amazing by the way…it’s like i’m some kind of diet inner Hollywood must have glitter grained it’s way through my system. I think I look great for being 34 and having two babies…but i know that i can look EVEN BETTER! Ooooh yeah baby! Watch this space.)

And during the lime ginger tea and the retainer agreements, as boys of around Yorkshire texted me…I was also having to sing a song about a flipping BANJO with Junir because he just looked so excited by it!

That is what a true working Mum is all about! Talk about multi tasking. I’m organizing for my day job, trying to build a successful company, still be sexy and be an awesome mum all in a minute,.  I love it. I like to keep busy. Once bored…i’m a knob, or i get myself into trouble.

Tonight, I’ve got my eyelash gift bags to pack up for sending. Thank you again to everyone who bought them. I’m back to work. I have catch up drinks with my matey mate ‘Scott’ soon. I’ve tidied the house. I’ve got to go through my investment application thing, which I didn’t have time to do tonight as my Mum decided to get locked in the toilet, meaning she couldn’t get to mine in time to watch the babies for a second, as I puzzled through the ‘can I have more money please’ form. Trust her to get locked in the toilet. I mean, apparently my brother and KUNG FU sixty year old Daddy had to kick the door in to get he rout! LOL. What a ball ache! If i were there, I would’ve just winked and the door would’ve eased open. 🙂 It’s a talent, I tells ya!

Other than that, i’m off on my date this coming weekend, if it doesn’t get postponed again., He’s being really attentive and quite ‘normal.’ Like he messages me almost as if, we’re already dating…like we’ve known each other over time. but we haven’t…and we’re not yet. However, he seems lovely. So, if all goes to plan, we’ll give it  a whirl next weekend. (Meaning we’ll do drinks.) I like that he tried to go out of his way to make me feel better when he had to reschedule.  I see that as well mannered. I like good manners as it means that i’m dealing with  gentleman and not a ******* idiot.

Talking about Gents, one of my work colleagues had a birthday and decided to go out and have a ‘party party’ to celebrate her ‘turning another year.’Obviously, she ended up at ‘Biggies’ (you will only know what that is is you are from Ponty or you are a Pontefract resident. Lol.) No matter how old, young, smart or foolish…you will always end up at ‘Biggies.’ It’s dangerous. You make out with minors and everything.) But yeah, she’s ended up at Big Fellas nightclub and pulled this guy, who she told me, whilst I was at work and she was hungover that he was hot like ‘Christian Grey, used to be in the army, really sweet, had a kid and had one good eye? LOL. His name was apparently ‘Graham’ and she was so drunk that she didn’t get his contact details…so she stalked and stalked, searched and searched for him online…like all of us girls do, so don’t make like you don’t. Lol. (I mean half the boys I date have done a Google search, read 100 Blogs and everything before i even meet them. I’m like some kind of Queen in ‘Biggies.’)

But yes…she searched and I even I was about to search…(between us we are two very head strong, dedicated, ambitious girls..we will find you.) Got home…poured a wine…and as I was just about to have a look…she messaged me telling me she had found him already and his name wasn’t even ‘Graham’ was GEORGE!!! Holy CRAP! How amazing is SHE at searching!!!!!! That was some GREAT detective work! I’m proud of her. I hope he’s hot. I’ve demanded pictures. I’m excited!

Okay…*More Moscow Mule here*

I’ve still got lots of work to do tonight, as i can only really do it once the babies are asleep…(if i turn my company into millions…i’ll always remember these times) But i’m chipper because I totally purchased the hotties, kitty curled, pussy cat sexy, cat eyed, geek glasses from Specsavers. They are to die for…In 10 days they will be in my hands and I will be over the moon with excitement and sex appeal. I’m a contact lens wearer so i hardly ever wear my specs..but i just needed some so i could look Geeky and cute once in a while. (I’m loving the guys that are doing faux geek glasses right now, you how bastards.)

Now…I’ve joined in the fun. I did used to have some that would turn Keiran crazy. The ones i bought today or kitten ones and well proper glasses…as I would actually need to see through them.

Celebrity Big Brother is currently on…and well. I can’t believe Jeremy Jackson actually managed to get thrown out already due to groping a boobie. LOL. That Chloe ‘Ex on the Beach’ girl is being a little melodramatic. I mean it’s not nice to be exposed when you weren’t expecting it…yet tears…really? Was it that bad, because to me he just looked pissed and pukey…meaning he didn’t really mean it too sexually? I don’t like melodramatic people or pervs…Lol Yet I just don’t think Jeremy is that bad….not enough to get kicked out> Yet i’m always Team Girl and she right in the sense of it being impolite, gross and inappropriate because if that happened to my Ruby when she is older..I’d go SPARE! Lol

(I’ve eaten a gone off yogurt by accident and i really wish i hadn’t done because i don’t want to feel dodgy in the morning. Nor do i want it to put hairs on my chest…as someone just said to me. Hairs on my fucking chest. I’m a GLAMOUR PUSS!)

Right, i need to go..

Thanks for following my life and dipping into Wunna land 😉

The blog is really popular right now, so i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thanks to those of you who are buying lashes. You make me smile. I love you.

Chrissie x




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