Darlings i love you….

So i’m on my ‘summertime’ diet, i’ve managed to lose a couple pounds just from not eating like a dirty truck driver. I’m enjoying this beautiful english countryside weather (int’ it nice, right now,) my life is awesome, and i not only managed to cleanse my body of fatty foods, yet also cleanse my mind of fatty nonsense. I’ve worked hard, i feel strong like bull, i’m soooooooooo pee my pants happy, and i’m in…what they call…Love!! Aww….! It’s nice feeling ‘loved up’ during springtime, or summertime…whatever you want to call it?? I’ll just go with, ‘when it’s sunny.’ There’s something about the sun that brings me back to life…(hence why i’m slightly INSANIO when strutting around LA,) yet when theres the sun, and a whole lot of love, (which motivates me) there’s ‘chrissie wunna’ magic in the air!!

Wow!! This is all sounding very cheesey, but i like cheese so it’s all good!! I think?? I am probably relaxing for the rest of the night, may have a beer, may not?? I’ve managed to watch the ‘Girls Aloud’ wembley arena tour, (love it) on DVD, probably 75 times today..( i was in LA the for the whole start up, long term existance, and success of them…so i’m catching up.) All i know about them is that, the little one ‘cheryl’ likes hip hop, and married footballer Ashley Cole, who decided to shag everyone and there mother’s mother (pig,) whilst she was away singing happy songs like ‘Love machine,’ and ‘Nadine’… use to be with Jesse metcalfe (who hasn’t)…hahah..well…ME…hahaha, but after he dipped is wick elsewhere they became splitsville (normal)….She’s now dating Josh Hartnett…alll i can say to Nadine is, welcome to Hollywood??? (even though i’m currently in England…i can still say that right???) You’re heart will break a few hundred more times, if you date the Hollywood boys….i think it’s the rules!!! Don’t get me wrong its fun!! But really don’t waste yourself on the young hot hollywood losers, they just look good….. date someone proper famous like Brad Pitt!! I can’t believe i’m actually writing this like shes reading it!!! YES!!

I need beer!!

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