D’Don’t Chaaaa

Morning my Darling Little Lumps of Lick Factory. I’m feeling on top of the world today. Full of Va Voom, sex appeal and that magic mist of ‘Ooh laa’ that makes me a Wunna. I’ve just woken up and i believe i’m meant to be getting ready for a big day of business. I went to bed at 3am. What i’ve noticed is that if you go to bed at 3am and you actually don’t get completely pissed, you can actually be a Kitten who is able to wake up at 9am and embrace the world with a smile on my face.

I’m having to call America a lot today, the place that happens to be throwing work at Me, in order to ‘get shit together’ and pick out the packaging/templates for my cosmetics line. I can’t believe i’m actually going to have one. *catches her blessings from the makeup fairies.*

Anyway, i’m being told to hurry up…which i HATE! Everyone waits until i sit down, get comfy and begin to write my blog and then they talk to me all the way through it and tell me i have an appointment to get to. It’s really starting to annoy me. The only thing i ever love doing and i never can due to my time being pre-scheduled. (I feel a ‘DIVA’ coming on.) You can tell i’ve been blessed with a meaty period. I’m all hormonally imbalanced, which i believe makes it okay for me to strut around with a face like thunder, and accesorize with a touch of ‘spoilt bratt.’

I’ll keep you posted later…love you. Love hard. Live hard and lick little midgets. I’ve just had a boy tell me he could wake up to me for the rest of his life, but would probably regret it after 50 years. Haha. Doesn’t bother me too much!  I mean, I’d be dead by then. Granny with a  boob job! Woohoo!

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