Crazy Good!


Work was ace today! I think it was ace? I’m sure it was ace? It felt okay, for sure! I mean, I judge it on how I walk out of the place and if i walk out smiling, then the day as been greatness!

Right! LOTS of WONDERFUL things are happening to me. I mean, for 2014 being such a shitty year, the beginning of THIS year has been completely the opposite! It’s been AMAZING!

I feel ‘whole.’ I feel delicious! I feel as though i can conquer the world. I feel like the old me..The ME that knew how to have a good time, at the same time as succeeding in all that I kinda wished to dooo!

Life feels good right now and so good that I really don’t even know what to tell you about?

Do I ramble on about my love life? Do I tell you how excited I am to be partners and part of the Screen Nation Awards, with my brand new luxury eyelash line! Do, I tell you that I’m sending packages to Cosmospolitan and signing off on investment deals for my business. Do I tell you how much i’m loving the simple things in life? Like my day job and loving the babies? Or do i tell you about my party life, my friend,s my social life, or how i’m travelling down to London to actually review naked dancing boys for my blog?

I wouldn’t even know where to start?

I’m just lucky!

So, I guess i’ll tell you that, seeing everyone getting excited for Valentines day is upsetting me. 🙂 I hate being single on Valentines. I’m a hopeless romantic and used to getting spoilt. It actually hurts my heart because I truly do believe that I want to be romanced. 🙂 I can’t stand it. My Facebook stream is just people in love, getting married, engaged or being sent flowers by their other half, for Valentines. I am literally a hopeless romantic, so having no geezer to adore, or someone to adore me SUCKS HAIRY BALLS. I just want some kind of surprise, Some kind of ‘love bomb’ that jumps out of nowhere, without me knowing, where in which my faith in romance and great men is restored. 🙂 I want a romantic surprise to occur.

Luckily, today I had a moan and ‘Miss. Burke’ made me feel better at work by stating that I should instead hit the town with her on Valentine’s day and drown my sorrows with glee. Y’know, celebrate our hotness and celebrate girl power!  I’m down with i’m doing it! If you’re a boy, a hot one, it’s a good night for you to be out, as chicks like me will feel desperado and make out with you, when drunk, by accident! So that’s V day sorted! I’m out on the razzle with ‘Miss. Burke,’ (who i adore.) I’m excited! We’re doing Kooky’s.

I’m also going down to London at the end of the month..(for some reason Feb has gotten highly social for me, for both business and pleasure.) I love it though, as i’m working harder than ever. I deserve fun.

But yes, i’m going to review…well I got invited to review the ‘Forbidden Night’s’ boys, who are naked, dancing boys in London, in my own little VIP box with drinks and with friends!

Initially, I was going to run a comp for blog readers who wwnated to win the chance to come with me and i still may do that. However, now i have tons of friends who would want to come with me and check the goods out! 🙂 So now i’m more than excited, as i’m someone who hates doing things on my own. The ‘Forbidden boys’ look dreamy, so i can’t wait to see then ‘do their thing.’ 🙂 GIRL POWER! I LOVE FEBRUARY!!

Away from all that, i’ve had spag bol, i’ve got a wine, new friend Symon wants to glitter bomb me and send me flowers for V day. I’m still getting hit on. I’m still excited that my rash is disappearing. Specsavers tweeted me today, telling how great i looked,  after seeing a picture of me wearing Specs and holding their branded bag.  I’m now buddying up to Noelle from Doncaster, who was on ‘Britain’s Flashiest Families,’ the other night.  (I love her!!) And yeah…life is good, There’s so much opportunity, so much going on in Wunna land, that i don’t even know where to begin???

I feel lucky. I’m truly am the luckiest girl ever!

I LOVE 2015!!!!! I can’t believe how social my FEB is!

Ps/ That Spanish guy, who i didn’t go on the date with isn’t talking to me anymore. Why are boys like that?

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