Cos, i’m feeeeellliiiiIIiiiiing Goood.


Today i’m content. I’m happy. I’m confident. I’m strong. Everything’s pretty normal. Nothing too special is going on, but i’m brimming over with ‘va voom’ and when that happens i always feel internally awesome.

I’m quite calm right now and feeling as though i can take life in my stride, which is the complete opposite to my ‘this time last year’ where Keiran was being troublesome and turning my world upside down for no real reason, other that douchiness.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, but i’m never one to feel scared to do it all over, bounce back and be a hero. I’m someone that will naturally always see the good in everything before it turns sour and even when it turns sour, i’m kitten strong enough to soothe it over…even after gin.

Things happen and everyone has a past, a moment, a story to tell that has formed them into the being that they are today. If that being is good then that is great as it can only develop into EVEN MORE greatness. And if it’s bad, you’re lucky too, as the only ways really is UP.

I’m thoroughly missing LA right now and mainly because i’m missing my friends and my previous lifestyle. It’s only because i want fun and i’m working so hard right now that i’ve been too busy to just have an awesome blow out,.I work hard and because i just want to do well. Yet, i need fun. I need a cuddle and I need to enjoy life. I thought I had Friday off work this weekend, but i now don’t…so it’s just a free Saturday and Sunday for me…but it’s better than nothing and well who cares, it’s money and almost my time to venture to the forest for open air hot tubbing and champagne.

Champagne and fruit shoots are the ONLY options that i currently have to drink in my house, right now.It’s annoying , as I hate to faff around with the opening of a champers bottle. I just like it to be done for me…always. Y’know, I haven’t spoken to ‘London boy’ in ages. He’s disappeared off the radar just randomly, in a ‘well there goes another friendship’ fashion. I hope he’s okay, as when men randomly venture off, they usually have stuff going on.

I miss my LA friends Theo, Ronnie (who i’ve named my lashes after) and Jake. I’ve remembered a time when i was on my LA friends Jeff’s roof terrace, where he had a bar, a cinema, a Buddha, fairy lights and a clock that always said that it was New Years eve. He let me sleep on his sofa often…and well his appartment used to be a proper dingy brothel. (I have the weirdest memories.)

I’ve had a wonderful evening with my babies. The happiest babies in all the land. They’ve made me feel whole and I can’t believe how lucky I am to have them. I adore family life, as deep down that is really who I am. I’m pretty grounded when it comes to all that…yet it’s balanced well with fun and the odd moment of foolishness. I know how to let my hair down and liquor up for ‘can can’ kicks. 🙂

I’m concentrating on work for the rest of the week now. I’m working until Friday, so i’m knuckling down. I’m hoping to go to the pub tomorrow night after work, but no one can be arsed to text me back. Lol. (Totally much. Proper Billy no mates. Last time that happened, i ended up in London.)

And i’m looking forward to June 12th, when i am on the Britain’s Got talent, Forbidden Night’s boy’s, exclusive VIP boat party on the River thames. It’s on the river, with drinks and their show! How amazing…especially as the sun sets upon us!!! Their show is the BEST show i have ever been to in my entire life and simply because the atmosphere is just AMAZING. YOU MUST GO!

But yes, for now, i’m off to bed and i’m getting ready for a week of work.

I want Tuesday night pub though. (Tuesday drinking is a must as it breaks down your week and makes you balance out the ‘play hard’ with your ‘work hard.’)




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