Date Night


SO!!!! Today i’m excited and i’m excited because NOTHING else matters, other than the fact that tonight is…yes…i’m going to say it..’DATE NIGHT!’ *CHEER HERE.*

Right, so i’ve not really blogged too much about my love life and what’s been going on…but lots has been going on and for once…ALL GOOD! (*Hurrah…Cupid loves me.*)

Tonight…and this has happened quite randomly…but obviously Ben and I are going to be having our first ever proper date, where in which we’ll be going out and having fun, with no one else… but US, and I couldn’t be more excited!! We’re both excited. I mean, ‘date night’ is always fun and we’re both of a fun nature, meaning we can just be who we are and embrace it fully. That’s kinda what makes it special.

I’ve been working hard at my day job and he’s been working nights, so the other evening, i just figured we should do something together…and therefore posed it to him!

We both had Friday night free…and so took it upon myself to organize ‘fun’ (which i’m really good at doing…even when sober.)

The next day and whilst I was at work, I called up one of my fave hotels in Leeds, (which is our nearest fun city)..the hotel being ‘Malmaison’ and I asked ‘booking’ to book us into the BEST room that they have in the ENTIRE HOTEL. I told them the occasion, I made sure that they knew that I wanted nothing short of an executive suite..and at the same time, THE BEST executive suite that their hotel could boast!

After a little bit of a scroll, availability check and a thumbs up. The delightful guy on the other end of my iphone said that they had their ‘Rock N roll’ (best room in the entire hotel) DEPOT Executive suite available and that if i wanted it, it was ours!

Just like that…it was done..and let me tell you, i’ve seen the pictures and the suite looks phenominal. We have our own living room private bedroom quarters…plunge pool, 24hr room service and EVERYTHING to look forward to! (The staff couldn’t have been nicer.)

So tomorrow night, after i’ve worked all day and he’s recovered from nights, we’ll be checking into Malmaison Leeds, into the The Depot executive suite for one night that i’m going to label ‘date.’

Now, a ‘date night’ wouldn’t be complete without a dinner and Malmaison definitely wanted us to dine there…However, i had told them that we would be going out to dinner, but could do breakfast. (So they gave us breakie and look forward to our arrival. They’ve even been so kind to have tweeted our Friday night arrival, which always makes you feel spesh.)

But yes, at 8.30pm, and after asking Ben if he had a restaurant of choice…we will both be dining at Teppenyaki, which is the single most AMAZING Japanese restaurant in Leeds, for pretty much anyone who enjoys great food, a wonderful ambiance and just Asian cuisine! We couldn’t be more excited and neither can they, as they to have Tweeted our Friday arrival, meaning we will have the best dinner EVER!

Obviously, as all of this is happening, i’l be Facebook, Twitter, insta picture and video posting like a demon, so you will see all that happens, where we’re staying, dining and everything inbetween.

So, right now, we have the best executive suite at Malmaison and the yummiest Japanese food in the city to enjoy. (Food makes Ben happy.)

After checking in and doing dinner..we will then be headed out along the Leeds city streets…to enjoy each other, drinks and probably cocktails at one of our new favourite Leeds bars called ‘Maven.’ (We went there for Ben’s birthday and had the most hilarious time. It was classy, stylish and fun..and well i cant wait to go back for the best cocktails in all the land. I mean, gosh, each drink looked BEAUTIFUL and came with a real flower garnish.

I have no clue how to get to The Maven, as i was so drunk last time, however Ben assures me, that he knows the way!

Lots of fun, cocktails, food and excitement, executive style… will occur and hopefuly a dash of lurve,

Wish us well! ‘Date night’





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