Morning all! Hope you’re having the most glitzy Tuesday ever! I’ve spent the evening wide awake with my grumpy and rather poorly Baby Junior. If it’s not one ill’s the other. I’m sure my loin fruit should be well? Puking is not very glamourous and well what comes out the other end is rather worse. πŸ™‚

Anyway, enough of all that! IT’S CHRISTMAS and here we are again on DAY 3 of my yummy GIVEAWAY BONANZA. In merriment of The Clothes Show Live, I here at is giving away a very special gift, each, day , every day and for 12 days. It’s all in the name of Christmas, good spirit and celebrating 25 years of The Clothes Show live, which I will be covering this year, live from the event itself. Come see me!

It seems you all want to win now after I announced yesterday’s winner. Yep! The Therapy clutch and coin purse..all very designer…all very delicious…went to one chipper red head! I let Ruby pick a winner at random and well she picked ‘Harriet Young.’ πŸ™‚ (She has great taste in winners!) So MERRY XMAS TO @_hazribo_ who you can all follow on Instagram.

But wait!!



Heellllooo Angels!


We are keeping it very KITTEN-ESQUE her today in Wunna land and throwing you right back to my roots. (No, I wasn’t a Victoria Secrets model. I wish. I’m 5ft 3 with a waddle and a wink, not built like a gazelle of frilly knickered elegance. But I did do things in my undies…so I figured i’d introduce you to one of my favourite brands!

It’s a pricey, classy, luxury, fun, young brand and one of the most popular brands of it’s kind in the entire world! (Ooooh.)

It is a brand that is known for its…


..and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

So, lets get down to business…

The good people down at Victoria Secret, I guess want you to smell great whilst you flaunt your uber glamminess, in a delight of perfect knicker pouting!

Since being a young girl and living in Hollywood there has been ONE SCENT that I have always loved, used and desired. A scent that has not only made many a gent swoon, yet many a chica stop in her pretty heeled tracks.

After a glamourous little chat and a whole lot of love, the VS Towers of ‘ALL THINGS DIVINE’ have quite loving given me a special little Xmas gift fit for an angel..even if you’re in disguise.



It is the Victoria Secret Fantasies GIFT SET. The scent…is ‘LOVE SPELL.’ My favourite scent EVER!

In the gift set you will be treated to a hydrating body lotion, a fragrance mist (perfume) and body wash!

Every glamour puss needs to smell the part and well this is the best set of smelly giftness that any kitten could have!

Makes a great gift this Christmas! If you’re a guy you can win it for your doll. If you’re a doll you need this in your life!

PLUS, the lotion, body wash and fragrance also comes beautifully tucked into a shimmering gold, layer frilled, Victoria Secret toiletry bag. Carry one of these to your lovers ‘over-nighter’ and he’ll KNOW that he’s in for a good night! πŸ™‚

So there you have it…UP FOR GRABS is the Victoria Secret Fantasies Gift set and cosmetics/wash bag in ‘LOVE SPELL.’

Retails for around Β£3o..

..and definitely worth your love!

Oh and because I’m always so good to you…


I’m throwing in a delicious bundle of the very best FRILLIES (frilly knickers that is) from various highstreet retailers.

Β Β 



All you have to do to get your hands on the gift set and bundle of frillies is answer this Chrissie Wunna based question…

Question Day 3: My parents gave me my ‘sexy’ genes. πŸ™‚ But where do they originate from?

Am I:

a) Chinese

b) Burmese

C) Sexineese

Answers to me via any online channel and by noon tomorrow.

The winner of yesterdays giveaway will be informed tonight. My MUM will be picking the winner! She is watching you all! πŸ™‚

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