Copycats Suck


How’s Saturday treating you?

I’m having an amazing day and I actually can’t believe how randomly productive i’ve been, so far, in this New Year. I haven’t quite decided my New Years resolutions as of yet, but I do know that one of them is to work harder at the things that I love…and I mean truly love, as my Father always used to tell me that you really never get anything without hard work and that there is always something that each individual is great at, and when he said ‘Great at’ he meant, that one thing that you can do better than most of your friends, or the people you know. That’s ‘Thing’ is what you should try and pursue. It’s your money maker. *Shake it dolls.*

So yeah,  you can take short cuts, which only ends with you being cut short…and you can jump on someone else’s bang wagon, or be a copy cat…which will always makes you second best and never as good as the original.

But if you try your hardest at being YOU. You’ll win every time. No one can do ‘you’ better than YOU. *Wacky concept.*

Copycats always humour me (but only if they’ve done it badly.) I’m always heavily flattered by them and I’m aware that all new ideas have come from someone else’s initial *lightbulb.* That’s a good thing. It’s a great way to use your initiative. But there’s this one girl, who waits until i’ve posted a picture…and immediately (everytime) I do, she posts her version of the EXACT same thing. I love that and i find it fun. BUT, now that I know that she doesn’t even adore me, 🙂 I find it annoying. Yippeee! HAHA.

I continued to post pictures and being the trooper that she is, she continued to ‘copy cat’ me…So I figured I’d whop out a Chrissie Wunna special, and plonk up a SEXY AS HELL…nudie pic. 🙂

I pretended that I had no clue what was going on…but in my head I was definitely thinking…’DO THAT ONE BITCH.’

I’m over it now and laughing because I love how immature I get. But it’s the fun of it all that gets me giddy.

I’m looking forward to this evening because I get to spend it with my babies. I’m feeling with me excitement, just knowing that this is going to happen. Ben’s off to Dodge’s birthday dinner, so it’ll be just the babies and I. Kinda like old times. But then it’ll be great because we’ll later be joined with Benny, to bundle us back up as a family….if he doesn’t get too pissed. 🙂

I’ve spent the morning running mad errands. I couldn’t get them all done, simply due to Mummyhood. But i’m picking up samples of all sorts, which i am very very grateful for.

When i said i was going to start Vlogging. I kinda just figured, yeah i’ll do my ‘Get ready with me’ Vlog and ‘Whats in my beauty bag?’ But as soon as I said it…my inbox filled with ‘can i be in your beauty bag’ messages…

Thank you for all my messages.

If i can jam you all in. I will.

Catch you later!

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