Going to bed… i feel really down. Don’t know why really? Just ‘low, case of da blues’ type shit…i think?? My hormones are all over the place, and i just want my period to be over. My agent needed me to work tomorrow, but now i can’t as i have something else booked…UGH! She also needs to see pictures of my new boobs, (as ofcourse it’s essential,) and since i don’t have any, i have to ‘snap shot’ them tomorrow, and  get them to her ASAP. I’m ready to work now, and i’m tired of this waiting for my boobs to bloody heal, when they’re all ready healed!!! God!! They can’t get any better than what they are right now!! It’s time for the ‘money makers’ to start being ‘working’ boobs. I’m gonna take my own ‘boobie’ snap shots tomorrow. 

 I feel sad, and like i don’t have anyone to flirt with, or feel with, or have fun with, or anyone who wants to impress me, or be my ‘best friend you have sex with.’ I’m a bit annoyed with my ‘Latin Lover’ relationship right now, as we’re too far apart and when we do talk (and we do everyday) we really don’t have anything to say to each other, or he’s really distracted. It’s just ‘blah’ and getting really boring. I want to be excited again, feel in love and Sunday night was sooo exciting (even though there was no love,) that it made tonight quite dull. (my day was good though…really good infact.) I want to have as much fun as possible and never grow up. God, i need to snap out of this mood. It’s depressing and gives me wrinkles. I have so much i want to do, and …well i’m just gonna shut up, cos i’m moody and when i’m moody i say things i don’t mean.

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  1. im sorry u are feeling quite down chrissie.everyone has days like this, when im down i normally drink a bottle of scotch then kip then u dont feel depressed the next day just hungova and u forget all about being down in the dumps. have a good day tommora and have fun taking your snapshots of your thrupneys u will be back at work soon chrissie then u will be able ot go back to la and u will have the sun and your pals to cheer u up have a great week chrissie take care trecle tada scratch


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