Darlings! It’s a…. ;)



…baby boy.


Can you even believe it!?!

I…Miss.Glamour Puss extra-ordinaire, Queen of Kitty catness, Le Strut of any town of tinsel and the chica of all things pink…. is having a BOY. A little baby boy. I’m in shock. I mean, in my head, i must have thought that i could only breed girls, or something? Glamour pusses, with pouts. Divas with ‘va voom.’ Tiara wearing wiggle walkers, with heels.  But no…it seems my dear hubby’s side of ‘Mm’ for ‘Macho’ has got the better of my inner ‘ooh’ and taken over the Kingdom, with a ‘oh honey, you’re having a boy!’ Holy MOLY! I HONESTLY, CANNOT EVEN BELIEVE IT!! *Pinch me here.*

Yes, i’m in shock, but I’m completely over the moon and well from the moment i woke up this morning, you knew how excited i was!!  The morning sort of flew by. Keiran went to the gym. I did my face and rocked an updo and pinny. (I love a pinny when preggo. I even put on pink frilly knickers, with the word ‘DELICIOUS’ written upon the bum and cherries to add an extra *wink.*) But yeah…before you know it, i was groomed and ready, he was back and showered from the gym and we were off in the silver Mercedes, to do a quick surgery errand run, (had to pick up my blood test form,) cash machine run, (i hate the feeling of having no cold hard moola on me) and then to Pontefract hospital for our big old 20 week scan. The scan where we were to find out if the bump was a boy or a girl. Big day. Excited husband. A lot to handle. Waddled.

Infact, we even got there early. An hour early to be exact. So we sat in the cafe with cups of tea, Tweeting from our phones, simply to kill time. I was internally excited. Yet Keiran was brimming over with an absolute GLEE of ‘Ba-da-boom.’ You could see it in his eyes. He looked nervous, but determined. Bold, but sensitive and his body seemed to be waiting with both excitement and impatience, like it was the biggest day of his entire life.

Then hand in hand, (i rocked my beige faux fur…infact we colour matching today. We love to do matching outfits,) and took the lift all the way to the top floor, which is Floor D, the maternity unit. I think Keiran even wore Ninja Turtle boxers today, tight ones, (Thank the Lord)  in order to champion his way to the ‘big day’ scan. *Rolls eyes.* Be had pounced and paraded up the stairs in them before we left, to show me. I could tell he was getting overwhelmed with excitement because he began to get a bit ‘playful’ moany on the wayand was also moisturising for England, like his life depended on it, before we even managed to get out of the house.

Anyway, we got to the top floor, 15 minutes early, signed in and waited patiently until it hit 2.30pm. Unlike before, the waiting room was empty and well Keiran was as giddy as can be. Our path to the scan was littered with people having random conversations with us. A guy moaning on about immigrants and the benefit system. A woman, who had just had her scan, saying she was expecting a little girl. I didn’t really pay too much attention really and you don’t when you’re mind is elsewhere. I nodded, I smiled and then moved it along. I just wanted to get in there to see if i was having a boy or a girl.

To be honest, i think i expected to be having a girl. It wasn’t at all my preference. Yet, since i had had a girl already, it was somehow implanted in my head that it would probably be a girl again, which worried me, as i knew my ninja Rubes, would feel a sense of competition.

Anyway, this young guy sauntered out and called ‘Christina Thompson.’ Keiran raced ahead, with his eager little shorts on, as i gathered my belongings and Bounty pack, to get ready for the ‘big old scan,’

Dark room. A bit alarmed that i had a guy doing my ultrasound. Not quite sure why i was so alarmed, yet probably because habitually, it’s a woman…it sort of made the ‘okay can you now lift up your dress, so i can start the scan’ moment a bit odd. (I had pink knickers on reading ‘Delicious’ for crying out loud. I even tanned for the occasion. I know…tragico.)

Anyhow, it turns out he was as student sonographer and was going to be working alongside ‘Jill’ the experienced sonographer. Keiran immediately told him that we wanted to know the sex of the baby…and well just like that, as i laid on the couch of the dark room, the jelly was rubbed into my belly and the scan began!

I kinda got a bit nervous at first, because the ‘hang on, is my baby healthy, with a strong heartbeat,’ moment kicked in. But as soon as i heard the ‘there it is..there’s the heart beat..’ i was as right as rain and let the student…get to ‘big boy’ work. It was actually quite comedy in the end, because the experienced sonographer came in 5 minutes afterwards and sort of tried to teach the student sonographer her ultimate ways of practice. They bickered like Mother an son, in a friendly, if friendly means ‘stubborn,’ 🙂 like manner. She told him off for doing things worng, He wanted to do things his way. I’m laid there with my pink knickers a flashing and to my absolute joy, i look up to my left ans saw him..

yep…there was my beautiful little husband. He sat there, glaring at the screen (which i was unable to see at the time) with his eyes wide and mouth open, in absolute astonishment, all overwhelemed and emotional and proud to be a father. When you see the man that you are about to have a baby with, have that look in his eyes, a look that means he will not only love you forever, but be the greatest dad the world could ever see, you know you have found your Mr.Right. I was internally filled with happiness…and i watched my husband be amazed by every single moment of those 20 minutes we had with our baby on the screen. (It sort of took me away from the squabbling of the student and the sonographer…which wasn’t bad, yet somewhat tedious, in the best way possible.)

So, it’s been a good 15-20 minutes, i’d say and we finally get to the end. The lady took over, to finish the scan off and to tell us if we were having a baby boy or a baby girl.

Now, i couldn’t at all see on the screen and Keiran could see the entire time we were in the room. There was a moment of silence, a bit of a wiggle with the probe…a mini scout about and detailed look on the screen and she said it….’It’s a boy.’ OMG!!!

I was over the moon, shocked and taken back. I mean, i just didn’t know what to expect!?! I’ve never raised a boy before. I have a little girl. I’m now having a little boy and she is 90% sure, which makes it pretty positive. It was AMAZING and to be honest, it just didn’t really sink in.

It has taken me all evening to absorb it. The more the evening has progressed, the more i’ve become excited about it. We went for food, picked Ruby up (oh my gosh my darling Ruby) from nursery early. She was so excited to see us and danced around with utter, giddy happiness. Then after telling our families…we did trips to see Keiran’s grandfather, his sister and then his lovely Nan.

We actually told Ruby that there was a baby boy in ‘Mummy’s belly’ and she did an ‘aww’ face with a giggle of excitement. Perfect moment! She’ll love her baby brother and well we’re going to be the most amazing little family ever. Keiran did loud chants of glee, with rockstar air punches up the pavement, as we left the hospital. It was a stream of football chanted ‘Come On’s’ and ‘Get in’s.’ Followed by general ‘I HAVING A BOY, WOOHOO,’ shouts at random passersby, with air punches. A woman across the street, actually asked him what the good news was, because he was so insanely joyous. It was like he had won the lottery joyous. Keiran just stood, looked at her and re -shouted…’I’m HAVING A BOY!!’ Today on the whole has just been amazing. The poor lady congratulated us and sent us on our merry way.

Y’know, life is really exciting right now and it just seems to be getting better and better. My marriage is perfect. My career is on the up. Ruby is the happiest she has EVER BEEN, we have a show about to pop up on the telly, we’re about to go on holiday and sweet tinsel with spinning nipple tassles….I’M HAVING A BABY BOY!!! Who would’ve thought!!! I’m shocked! In total shock! I’M HAVING A BABY BOY!! It’s sort of really new to me. A whole new sort of mummying to conquer…and get this…it’s going to be  Gemini! A chatty, flirty, charismatic, loves himself, ‘give me attention’ Gemini! Jeepers!

We actually had McDonalds afterward to let it all sink in, McDonalds is good for that, as it’s comfort food that calms the soul. Like transit food that you can ponder life over. I looked at Keiran, after chomping down a mouthful of Big Mac (glamourous) and said ‘Y’know, i have no idea how to raise a boy! It’s CRAZY!’ I enjoy over-thinking parenthood, with a side of fries. It ‘keeps it real’ and all that rubbish.

But we are both over the moon and our families are too. I’ve actually had to email my mum, as they’re all in Burma on holiday and dying to know what the sex of baby is. My mum did actually guess that it would be a boy, from looking at the 12 week scan photo. Clever! Clever! Yet saying that, she’s always adored baby boys, so this’ll be another grandchild for her to spoil. Rubes is the Queen of getting whatever she wants form Grandma, so i’m sure my little son..(a SON….OMG..a son) will go to town on her and her bank balance. #jesushelpusall It’s terrifying enough me bringing ‘Diva’ Ruby into the world, with my teachings as her guide, let alone a BOY…a ‘Handsome,’ a bit of old ‘Macho-yeah-yeah.’

Keiran and i are actually both in the office writing our blogs at the same time, His seems to be far more informative then mine and simply because i just can’t think. My mind has gone numb with fricking ‘baby brain.’ I’m growing a human in my belly and the human is a BOY! Life has changed so quickly and well i couldn’t be happier. I have the most loving husband, a beautiful little girl and now a new addition to add ‘swagger’ to the makings of ‘The Wunna-Thompson’ family. I mean, how to i even introduce myself to my son? I’ve only ever dated boys or shunned them. Not raised them to be the champion of the world and teach them the laws of life. ‘Erm yeah… hi…I’m your mother…buy me a drink?’ 🙂

So to everyone reading this blog, wherever you are in the world, know that just when you think you have everything down in life, the cheeky little life Gods, throw you a surprise and sprinkle it with magic, hoping that you can handle it and with a strut and an ease. I’m sooo super excited for all this and cannot at all believe my luck. 2013 is already a CRAZY YEAR. I feel like we’re only in January and i’ve already managed to achieve. Go ME! I truely am and very oddly… doing well!!

So put down those pink booties….We’re having a baby boy!



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