Date Tonight…

Okay, so i’m deliciously excited and a little bit nervy because at 9.30pm, i’m going to get picked up by a ‘Handsome’ who i’ll be spending ‘get to know each other more’ time with. I love dates because i’m a girly girl and i enjoy excitement, but it  is rather nerve racking. I’ve just got out the bath, fake tanned, done my face and and hair. I’m currently in baby blue pyjamas and picking out something lovely, yet casual to wear. I’m not gonna try too hard, because it terrifies them and they get all shy. I don’t really know what’ll work, but i enjoy comfy little dress right now, with over the knee stocking socks and heels. (I need my best assets to work for me here. lol. Eyes. Tits. Teeth.)

Now, i’m a real life Glamour puss…like i love everything girly. Actually now i’ve said that, I think i more enjoy the ‘process’ of being a girl. How we grow, change and end up. However, it’s ‘date night’ so i’m gonna be far more superficial, and tell you that i enjoy taking the whole entire day to get ready for a date. (Wella  few jolly hours.) I enjoy the bubbly bath before. The process of slowly doing my face, with a wine (hence why it’s always a bit draggy lol.) I love picking out of outfits, the moisturising, the tanning, the hair tossing, the giddy excitement and well the entire grooming process, that takes place in order to look ‘ooh laa’ for your date. It’s fun being a girl, because we can spend hours doing it. I’m had a wonderful day. I worked in the morning, had the rest of the day off, and even though a ‘fucked up human being’ decided to text everyone like a mentalist because i didn’t want to hang out with him and go on about me being fake…i’ve managed to sort it all out with everyone i care about. I don’t even know this person, and well all i need to remember is that when ALL of your best friends are telling you to stay well clear of a being…they are usually right. I think i got saved by the Gods, because if he’s this evil now, imagine how evil he’d be in the future. (Like who honestly…and i am humoured by it, sends everyone a million text messages trying to make them hate Chrissie Wunna, when they themselves have probably spent 3 hours of their life in total with me…drunk. They are not even a friend. They know me off Twitter!! Who wastes their time, sending everyone a negative text message…in dying hope.. due to manipulation.. that they will too decide to dislike me. Lol. Awful!) Like i said before if you have to trash the life of another, in order to make yourself feel better …then you really are [insert something tragic here.] BE HAPPY! I truely dislike people like that, because he made everyone look  silly. But the good thing is the fact that it happened now…at least i’ll never have to see him again. I do not have people like that in my life. But i guess he thought I’d never find out? This is a being that i will never talk to again. *scroll delete* Weirdo! ( I would’ve actually liked him if he didn’t do all that. People like him ruin it for all the others.)

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