Morning all! How are ya? Delicious? Good. Here we go…

SO, today I finally get to celebrate my ultimate DAY OFF and the main reason why i adore my days of ‘offage’ is simply because i also get to have that very important ‘one on one’ time with Baby Ruby…Baby 1. I feel like i’ve been working so much that I haven’t had that time that we BOTH need with one another and when you’re a working mum of two..and there’s just been you…that ‘one on one’ time with each baby makes their world come alive. (Don’t fret, i’m not being a cow..she IS currently taking her morning nap, so i figured i’d blog whilst she kipped. The poor chicken was kept up all night by Baby 2 SCREAMING his ‘teething’ head off. Junior’s pain threshold is LOW. That boy can’t *swag* out teeth without it looking like it’s the most agony ever. But I adore him all the same…even if I only got 11 minutes sleep. 😉 )

But yes, i’ve been working the day job and then on my days off working my lash line, being Mum and fitting in a photo shoot (look above.) Four hundred photos were picked and HOLY CRAP, aren’t they FABULOUS. I’m like the all grown up version of myself now and well it i can do anything, I can do posing and pouting better than any body. 🙂 When it comes to being glamorous for a Tony Hazel my photographer says that i’ve ‘got the kitten thing DOWN.’ I’m all big headed now because I adore the pictures that i’ve seen so far. Bu I reckon I could give all potential models of the ‘glamour’ variety some tips. The idea is to know yourself well and what makes YOU sexy..and it’s usually more your laugh, or the way your eyes smile when you feel adored. That’s what makes you sexy…not getting out a pair of boobs with a pout and a side of crotchless panties. That’s sexy with ya partner in the bedroom, when no-ones looking. 😉 If you don’t work it right and if the picture doesn’t tell a story…then you could actually look unsexy by doing it  the boobs out, dead pan pout way. I think it’s important to be a ‘glamourous’ model, rather than a ‘glamour’ model. My shoot was actually just for my new eyelash line and website. It’s wasn’t a glamour shoot at all. I’m too old for that these days. Lol. But i see loads of girls making loads of mistakes on their pictures…from a modelling point of view. Be sexy. Not an idiot. 🙂 (Wunna’s technical words of wisdom.) Model because you love it and not because you want attention. It comes out in your pictures. *High horse-Off it now*

However, thank you all for your adoration, it does make me feel good! You’ve all been wonderful. I’m excited for the lash line now. Yet, I will say it’s weird to me how  a picture of my face, like the one above, can stir up ‘hate’ drama in people’s emotions. Some girls have looked at that photo of me and decided to be angry at me for it. Lol. Whatever. I got it. Don’t hate! 😉 Work on your own security. But on the whole 99%  of people have been delightful…both girls and guys. I mean the odd ex, here and there haven’t been, yet that’s understandable because nothing is shitter than giving up on something that is beautiful and that all your friends secretly want to be with. 🙂 *Trumpets blown*

Okay, away from all that. Great shoot. Shot by Tony Hazel in a cellar in Keighley. You’d never guess that right? Oh the glamour. The rest of the pics will be displayed for you all to see gradually, as they go through the delightful edit button machine and whiz their way to flawless VICTORY. I’ve had the most wonderous ‘Princess Party’ occur above me, i’ve been on the ‘last train’ which i hated because I was sober and an old guy puked right in front of me. (Luckily, I bumped into old friend Narelle, who was also very ‘granny’ like I was, on the party train. FYI, If you are a drunky on the last train home, you look like an idiot to normal people. 🙂 Remember that.) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my MOTHERS DAY!! The babies bought me a leopard print handbag, bless them and hand made a dozen cards for me. Keiran sent me a text form the babies, as he was out with ‘the boys’ partying..he’s now 30. It gives men issues. Pete, for the first time ever, sat at his house with Ruby and together they painted and made me a giant Mother’s day card. I was proud of him for doing that because he’s turning into a great dad. He was always a good dad, yet i was never confident that he could do it. Now..he is and he realizes that Ruby loves him. It has certainly made the difference.

I feel as though so much has happened that I don’t know where to begin. Life is great. I’m just working my arse off and well i feel like i’m working constantly. I really don’t have too much time for much else. It’s day job, Lash line, photo shoots…MUMMY TIME. All my friends seem to be getting married, or being pregnant. I enjoy how some of my pregnant friends..well the ones in the early stages don’t get that they WILL get fat. They’re all trying to eat super healthy, in dying hope that they don’t put on weight. Let me tell you, by the time your last 3 months arrives, you will be JUMBO SIZED and your body will just do that because you’re having a baby. So you can eat all the fruit and salads you like…by 7 months…you’ll have a fully ‘almost’ cooked baby in there…it makes you massive and it’s a beautiful thing. Stop dieting when pregnant. It’s stupid. My body is snapping back after two consecutive ‘winkles,’..yours will too. #eatpie

I can’t think of anything else to tells ya, other than if the man that you are with or want to be with doesn’t tell you how beautiful you are every day, or doesn’t show you how much he appreciates you, even by doing the littlest things, then he’s not a proper grown up man. He has issues. If the first thing he says to you is negative…he has problems.

Okay, Baby 1 is stirring. Happy Mummy ‘one on one’ day t me. DAY OFF!





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