Curves for the Pervs

Morning Dolls and Geezers! For some reason i feel rough today and i shouldn’t really at all? I hardly had any sleep. I don’t think i’ve been eating enough and i think i’m losing weight. Losing weight for me is a giant NO NO!! I don’t ever want to lose weight, just incase it comes off my BOOBIES!! I’d DIE!  I have an ‘E’ now (store bought)..and that’s how its staying! They apparently can still shrink!!! I know, SC’ SC’ SC’ SCANDALOUS!!

 I adore curves on a woman. It’s delicious! They’ve certainly been my leathal weapons in life…along with this dodgey charisma thing i have going on. They fight my fights for me, they guard me from all the horror and the hurt that this World can often boast. They speak for me, when i really have nothing to say but winks. Infact, my ‘jubblies’ can actually whisper sweet nothings. Yet mainly and quite honestly guys buy you more free drinks, when you have the ‘Boom-Bam-Bang’…body work! Whatever, that is??  (Why fight something that works for you, right?) 

Boys adore curves….and yeah i guess only in the right places. Chavvy bucked toothed, beer bellied wombats, with boobs they can tuck into their trouser pockets…do not count as curvilicious, i’ve been told. It shows that a girl, gives her body that extra bit of loving. Y’know, she eats her bread and pasta.  And that extra bit of loving, turns into the dirtiest of ‘magic’ between the sheets. I can be a bit dirty when i try hard. (Ooh it’s making me ‘whoopdee’  in my wotsits!)

So I spent 30 mins of last night trapped in a Lexus prison, being paranoid with a black coffee in my hand and being driven around the streets of Sheffield. Thats all i can tell you really, as my life is now full of ‘can’t tell you yet’ secrets. It was actually quite fun…even though it sounds somewhat disturbing. A bitter lemon and vodka later, i was on a train heading back to Doncaster, with a Soldier, a ‘if he wasn’t blond, he would’ve looked just like Russell Brand’ kinda guy, a dude with 3 plastic bags full of red indian fancy dress wear and my Mother…and all standing outside a disabled toilet. I think i was nibbling on a stick of red leicester too? I’m excited about life right now. I feel lucky and i feel happy. Good things are about to happen…

Chrissie Wunna

5 thoughts on “Curves for the Pervs”

  1. yes u got a choong body with mustard thrupneys and a nice pair of guns on a cracking figure does help a bird out when geezers are concerned. but having a nice boat like u do is your secret weapon and all chrissie

  2. Yo Girl!

    Curves on women are great. I had no clue that you were an “e” cup. Your boobs are quite large. I noticed that you had said that your boobs are “store bought”. I think that it is good that you feel confident about your body. I’m just a “c” cup and I think I am alright. I got really fat and then lost weight so that is how I actually went up a cup size. I lost my weight but I kept the boobs… my family doctor told me that happens to women sometimes when they gain and lose weight.

    Anyway, the important thing is being happy and confident with yourself. I’m glad that you are confident with how you look. I think you are HOT!!! OH, Chrissie you know you are HOT!! LOL, my man thinks you are too!! 🙂

    Keep on being beautiful. I hope you will get some rest today!! Have a kick ass weekend!!!! 🙂

  3. i know u should never forget the power of a nice boat , im pleased u had a good night and u are exited about life chrissie if ever u need driving bell me fuck getting a train or a sherbert u can call me your driver if it helps give me a fancy name and shit

  4. Nicole: Yeah, i had my boobs boosted to an ‘E’, but all my picyures were taken before my boob job…thats why u can’t tell. But i agree…rock the ones you have!!! Delicious!!!

    I love you Sexy! Thanx for reading…winks


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