Coffee, Strops and a jolly little job hunt



Good Monday, my little weekday birds of jiggedy! I’ve already managed to throw my morning strop and I feel like a complete twit now for strop throwing and because it was highly unnecessary and for no real reason other than the art of ‘Diva.’ i wasn’t even tired or anything. I just decided to throw a pointless wobbly, so here I am waving the flag for woman kind and quite often dogging on gents, when really us ‘dolls’ need to ‘chill pill’ it some times, as any Lady knows…especially those of the fire sign variety, we CAN get a bit too stroppy. I usually call it passion. I’m a passionate girl and i’ll fight my case be it good or bad. But today i pointless gave out verbal lashings and at the expense of the people I love the most. Not good and never goes with an up-do and baby pink jumper. (Wore my Size 8 leggings today. I was a bit too adventurous for my own good. There’s still more slimming ot be done before they fit my booty like a glove.) But yes…no more pointless stropping.

Junior slept through the ENTIRE night. I think (unlike Ruby, who’s a complete Daddy’s girl) he’s comforted by women. When Keiran does the night shift, he’s moany and uneasy. Whenever I do it…he relaxes and has a big old sleep through the whole night. I don’t quite understand it, but I like it. Ruby loves rough boyish man handling and to get stuck into life like a bulldozer. Junior likes his creature comforts…blankets, a warm bosom and a snuggle. I’m finding it hard to juggle both children, but I need to get better at it because my little girl is my world and because she’s so like me, it’s hard sometimes to get ya act together and get to parenting.

Keiran’s in pain. He still can’t move his neck and is absolute agony. He managed to pull it by shouting out weird names for Ruby when they were playing. When you crack your neck from simply shouting you are officially worthy of the ‘Old Man Thompson’ title. I’ve recovered from the flu, but i’m feeling fat and no hot. Being chubby is making me unhappy, which is the cause for my strops. Getting your ‘ooh laa’ back after having a baby isn’t easy on you mentally. But i’ll get there. I’m nearly there, but like with everything if you’re ‘nearly’ or ‘almost’ somewhere, you’re NOT ACTUALLY there. In the words of Brandi, ‘Almost doesn’t count.’

Anyway, Keiran goes off to wok Glastonbury tomorrow for the week, leaving me at home to man the house. I need to find a job asap and simply because I wasn’t made for washing dishes and cooking lunches. I prefer to make money and lots of it. I’ve applied fro a job that I really really want. However, it’s not the closing date for applications yet, so i still have some time to wait. I’m keeping everything crossed because I want that high paying, ‘gimme-gimme’ job that I’m actually weirdly qualified for. I KNOW!! I was in shock tooo! I read the job description and was like, ‘Holy Shit, I can actually do this job!!’ I want it. So i’m waiitng. Don’t worry, i’ve applied for everyhing else also. I just don’t want to travel far and I want to stay near home for my babies. I did that whole travelling to Leeds thing before and it was grueling. Plus, it’s hard for me because I wouldn’t have time to spend with Ruby or Junior, and well Keiran would go hungry. (He’s the type of man, who if I don’t make him a meal, he’ll starve and only snack on peanut butter simply because he doesn’t at all know how to cook for himself.)

During his absence, i’m going to try and slim down as much as possible. I can sort of do it better when left to my own devices. Plus, it’s ace when  your gent goes away because us women always try to look better for when they get back. I don’t know why we do. But we do. We tan, we do our hair, we lose weight, or buy a new dress. Well…I do?

If I could say anything about yesterday it would be that I have a great mum. I really do. I have a wonderful mum who gives her heart and soul for her kids and that’s including Keiran. Yesterday evening, she unplucked my entire weave, which is a mighty job incase you didn’t know,) and that was after she treated Ruby to a whole bundle of goodies from Toys R Us. THEN, when it was late she gave Keiran acupressure for his neck, to make him feel better and did it like a proper mum. THEN after 9.30pm, she went and bought us a giant bucket of KFC to feast on, because it was late and we were hungry and couldn’t get out due to having the children.

I picked up my new hair today so i’n happy. I’ watching ‘Real Housewives…Atlanta’ and well I wish I lived their lives. They certainly perk my coffee fix up a treat. Towie on the other hand is depressing me, even though I do adore the show. It’s just constantly about people cheating on people and the girls deciding whether they should forgive them or they attempt to find out THE TRUTH. Lol. If i’m honest, I don’t think you can trust ANY MAN and that’s because of the life that i’ve led, Hollywood, my relationships, being a previous glamour model and well the messages people have sent me…my experiences. No man can be trusted. I watched Jess Wright be angry at Ricky for cheating on her and well she wants to find out if he did it more than once, after he owned up. But really…the idea is that you LEAVE them after the first time…even if you find out much later. I enjoy how boys think that if they cheated on you when you were first together it doesn’t count. IT COUNTS. They were WITH YOU. Just because time has passed and they haven’t gotten caught and their feeling are much stronger doesn’t mean it didn’t happen or that it’s right. I’d leave him…like I have everyone. If you let them do it once and you don’t teach them a lesson, you’ll be in big old, ‘stuck in a rut’ trouble ladies. I mean, it’s just happened to my friend and I feel terrible for her. She’s left her husband as of 3 days ago and is filing for divorce. She text me to tell me al about it and asked me what I’d do if it happened to me..this is after her leaving him, because I never ever give advice to friend on relationships, in case it all goes wrong. Plus, I think far too many people get involved in other people’s business. The people that need to sort it out are the people involved and no-one else…and you should only seek advice from someone who truly loves you with all their heart…like ya mother. (If you have a good one.)

Her story was terrible. but I did tel her that if I found out that my husband had cheated on me, no matter how long, or how recent it was…i’d leave him and I wouldn’t care. I’ve done it before and I’d  break up my entire marriage and family because the children and I are worth MORE than that. There’s consequences now and it’s never fun for the boy, is it. But for right now, we’re all good. I’m not letting my friend’s drama rub off on me.

Okay, i really need to snag a job and I need it to be a good one. A big money one. I found that other job and applied for it…However it’s good to refrain from putting all your eggs in one basket innit. Throw ‘gimme-gimme’ balls at every opportunity that comes your way, right?

But for now i need more coffee…

I really miss ‘Date Night.’ But whatever, no more stropping Wunna!



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