Date Night


So weeks ago we did our SECOND date night. I didn’t milk it as much as I did the first one simply because even though we had the BEST night ever….as it was our first proper date…it rubbed a few people up, all the wrong kinds of way and to the point where they felt the need to call my place of work to call me a ‘slag.’ Lol. Losers. ๐Ÿ™‚

It was Friday night, we checked into ‘The Double Tree’ in Leeds…simply because we fancied going to the Sky Lounge for cocktails. I’d booked a King Suite…simply because we all know i adore anything ‘executive’ and i much prefer a suite to a regular room, when there’s more than me chilling in it. It makes you feel more at home and well it means Ben and I can have more room to relax, as the suites are more like mini apartments…so we can make our own drinks, get ready and pretty much relax before the date commences…in the living room (living area) of the suite…as most of them come with a living room anyhow. Even the babies have grown up in executive suites, when they were tiny. They make the best family rooms ever…because you’re never squished and you always have space. I enjoy space.

Okay, so we’ve checked in. Our taxi driver Rob, who i love, couldn’t find the entrance, so we had to walk up from The Hilton, with rum in our hand luggage. I was in heels on cobbles…which is always Ben’s favourite. ๐Ÿ™‚ NOT!

As soon as we were greeted, there was a few taps on a computer and with a ‘You have a suite…we’ve put you in the Tower Suite, which is a lovely room…it’s in fact the best room in the entire hotel and we’ve thrown in breakfast.’ (Wunna likes this!) We were off, up and elevating to the 13th floor, into the skies to chill, get ready and enjoy date night. At the Doubletree, they give you warm cookies on arrival. If you know Ben…this made his Date night COMPLETE. I mean, fuck it, he even had my warm cookie, because it had nuts in? Did it? No? I don’t know…i just didn’t want it. Lol. The cookies impressed Ben. Lord knows where they produce this warm cookie from because it really did look as though he just flung open some under counter drawer that had never ending warm cookies in. ๐Ÿ™‚

There was a cocktail for those who fancied one at the bottom of the elevator…then weย travelled up to the top floor…as he ate cookies in the lift. ๐Ÿ™‚

Right, so we’re kinda used to this suite malarky now, so to us, it feels like the norm. I’m laid back with it all…and enjoy it…Ben enjoys it, but is now an executive suite snob and will compare and contrast the ones he knows of. It all depends on what the room looks like, the shower, how much space and what we get for free. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I am the QUEEN of snagging freebies. Malmaison literally gave us the world and back.)


Basically, this was our night of love. No babies. No work. Now early mornings. Just us. And to be honest, the first thing we wanted to do was just chill and we did. We drank wine and rum, whilst we got ready and he showered. He plonked on some music and we literally just sat on the bed, having the BEST TIME EVER, in our own little world, singing every song we knew…followed by a musical theatre special. Now Ben’s a really good singer. So he’s in his element, when this occurs. But put a video phone him and he goes all shy and starts texting people to look distracted. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m a bad singer. I can go along with a tune, but i ain’t no Mariah. ๐Ÿ™‚ But ‘the show’ is good. You plonk a camera on me…and i come alive. The only person i would be texting is an agent, to get me booked on The Xfactor. Lol.

The point is, we were having such a wonderful time…just us…and we get along well when there’s just us, so we’re lucky, as there’s always those couples that have nothing to say to one another when they’re alone and need other people there to save them. It’s like that when you first date someone too, i guess? I’m chatty, so i can talk shit for a living. (In fact…i do. :))

We got really drunk before we even left the suite. But we were determined to go to the Sky Lounge just to do it, because we were right there…and needed a cocktail. We ventured up…we had cocktails, we saw the most beautiful city view, from an open air balcony. Then we got bored and decided to venture out for Date Night fun.

Last time, we trolled the streets of Leeds for fun, after the most amazing dinner at Teppanyaki. ย We walked for ages and bantered across the city. This time e cancelled dinner and just did cocktailing. The hilarious thing about it all was that, we spent our entire night only FOUR STEPS AWAY from the hotel! And it was amazing!!! HAHAHA!

Literally if you want a good time and you stay at the Double tree…you do not need to go anywhere, but outside your doorstep. We took two steps out and forward and we were in this awesome little cocktail bar, named ‘Archies.’ I danced, we laughed…i got really, really, really drunk. I was wiggling all over the place and loving every inch of being with Benny. He just kept looking at me and smiling…he gets drunk but styles it out better than I…and i’m really good at styling it out. I’m a glamour puss, i’m never the falling around drunk, i’m the EXTREMELY HAPPY, ‘PARTY’ drunk. I’ll dance, sing and talk REALLY LOUDLY.

We had rocked. We kissed, we laughed…we loved.

Then we ventured out the door and two steps to the right and went into another cocktail bar where we had the most awesome ‘can’t remember it all’ drinks. I think they were called ‘In the doghouse?’ But again, two steps away and the best time ever.

We just had fun…and did love under the Leeds stars.

Then we got tired (code for ‘too drunk,’) so we talked three steps back to the hotel and quite rudely started making fun of this random odd couple. Now, I know it’s awful, but it was a really old richy man, with some scruffy looking ‘escort type’ chick. It was very obvious that they were in for some ‘for money’ dirty night. It definitely wasn’t a love connection. I always find couples like that a cringe festival. I mean, if you’re going to do that…at least do it glamourously. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m all for that! Everyone was glaring at them…which was bad. But our voices are louder than others…and we were pissed…so we were probably massive dickheads. So…oops…it happens. You can bollock us later.

But yes, the queue for the lift seemed full. I guess, everyone had got tired at the same time, because it really wasn’t that late at all. (We’re proper grannies now.) We squashed into the lift, travelled up to the 13th floor, swung into our Tower Suite, threw ourselves into bed, after water…did ‘Date Night’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ …..then fell asleep at midnight! Lol. It was literally THAT EARLY. We only ventured four steps out and went to bed by midnight! HAHAHA.

We felt fresh though by the morning to say we were so pissed. Go to an all you can eat breakfast on time…infact we had both woken up at 7.30am and didn’t even know what to do with ourselves. So we ate and well got back on it, with drinks. We treat ‘Date Night’ like we’re on holiday. We ate loads at breakie and then chilled at the canal, with drinks until check out, watch beings dressed as The Canadian flag.

Taxied home…got dressed. I had time with the babies…and then we ventured off to his sisters Vegas party for a bit of family fun.

Life is great right now. I feel really lucky. Ben’s turned really bouji and i’ve turned a little bit more ‘Yorkshire.’ Couple’s certainly rub off on each other. I mean, the boy now chooses to do a champagne breakfast, whilst he’s just chilling on his own..and that my darlings is very very ‘Wunna.’ I love him…and enough to let him use my hairspray. ๐Ÿ˜‰




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