Cupid Rocks

So it’s the day of Lurve. The 14th of ‘Oooh laa Baby!’ The time where we all recieve beautiful gifts and little red cards from potential dashing young suitors, who are hoping to win our jolly old ‘hard to please’ hearts and well i hear Cupid..(a diaper wearing adult) trollops around with his pokey little bow, aiming arrows of ‘va voom’ on those who need that extra bit of  ‘umph’  cleverly disguised as love. I’m actually keeping my love life under wraps ,as it’s been ripped to pieces a million times over, by all kinds of gossipy gods. But i will say, underneath this ‘Vixen’ exterior lies a hopeless romantic. I’m as cute as a button, but a proper tramp in the bedroom. (And i do mean ‘tramp’ as in ‘dirty whore’ and not as in ‘homeless person,’- as that would be a bit awkward really wouldn’t it.) However, yes i’m in love with myself and it’s feeEEEEeeeling goood. I really do hope you got a special something, from a special someone. It doesn’t really matter too much, but it really does massage the old Ego. I once bought my ex-husband Mikey 15 fish that died before the actual day. He was unfortunately left with 5. Then Four of the jolly bunch, went belly up and died on the following day and all he was left with this fat pink blob of a fish named ‘Joe.’ (Who died two days afterward!) Hahah! We love that story. I’ve also given a boy a delicious pack of slutty X-rated polaroids of me for the big V-day before. We don’t even talk now. Hilarious! All i remember is my gay friend Ronnie (who took the pictures shouting, ‘Get MY TIE out of your fucking VAGINA Chrissie!!!’ Oh it was ‘great times!!’ But anyway, my favourite Valentines places to go for dinner are ‘Little Door’ (3rd street/West Hollywood) or ‘Michaels’-(also in LA, but only because we ate our dinner next to Tom Hanks and i thought it was hilarious! I don’t like Valentines day on a budget. I adore grand jestures of affection. The grander the better, all the way! No excuses! ME! ME! ME!

Today i went shopping. It was simply a day of stepping into one shop with my Mother. Getting 4 steps in and then posing for pictures with bunches of giggly girls, who at first daren’t talk to me. They always send their gobby friend ( i always love the gobby ones) to come ask me if i’m ‘ Chrissie on that show,’ first. As soon as the ‘ye’ of ‘yes’ flies out of my mouth, then it’s on like the crazies and before you know it, all groups of delightfully giggly girls come scuttling towards you, with wide eyes, open mouths and pink camera phones. That was basically my whole entire day..well 4 hours of it anyhow. Infact, some even decided to follow me and my Mother on my day of shopping. They really would walk behind us, wait outside the store until i was done and as soon as i cashed up and walked out, they’d politely ask for a few more pictures and then follow me to the next little stop off. Soo funny. I love it. I got zero shopping done. It’s a great way to save money!!! I really bought nothing but a cuppa tea and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps.

I’ve had girls, boys, mothers and fathers shake my hand today…and i assume it’s for being on the show? As it would be a bit weird otherwise? I swear the North of England Rocks when it comes to support. I do love you guys. I called this one tough looking  ‘built like a brick shit house’ guy ‘Sexy.’ He blushed, turned a little coy and then his wife screamedwith excitement  ‘OMG she said you were SEXY!!!’ I swear to God, i’m Cupid or something!! I love it.  In the end, My mum and I just decided to trot off home. We really weren’t going to get too much done. We’ll try again tomorrow. It’s funny because i’ve actually learnt a lot from Miss.Hilton without me even knowing. Fuck the challenges, the tasks and all the pink fluffy strife. I’ve watched how she works  infront of  and away from the cameras. I’ve been around her mid-party/mid-mob. I’ve actually learnt a great deal, simply by sitting back and watching. I’ve surprised myself. And I’m handling all the attention pretty pretty well.(lol..) Its the natural knack of ‘showing off,’ i guess? Bring it my Sexies! Purrr….x

5 thoughts on “Cupid Rocks”

  1. well all the girls i like are abroad chrissie i hope u have a good night though treacle and get spoiled rotten coz uare a diamond treacle

  2. no cards, no love! no worries i love myself sooo much i don’t think anyone could love me more anyway. love ur blogs i don’t know what i did before i had your life to love chicken xxxxx

  3. I love you my little Munchkin (and i am talking to KAT!!) You have plenty of love from little ME and i really dont love anymore too much, as my ego keeps elbowing them out of the way.

    iadore you cherub and fuck it, Cupid is over-rated anyway!!! Kisses Sexual x


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