‘D’ is for ‘Drama’


Well London was good on Tuesday! Lots of great work, with lots of great girls, for a delicious bit of busy filming, followed by a long train journey home, in surprisingly good weather for England and that was after a previous day of filming at the ETO show in Birmingham. I’m loving that part of life at the moment and simply because i feel like the luckiest girl alive. I’m accidentally lucky. My little totter, seems to always strut me down exciting paths of ‘dreams come true.’ Whether i glide onto it, fall onto it 🙂 , or simply wiggle my way to it…i get on it and really that’s all that matters. As a little girl, i always wanted to be wonderful. Now…i AM and when it’s completely dipped in a champagne fabulosity, there’s nothing left to do but smile.

The first train journey was mildy disturbing. I had to sit next to a highly religious asian lady, who wanted to convert me immediately and with Bible magazines and a lot of loud chitter chatter. I sort of politely listened and nodded, until she got far too hardcore for me, to the point where i had to literally BLANK her, in order for the convo to stop. However, OMG, she couldn’t half find reasons to re-bring GOD back into Coach D, seats 63A and 64.  Unfortunately we had the ‘asian’ connection…and when a little old lady with a Bible magazine opens her conversation with ‘Oh what part of Asia are you from? You must like mangos….and God…’ you do get rather frustrated! I enjoy that i got that seat. The rest of the girls, on a differnt trainline journey to Birmingham, managed to snuggle up in First Class….and there i am, with my religious, chatty, Bible, mango lady, before an entire day of filming. Lol. Just my luck. But whatever, i looked hot. Hello leopard print ‘off the shoulder, with a pencil skirt..MUCH!’ *Wiggle-wink*

The day went well and obviously, i’m not going to be telling you anything about it at all. 🙂 I’m getting the odd ‘Chrissie’ shoutout and wave, with a ‘Can i have a piccy’ again now. It’s a good part of life…where i feel that i’m creeping BACK. (And ofcourse with a jolly bit of ‘Va Voom.’ Oh and apologises to the lovelies that spotted me on route to the Victoria line, whilst i was mid-downward elevator. I heard the shout and the love, yet could only fit in a giggle with a quick wave, but alas you were headed upward at rush hour…like yummy glitzy ships passing in the night.)

I’ve been noticing a lot at train stations these days..probably because i’m quite frequently at them and the man thing i’ve been noticing is (and believe it or not) romance, love and good men. I saw THREE different men on Tuesday evening, waiting at the train station with flowers in their hands, ready to give to their ladies! How beautiful! It brought a smile to my face, knowing that men aren’t so hideous. I think men aren’t romantic with women, who don’t bring that out in them. For example…Keiran’s highly romantic with me, i’d even go as far as saying the most romantic man this world could ever see and why? Well because my spirit, brings it out in him. The girls that are always on there ‘men are bastards’ rant, on Facebook every moment of every day…*yawn*…really need to hit *pause button,* look at how they’re honestly presenting themselves to men and adjust accordingly. I’ve been there, done that and now look…i have romance, true love and a ‘fairytale.’ I’m impressed by the ‘flower holding’ men at the train station. Not only that, but when i arrived back to Wakefield Westgate at 10.05pm…i watched another gentleman, carry a  random young lady’s giant luggage up an entire flight of stairs for her, simply because he saw her struggling. All good. All happy. And well if you look into the right corners of the world…there’s beauty.

Yesterday, was eventful. I woke up next to my yummy bit of ‘handsome,’ with a cuddle and an ‘i love you.’ We had the perfect moening of innocent, giggly love. I have a new ‘cocoon’ trick that randomly cracks us both up. (FYI, it’s cute, not kinky. Lol) However, saying that the evening before we enjoyed a bit of  1am ‘lurve making’ and well our bedsheets are always a sizzle. We tried out the samples that i managed to scramble from the ETO show, which consisted of fruity oral sex strips and blue herbal libido enhancing pills..for boys! Not to be underestimated. We made LURVE!

Great day, filled with glee! We hing out with Phil and Kelly for most of the day. Phil and Keiran have this new bro’mance going on. They were towing vans together, working out together, drinking and dining together..then Kelly and i joined them with fur rimmed boots, updo’s and smiles. Lunch was enjoyed. We really adore Kelly and Phil and pretty much because they are a couple made up of two decent people…it’s not that easy to find in this town. We’ve become really close to them now and i couldn’t at all be happier. Infact, i’m so delighted with my little Kelly (who i really do think should’ve been named ‘Nicole’) that yesterday i wrote her a little note from my delicious Wunna heart, that came with a bottle of ‘i truely appreciate you’ champagne, telling her that i couldn’t ask for a better girl to stand by my side on August 12th, as my bridesmaid, on one of the most special days of my life. 🙂 I loved it! And even though i had to write it on rubbish paper, because Phil couldn’t find me an alterante choice and i had to perch the champers on a wheely bin presentation stand..it still brought a tear to her eye. It kinda made us both feel special. I think she was shocked that i asked her? But i’m only going to be having one Bridesmaid and because our wedding will only be filled with people who both Keiran and I love closely and honour, and people who love and honour us as individuals AND as a couple. We want to inspire love beautifully. I’m not littering the beautiful Oulton Hall with ‘whatevers’…simply for a number count. Our wedding is a celebration of OUR  love…and well we’ve cut everyone off the guest list, who have not been aptly supportive. #andidontcare 🙂

Lovely evening, with the bubby to be, Phil, kelly and all our kiddy winkles. We’re in the garden, enjoying life and then drama occurs, via more interferring ‘friends’ (which i use lightly) of Keiran. In Wunna Land, the people who are my friends, are loving, respectful and decent. Not one time ever, would one of my friends EVER ‘drama up’ to Keiran and simply because they’re happy, polite, human beings, who respect me and the person i love. A handful of his friends are drama…who randomly enjoying popping out of obsecurity and trying to toy with our union. That happened yesterday, via i girl i don’t know, who Keiran boned when he was little. Lots of untruths, mad texting and a poor attempt at manipulation occured.

It’s funny to me, how people don’t realize that Keiran and I DO actually KNOW each other personally. We ARE getting married and have been together for an ‘almost year.’ If you long windedly text one of us, saying one thing and then long windedly text the other, saying another….we will find out. Lol. Especially if we’re in the exact same garden, a hand hold away from one another. #notrocketscience

Anyway, yeah…it got tedious for everyone and it all ended with a phonecall from Keiran, to the girl in question, telling her to refrain from interferring in our relationship, as we’re getting married in 7 weeks and a ‘hang up.’

After that, i needed space. Therefore i left for a while for Wunna time..which helped.

Today, we’re refreshed, back to fairytale and can’t wait for the wedding. We now have our invitations!! Yippppeeee!!! It’s all very soon and all very exciting!

The good thing is that we get to officially celebrate our love with a WEDDING, for Cupid to bless. The bad thing is that i’m quite quite exhausted with his poor choice of drama friends, that now chooses. I’m not going through a lifetime of that. We have so much going for us right now and people of that sort aren’t really too rewarding.

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