Cubby The Creepy Bear

‘Well obviously it’s just gonna draw too much attention Ruby. Just leave it at HOME!!’

‘I’m not leaving him at home Mum! I saved up for WEEKS for Cubby!!!’

As you many of you may have guessed? Right now, I’m all about trying to be low key, in my imaginary, ‘out of drama,’ Wunna Bubble. I’m staying in my safety zone.

This is temporary, hopefully permanently and simply because we’re all missing Junior. He only has 3 more sleeps, left of his 8 in a row.

Junior: ‘Do you think I can do it Mama?’

(Then he burst into tears…and said he only wanted to do one sleep.)

Ruby hugged him…and it pulled the littlest Wunna through.

Obviously, seeing your baby upset is always heart breaking to any Mama, isn’t it? Especially when we’re all so close. It’s a difficult time…I’m emotional, but I’m keeping safe, positive & happy. I’m doing the vegan thing aren’t I! Lol.

That’s how I’m dealing with it.

(I’ve done dealing with it SO well that even PETA UK have offered to send me a gift. I’m nailing being Vegan and loving being Vegan.)

DBear: ‘You seem so quiet and busy?’

Me: ‘I’ve just got a lot on my mind.’

(Then I saw a pic of ‘TBone’ modelling Moena Moxham scarves in New Zealand…He actually did a really great job.)


Ruby…obviously doesn’t enjoy feeling like an ‘only child’ for a bit. It’s definitely not her favourite. They’re SO close that she just feels a little lost. So yeah, this last stint…even though I keep telling her it’s the LAST BIG stint, has pretty much broken her wee little heart….to pieces.

Me: ‘Aww. Ru! Stop pulling faces…’

Kenny: ‘I don’t blame her…’

So! Ruby’s saved up £80 of her pocket money and splashed it ALL on a Fur-Real Bear. Ruby is the worst person in the world at saving. She’s a spender because obviously money grows on trees.

*Rolls Eyes*

During the brief absence of her little brother, it’s gotten WORSE to the point where she’s bought an interactive, robotic Fur-Real Bear, for the bargain price of £80, in hope that it would replace Junior. Y’know. Fill a void. Haha! (Oh Goodness!)

So instead of being all calm, cool and incognito, I’ve had to WALK around VERY public places, with a GIANT £80 Bear, that every child we passed seemed to want, as it’s wiggling, shouting, playing ‘Peekaboo’ with strangers and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ at the top of its voice…like it’s on ‘speaker.’

This is my life. This is so typical.

EVERYBODY today stopped us, watched up, chatted to us, I did selfies, waved at strangers….even what I call ‘The Crazies’ (those who are nuts,) came out to play ‘Hey Wunna.’

It was like I had just walked around a shopping centre, in only my pants whilst walking a TOY bear today. It was nuts. (I like the Prosecco stop off at The Mallard. Ruby had a rare steak. But other than that…It was kinda knackering? Lol)

Ruby loved it at first. (She loves ‘Cubby The Bear.’) It went everywhere with us. She made me go to 5 different shops to find bandana bibs for him, We bought the bear actual BABY Clothes from ‘H & M’ for the Goddamn Bear!!! Haha.

I felt so sorry for her broken heart. That I just wanted her to feel happy. Y’know, special. Take her mind if all the drama.

THEN everywhere she went…stopped her and said…. ‘Where’s ya Brother?’

And I just watched her little face drop and try and muscle through with good old fake smiles.

Ruby: ‘I’m just really tired now Mum. I want to go to Ego. Away from here. In a quiet corner.’

Long story short. We eventually get to Ego. I only wanted a quiet drink, whilst I posted some of the kids pics and videos to insta etc… They’re so good to us at Ego. It’s certainly what I label, a ‘safe place.’ Lol.

‘Leave the bear in the car!!!’

‘No. I love Cubby!!’

We get into Ego. Immediately ‘Cubby the Bear’ is a thing. But just a normal funny tale kinda thing. We know all the staff there. It’s great!

Anyway, I’m telling her to choose a drink. She’s trying to figure out what the ‘Soup of the Day’ is…. and then just like that, a man comes by our lil’ table….and begins what I call ‘The Stranger Show.’

‘The Stranger Show’ is when a stranger, who is ACTUALLY strange, saunters up, doesn’t leave and starts being either accidentally or deliberately (lol)….out of our comfort zone (and I’m quite a comfy person) STRANGE.

That flipping BEAR!!!

He’s chatting and laughing. He’s odd. He’s asking Ruby if he can play with the bear and cuddling it, kissing or, pretending to drop it and all sorts.

I’m sizing the whole situation up. As Ruby has now stood up next to him because he has her £80 Bear in his hands…and he’s one pretending to drop it and being creepy with it.

The staff at Ego have already got this. Bartender Ben is watching from behind. Dan’s by the glasses, weighing up the situation (lol) and trying to read out our faces. There’s other staff members casually about.

I’m okay-ish. I wish Ruby would’ve SAT DOWN!!

Later: ‘Why we’re you stood up next to creepy man, who was being creepy to you! Walk away and sit down next to me!’

Ruby: ‘He had my bear!!’

Me: ‘You gave it him. God! You say NO to me every second of every day, but you can say no out of politeness to a creepy man??’

‘I did walk away. I went to the bar to chat to Dan and Ben for a bit..’

Anyway, he was harmless. Just overly excited. But it got a little too much when he had his arm around Ruby, hugging her and well his face was too close to her at one point. Haha.

Then he pulled up a chair to sit with us and before I even got to THINK about the awkwardness of the situation..Dan was there in a flash and said..

‘Are you eating? I’ll show you to a table!’

He saved us!

I wasn’t eating. I went with it.

This is what I adore about the Ego staff. They’re just always there, always helpful in sticky situations and way ahead of it all.

I appreciate them SO much. I mean even that time when Mel accidentally took my purse, phone and handbag with her in a taxi, they offered to drive me to her to get it.

It’s the little things like that that Clint, isn’t it!!!

As we’re walking to our table with Dan, I’m like…

‘Ruby!!! See! You bring the creepy bear and it invites creepy people!!! It’s happened ALL day!!’

Dan: ‘You just attractive drama.’

Me: ‘It’s literally all the time. Our life! I don’t know what it is?’

Anyway, ‘totes emosh’ Ruby ate get carrot and parsnip soup, had a little cry and then asked to film ‘Cubby The bear’ at lunch with us.

She even asked Dan if they had a highchair, for her bear!!!!

Of course….they did!

Anyway. I couldn’t fault their service today. They’re more like friends than restaurant staff really. They’ve watched the kids grow up.

I’m super Thankful! What a day! I’m glad to be home. (I’m meant to be headed to Leeds now…But I just can’t. I just feel too emotional to be out and about tonight.)

So much is going on…

However, all stumbles aside…. Please do watch ‘Cubby The Fur-Real Bear’ do lunch with us at Ego, Ackworth. Haha.

Dan: ‘I’m not waving bye to a creepy Bear Ruby! I won’t do it!’

He refused to let us drag him into Wunna Land drama and I don’t blame him. Haha.


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