Cream, Hammers and Opportunity


Good morning, my delicate cherry blossoms of ‘forgot it was Autumn.’ It’s Wednesday and we all enjoy Wednesdays’ simply because it edges us over to the better side of the week, the side that means it’s almost ‘Le weekend.’ Plus, if we ever so fancy, we may also refer to such a day… as ‘Hump’ day… and anytime we’re allowed to say the word ‘hump’ and not get slapped for it, is a bonus. My phone is currently ringing OFF THE HOOK, with opportunity here, opportunity there and it’s sort of making me do my Arthur Fonzirelli collar lift and swagger, like I’m about to achieve something rather grand that I actually forgot I could champion. Did I just forget that I’m ace or something? I’ve put myself out there…work wise, not in the good old slaggy, tequila shot, leant over a bar in a short, silver sequinned dress with heels on. My vagina isn’t really something for any boys to go near these days and simply because babies might fall out of it, without you knowing. Plus…due to my heritage, some of them might be ninja. You don’t mess with ninja’s or girls from the orient. We can be the most loving souls you have ever dreamed off, but then toy with us…and well..we’re scowling…with swords. (You’ve seen Crouching Tiger.) But yes, back to the point..(hope you’re enjoying my pointless nudity up above)  I assure you that opportunity doesn’t actually RINGS AND RINGS like a *swear here.* 🙂

Part of this morning was spent smiling and wiping ten TONS of Marks & Sparks body lotion off Ruby’s arms, face and being, simply because she wanted to ‘put a little bit of cream on,’ before nursery. I thought Wunna land went a bit quiet. Then out of a bubble of cuteness popped Rubes…fully dressed and ready for nursery, SMEARED from head to toe in a thickly spread, Marks & Sparks lotion…She smelt like a posh granny. It was utterly adorable. But what I didn’t like was the fact that she poked into the room, doing a terrified face at me, like she was about to get completely shouted at. It unnerved me, simply because that would never happen? I’d never do that to her…especially over a bit of Marks & Sparks cream? It only broke my heart because she seems to have lost her innocence, he sprightliness. I mean, before she would’ve run in with a ‘Uh-oh, look what i’ve done Mama.’ She looked at me terrified, like everything wasn’t going to be okay?

I smiled at her, giggled and together we wiped it off and almost immediately she beamed with delight, cuddled me and laughed along to the sound of ‘we all make oopsies.’ It was just a moment, but I notice moments. Moments matter because it’s moments that change everything. The rest of the morning was spent being giddy, until it was nursery time. She adores nursery and I never ever have any problem with a drop off. Yet she’s certainly got a bit more scowly and she’s certainly pining for love, love, love..especially with everything she’s currently being put through at home. This morning she cried for a moment. But again…she snapped out of it, as soon as she was picked up and given a cuddle. Awww…:( I never want her to feel unloved or like she’s about to get told off for nothingness. It’s not how I parent. I parent with smiles, shrugs, love and laughter…unless she’s done something completely nuttily violent..then she gets a stern conversation, asking her why? With any problem, there’s usually a core of what it’s actually about. The person is never usually bad. They just feel bad at that time for a reason that they couldn’t or can’t express appropriately. I’m back working and busy now, but I think that on Friday, I’m going to pull her out of nursery for the day…yet still stork deliver Junior with love (he’s come on SO much from being there. That place is amazing! Baby school is worth it! Pricey. But worth it, 🙂 ) and i’m going to have a full on Ruby/Mummy day, where she’s not having to fight for attention with  her brother and she’s filled with 100% complete and utter love! I mean, even when she cried and scowled a bit at nursery…and they’ve helped raise her from being a Baby like Junior, even they spotted it and said, ‘Hmm…this is new?’ And simply because she is never ever like that. Rubes is on an emotional roller coaster, but don’t fret, I’m going to make it all completely RIGHT!

So, yeah, i’m excited that opportunity is a knocking. I can’t believe it. But well in the end I know i’ll be in the right place at the right time…and celebrating. I was read the other day and a pulled a card out which was The Sun and the guy sat there and said to me,

‘Chrissie the SUN is a promise of a wonderfully happy life. A time of hope and happiness in spite of doubt to the contrary. It’s a very promising card that simply depicts joy!’

How lovely is that! It just plonked me in a better mood immediately and i dolly smiled at him with excitement. Plus, I got a message last night from an old work colleague that told me to keep my chin up, just as I told her..when she went through the same sort of thing. I remember trying to make her strong and it worked, as she survived it merrily..and well they saved their marriage and family life. In fact, they’re both really happy now..and they went through a lot worse. But I appreciated her message. It helped me remember. Women always have to remind each other of things. And well on the bright side, (and I always use this reference) Ozzy Osbourne tried to MURDER Sharon, when he was on drugs. She got him jailed, as she feared for her life in that moment. After a kerfuffle, they are still happily married and in her own words, if not more so now. But that’s the extreme. I just like extremes.

Anyway, i’ve got to go and get ready, as there’s a  lot for me to do today and oddly a lot of driving. UGH! I’ll blog in later, as right now I nee coffee and to clean the back of my car out. Having children is hilarious. The back of my car looks like the bins at  Willy Wonkas chocolate factory. I even have a GIANT inflated, hot pink HAMMER, on my back seat! 🙂 What is my life! It’s GREAT, is what it is!

Thanks for all the love and messages. Thank you for following my life!



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