Craving That Old Beauty sleep.

I’ve just got home from a big Yorkshire dinner in Leeds at the White swan. I know right….it sounds like a little everyday pub, but let me tell you, it is one of the yummiest places to dine. Cosy, comfy, big portions, lots of hearty meaty ‘makes you feel like the worlds a safer place’ kinda food and well, what can i say? When you’re hungover and you just need a calm, chillax, bit of ‘oooh,’ it’s the perfect place to go with a loved one. (It has real life dead deer heads hung on the walls, so if you’re a bit umcomfortable with seeing what you’re eating, then it’s a bit of a ‘no go’ much!) I had a whole Yorkshire Pheasant with potatoes, and cranberry sauce. Pete worked his way through a sirloin steak. (You can get a 32 oz one there!) The owner really loved having us there. Pete and i are always the last ones to leave a restuarant. I don’t know why? We talk a lot, laugh a lot and smooch a lot…and with wine. I’m always having so much fun that time seems to fly by. But i’m a Kitty Queen of nuisance…i’m not restricted by time. I had a moment when i looked around, and noticed everyone had left and the owners were stood waiting to go home. Oops! Haha…we immediately left out of politeness. I mean…If you’re not getting kicked out of a place, then you’re not being a champion! I’ve been booted out many a place and look how Greatness i turned out!!! 🙂 I wore a black and white leopard print dress, with chandelier diamante earrings and crazy highblack  stilettos! Nothing like over dressing, at the most inappropriate times. I’m a Glamour Puss, any time i can over do it…i WILL. *Wink-wiggle*(Don’t be afraid to make a statement my kittens! Make sure you have an audience.)

Anyway, i’m feeling much better now that i’ve had a day of *chill.* Being hungover truely does suck, but it really is the evidence of a tremendously Wunnaful night. (I’m laughing at me asking Rodrigo’s friend if he came in fancy dress?? LMAO. I’m an idiot without even realising!! I honestly thought he came as a Referee. I really did and was gonna tell him that he looked amazing. However…and ofcourse he had simply chose a rather unfortunate shirt and therefore got a wee bit offended by my jesture! I’m always putting my foot in it, then having to tip toe through the violets, until the storm has been calmed by booze.)

I’ve had a brillliant past two days! Tonight again has been lovely. I’m always laughing. I’m always happy and right now (even though i’m being thrown good news, with bad news,) i’m feeling grateful for every minute i’m blessed with. (I’m currently sat in my living room, in the cosiest ‘too big for me ‘ pyjamas, with a kitten, fleas and watching a poker game. I’m in pyjamas that make me feel like a virgin. I LOVE ANYTHING that can stretch me so far back to a virginal status! (Even as i’m saying the word ‘Virgin’ i’m thinking about Loverboy’s angry morning sex face of ‘rumpy.’’s hilarious! But i have a problemo much. I’ve noticed that if i’m getting up to *oooh laaalaaaa* with a handsome handsome hottie and they commit to doing a face…then i can’t help but copy their face! I don’t know why i do it??? It just ends up being far too comedy! It’s like a Carry on movie!)

Anyway, i’ve got to go to bed. I need to recoup and get back into the swing of things! I feel 70% and need to try and hunt down the rest of me. I think i left it with my dignity somewhere on a sticky gay dance floor. I’m feeling far too old for all this marlarky now. (Here we go…) I mean, I’m falling to pieces ungracefully and fast….but in diamonds. For some reason i’m just unable to grow up. I don’t know why i’m like this…but i am. I  really do try hard to, with a *concentration face* and everything. Yet after 2 weeks of trying, i’m back at square one and up to my usual tragic tricks of comedic kitty cat antics. I just love being silly! I’m not a serious girl! When oh when will the madness end?? I mean Loverboy is a truely great influence on me. Really calm and able to deal with pretty much anything i throw at him. I don’t know how he can control himself so well? But since being with him i’ve never felt so safe in love…it’s a good strong feeling of security. I’ve also never felt like so confident. Each day i’m learning a whole new side to me. I’m really comfortable in my own skin! I’m really honest with myself and yeah i’m ready to step it up a level. I’m happy, but oddly really fucking itchy right now? Can humans get fleas???


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