Comedy bonks and errands


‘What are you doing?’

‘I’m doing sex. :)’

What a last couple of days! I’ve having a blast, oozed over with a cheeky charm of love and a lot dollop of *wiggle.* The other afternoon, I had decided to ‘slag’ my face up a little. In Wunna Land that means cream on too much pink lippy, far too much eyeliner, ‘dramatico’ those eyes to ‘smokey,’ bronze a little bit more than you really actually need too and whop on a pair of lengthy lashes of ‘ooh laa’, equipped with freshly ‘bigged up’ hair and a series of glamour modelly pouts into a full length mirror and all before noon. 🙂 I do this when i either feel old, not as sexy as 2009 (when i was award winning for my tragical look of deliciousness,) when my inner ‘kitten’ wants to peek out or simply out of boredom. I’m not quite sure which one it was, but my very ‘Handsome Keiran’ decided to plonk up the stairs at almost the perfect time, take a look at me, tell me i had ‘too much on my face,’ however then proceeded to cuddle, kiss and ‘boner’ up to me, with a smile of excitement in his eyes.

It led to a cheeky *shimmie* of laughter and before you know it we were stripping off, all boobies and biceps and preparing for a bit of quick slaggy bonking on the bed. The funny thing about it all was that we laughed all the way. I was laid there, all over done and happy, on my tummy with a wiggle. He was laid, all a boner and a ‘come to daddio, baby-boo’ face of glory. I began to weirdly scoot downward, but whilst still laid on my front, in order to reach his willy…with my mouthy 🙂 and he sort of looked at me, paused, asked me what i was doing..and with a puzzled face, only to have me look up, giggle and say, ‘I’m trying to do sex Keiran.’ Lmfao. I’m the Ultimate hero of glamour…honest. I must’ve looked like a toad. We laughed our pretty hot arses off and had the best, ‘bent over’ quickie bonk EVER. I love that we’re so comfortable with each other than we can enjoy our sex life fully, be it comedic, kinky or for the art of role play, or baby making. Nothing is ever awkward between us, in our bubble and that’s how you know you have found the one you will be able to tend to ‘forever’ with. Lots of fun. Lots of lippy. Lots of love. *Purr….*

Okay, other than that little bit of story…I AM sooooooo CRAZY busy. Plannin the book launch, the book promo, being a mum and having a WEDDING to organize for a couple months time is insane. I have an inbox full of ‘need to reply too’s’ to the point where i’m at the ‘lets be lazy and have wine’ stage of ‘ooh laa.’ When things get too much, i shower tan and drink wine, whilst drying off to my favourite show ever. ‘Real Housewives…’ Maybe i secretly aspire to be one? However, i’m so turned on by being able to make my own way, money, history and mark, that i quite fancy myself as more of a glamour pussy, accidental entrepeneur. (‘Oh look, Wunna’s accidentally made millions…’) I likey that ideary, very mucho muchly! I was kinda stressed yesterday, but i think it was because i didn’t have Keiran by my side. It’s really bizarre now because we truely actually do come as a pair. We couldn’t imagine ‘doing life’ without the other. I mean he looked at me the other day, rejoicing about how great a couple we were, then stated that we just now come as a twosome. We’ve properly got our fairytale together now and are trooping forward. We’re a great family, we have great families and with all the love that we share between us, our foundation is now solid…and sexy. 😉

I’ve been working hard, he’s been working hard. I’ve been chilling with wine, as he’s been recording old school rap songs, for ‘get well soon’ cards, that ended up being accidental ‘Happy Birthday’ cards for grandmas…with flowers. His nan (who we love and visited) has just had a hip replacement and Keiran thought it would be funny to record the ‘I said a hip…hop…blah blah etc..’ rap for her to enjoy through her recovery. 🙂 I’m marrying that man. We actually have wonderful people around us now and well our elders are giving us strong words of wisdom to carry us through life correctly. We’re going to do AMAZINGLY and have everything we ever wanted and simply because we’re listening now and getting our priorities right. Both sides CANNOT WAIT for the wedding…so we’re really happy. My mum is completely addicted to Keiran now. I mean, anything he wants…she’ll get, or do…and simply because she has a new son. I enjoy that he now has a new random asian family. 🙂 I’m loving life right now. I’m marrying the most amazing and most delicious man. I can rely on him to be there, love, cherish and protect me. He knows i’d do that for him…even if i’m in too much bronzer. (I work better like that.) I like that my face prints on his, everytime we bonk. He did the nursery run with giant pink lip marks planted upon his face. That’s a good thing…even in a van and because it means not only are you loved, but the love that you have is ALIVE. (Today, i tried to convince him that i was his imaginary friend. It’s like ‘Fight club’ with tits and lipstick.)

I’ve got far too much going on right now to be able to write this blog and make it entertaining. I’ve got to mail my book to Emily at The Daily star. I accidentally when tipsy channel flicked and watched myself on telly last night on ‘sex lessons,’ i need to sort out my VIP list for the book launch, i have to email the show that i’m filming…i have weird tan lines, a wedding on Aug 12th, a delicious baby who waddles around giggling and calling things ‘cats’ and ‘uh-ohs,’ i’m loving you, loving the support, confident about my future, wanting another baby, wishing could embrace being 31 and looking forward to recieving all my free things from ‘Duffer’ and ‘Fablesofafox.’

Oh and for those of you who watched ‘sex, lies and rinsing guys,’ i was meant to be on that, but it didn’t work out due to me not being ‘rinsey’ enough. Lol. A blessing in disguise. I’m getting things right now. Book, blog, mummy hood, wedding, filming show, getting my own ‘family’ show, the movie with DK and life in fur boots or heels! I think i need to breed twins. Keiran’s decided he wants an ‘all girl’ family because he’d get to grow old, sit under a tree and have us take care of him forever. 🙂 I love that he loves me and thinks i’m the most beautiful thing he has ever seen or experience. I look at him and i’m wowed by his yumminess, heart and determination.

Life is good…i better get back to work. 😉


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