Date Night 3


I’ve been enjoying life!

I’m happy!

I’ve wallowed in ultimate family time and adored every inch of being Mummy. I’ve shopped. I’ve cocktailed. I’ve waved the flag at having a week off work and i’ve loved.

Ruby and Junior are as happy as can be. Ben and I are stronger than we’ve ever been. It’s kinda good when you’re a girl to know that you’ve found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with. A guy that you adore, who you know will always be there for you and care for you. I mean, they’ll be times when we rub each other up the wrong way and times when we rub each other up the exact right way. But most of all, we’re happy and i never know how people see our relationship when they look on in. However, to us, we’re great. We talk about the rest of our lives together, a family, our current little family and life. We’ve been through a lot together and therefore trust each other when it comes to safe guarding the heart of our counterpart.

Over the last couple of days we’ve just had an amazing time, with the babies and when we’ve just been ‘us.’ We’ve been in Doncaster a lot. (My home town.) We’ve hit Zest, for cocktails. (We actually went back this morning because it was so great and had the best spicy lamb wraps ever, with Mimonsas.) We’ve done Relish. (Where we had the BEST Bloody Mary EVER…and i love a Bloody Mary. I literally have them all the time…any time.) We’ve celebrated at our new local ‘Ego’ in Ackworth (even took the babies there for early dinner) and alongside an array of lunches and teas…we’ve shopped, made each other laugh, spent the odd night out with friends, but on the whole, really enjoyed being with Ruby and Junior. (And they are LOVING family life, as they’re kids, who have never really ever had or experienced a long term ‘at home’ commitment from a guy, in their lives before. I mean it was hard for Ruby at first, because she’s so head strong and bruised from her previous heartache. Yet now, she’s really embracing it and i couldn’t be prouder. Junior embraced it from day one.)

Anyway, yes. Today we went shopping. I bought a ‘Date Night’ outfit. Ben bought a ‘Date Night’ outfit. (A couple shirts and everything. *Oooooh.*) I’m a great shopper because i’m QUICK. Straight in. Straight out. I’m done. Ben takes AGES. LITERALLY. Lol. It even takes him longer to get ready on a morning. But i’m glad that he got what he wanted and well tomorrow, we’re on our third ever DATE NIGHT. I mean we do go out and do things together a lot. But once a month we have a solid ‘getaway’ date night…and completely by accident, we decided that we were doing London. (As it’s usually Leeds.)

So tomorrow…and we only decided this yesterday. 🙂 Or was it the day before? But yeah, at 9.47am, we’ll be on a train to London to check into our hotel and spend the day, evening and the whole of Saturday in London, with one another.

I’ve done London LOTS. I even lived there. Ben hasn’t done it ever. (Well not properly.) So we’re both really excited. This time around i’m going to miss the babies soooo much. But i think in relationships you’ve sort of got to do your ‘Date Night’ because it keeps your love alive. It keeps it current and not dusted over with a ‘memory of.’ It’s still sparky, it’s still hot. It’s still sexy. It makes you happy and when you’re happy…(and we’ve both been through the ringer and back when it’s come to our past relationships,) you’ve just a better human in general…making us better role models for the babies and for each other.

The train tickets were booked this afternoon, whilst drinking at Ego. The hotel has literally ONLY JUST BEEN BOOKED right now.

Whenever i go to London, i usually stay at the Great Northern Hotel at the train station or The Mayfair. The Great Northern is completely booked up. UGH! And The Mayfair only have ONE ROOM LEFT and i didn’t book it because the bargain fare for that room was £3000! Crikey!

Instead, I had to choose somewhere else, which is always hard when you’re with someone else, as you don’t want it to be shitty. But because you’ve never been, you have clue what the place is like or where it’s situated.

I pondered it all evening…then went with The Grosvenor, simply because of it’s lobby chandelier. 🙂 I’m good like that! I mean, I’ve been driven passed The Grosvenor lots…but i’ve never stayed there. So in a way it’s great because it’s a first time for us both.

Ben and I are both laid back when it comes to most things. But i like luxury and Ben’s now a hotel snob. HAHA. So even though it doesn’t matter…it sort of does.. You’ll get my full report, once we’ve experienced it!

Ben’s currently out drinking and catching up with Rich and Katty who have just got back from New Orleans. I’ve been with the babies, cuddling them to sleep, which i love doing and need to do when i know that i’m going to be away on a trip, an overnighter…etc…I’m gonna miss them madly.

Telly has been shitty tonight and i’ve actually written this entire blog with a KFC friend chicken piece in my hand. 🙂 Glamour, glamour, glamour Puss!

Anyway, i’m knackered and i need to tan.

By tomorrow morning, after i’ve got the babies ready for nursery and school runs. We’ll be straight off and on a train to London…

See you in the Capital!

*Blows you a kiss.*

Chrissie xxx



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