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I think i’m still in shock at how brilliant my last week has been? Pinch me bitches! Pinch me!

I just don’t know how so much has manage to change and in such a small time? But it has and for the absolute better. It’s kinda been a mixture luck, wine, hard work and determination, I think? Oh and heels! You can’t do anything successful in flats. I mean, my mum was over at mine until 1am last night talking me through life, love and business. I am amazed by that woman and simply because she is the strongest, feistiest woman alive, a hard worker, a passionate loving parent, a money maker, yet the most selfless and forgiven soul of gentleness this world could ever cradle. I was sorting out my beauty line with China and organizing payments. Time zones…time zones. (A smart girl works them to her advantage.) And whilst I did…she passed on great words of wisdom the way only Asians can seem to manage to deliver it. 🙂 #HelloBuddha She’s not very ‘Buddha’ though in her delivery. Yet I adore her all the same.

This evening i’m gonna be blogging about the In Moda Fashion showcase that I went to last Friday. I’m really excited to tell you all about it because so much happened…and not just fashion. 😉 I always tell my story from my peeky point of view…and it’s going to be a good one. I assure you. I had a fun time and well you’ll hear all about it later on…after wine.

I’ve actually got a lot to get on with today. Bank transfers, profit margins and trying to figure out the correct marketing for my products are on the agenda. With me…everything I adore is all about luxury. So i’ve created a luxury line. It’s going to be pricey…not ‘break the bank so you have to sell your body for peanuts’ pricey…but worth it pricey.The reason why..and away from the simply fact that my personal preference is a luxury line. I’m comforted by the bright lights of a large open, elegant department store. It makes me feel like the worlds a safer place, when I’m at a Christian Dior makeup counter. I’m hypnotized by it’s beauty and lulled in my it’s magic, with a simple powder puff of shimmer. It controls and more than satisfies every inch of my kitten being. 🙂 I want you to experience that ‘ooh laa’ always. Yet a little bit of secret luxury is good. You may have a whole vanity of cheapies. I know I do. Yet that one piece of luxury you have…that little bit of pricey pricey that you’ve stretched for financially or saved up to get…really does bring a warm smile to your face. It shouldn’t…:)…but it does. Not just glamour pussy women. But in ALL women. We always have that one piece of luxury…and it can be anything that makes us feel ‘ooh.’ All women deserve luxury. I want my beauty range to be something that women keep as a treasure. I want to be your ‘happy place.’ Lol. That sounds kinky. But whatever…I do have a line out in Ann Summers with ‘The O Team’ and I did invent this…


However, away from that. Luxury & beauty…is my thing. So all women and feel delicious. It’s best to stick to your passions in  life and the things you know, or are good at. (I’m currently getting revolting text messages from a human that ‘needs works.’ 🙂 Cut all the negative out of your life. As soon I did…my life turned up trumps. (Why has my writing randomly turned italic?’) 
Men are a funny breed aren’t they? I’ve completely losyt my faith in their ability to be decent now. I have noticed that when men turn poor…they think they’ve lost everything and start being bullies in order to feel powerful. Men like are are hideous because life isn’t about riches it’s about love and they take for granted the things that truly matter. When you meet a rich man that doesn’t care that he is rich, but admits that it makes thinks easier..then you have a good man. When you meet a poor man that is happy and not pretend happy, but really’re onto a winner. 
I once dated this guy in LA called ‘Eric.’ He was the sweetest boy alive and I was far too ridiculous at that age to be gifted with such a sweet heart. One of those ‘all good-with secrets’ kinda boy. The secrets he had learnt from..sort of like me now. A hideous past is okay if you’re developed as a human being. I had someone tell me how hideous I was just now. The problem is that THEY haven’t developed as a human being yet. They’re still rabbiting on about ye olde news for attention. If you’re someone that can’t let go of the negative in your past then you’ll always stay on Platform 1 and never get on the train to success. Fill yourself with hate. It’s a good way to stay out in the cold. 🙂 
Anyway back to Eric. I used to date him (this was in Hollywood) and well he was not a boy of riches..but a well mannered boy of simple pleasures. He was really content with who he was ans how he was in life and really comfortable within himself. Where I am now…7 years later. Lol. (We grew up differently. He went through his pain early on in life. It made him heal and develop much faster. I had no pain until later on when my teens struck.) Even though he was not filled with ‘pocket’s full’ he always always made sure he PAID for every meal we had…and every drink. He was such a gentleman and he did it ONLY BECAUSE he felt that that was the right way to treat a girl. How lovely! That’s a comfortable man. He doesn’t need to show off riches and pay for everything simply to make people ‘recognise.’ He did it because it was well mannered. 
Yorkshire is the worst for boys and paying. I know so many boys…boys i’d never date…who have their wives/girlfriends pay for things, under the ‘everything is equal’ flag.That’s not romantic. There’s even boys who pay for their own dinners and their friends dinners..they go out and party the night away but don’t pay for their wives pr children that they have waiting at home. How disgusting of them .
So i guess, undeveloped men feel mighty with riches…just like insecure women..and this is me at times…feel mightier when beautiful. 🙂 
 I don’t know how i’ve got onto this…must be the shit texting. 
Anyway on a more positive note and the best last week ever! Not only did I get to go to the ‘Blogger’s Breakfast’ for The Clothes show live 2013 and get to cover the event for it’s 25th anniversary this year (I KNOW…INSANITY MUCH) at the same time as meeting total fashion ‘GREATS’ and filming for Clothes Show TV.  But I also progressed with my own beauty line, earned money…got to cover the In Moda Fashion show…got a ‘good news’ phone call AND weirdly received an email that shocked me with delight…
It went a bit like this..and i’m only giving you snippets simply because i haven’t yet replied to it…
Holy MOLY! 
I can’t believe it! 
All on the train home from London. 
The train journey was great on the way up…my new favourite train booze is..
On the way back…i looked through a couple of business cards that I had accumulated through the evening. They do that a lot in London and LA. not many people in Yorkshire rock one out. 
I keep taking myself back to The Bloggers Breakfast at The Sanderson for..
(I can’t wait…i’m literally bursting at the seams. Only 17 days to go..get your tickets NOW.) 
I remember Sasha Wilkins who is a top fashion editor and blogger who runs ‘Liberty London Girl’..anyway she said that she pretty much gave up everything to write her blog. At one point, when it was still a labour of love and she wasn’t making any money from it…(now she makes bucket loads and loves mustard) she actually sold everything she had and put it all on ebay, whilst living in her car. 
If you work hard…life treats you well. Do the things that you love and it will love you back. You are at your strongest when you have passion. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. It’s how good things happen. 
Sasha and Henry 
Henry who was very artsy, funny, down to earth, yet ‘bouji’ and  well…if you met him you’d know he is just my cup of tea. Well he rests back on the sofa with the greatest ease and twiddles the back of his perfectly placed hair..a LOT. This is a guy that from what I saw, knew what he was doing in life and well he plays his success with laughter and a ‘i did it drunk’…kinda thing..which did happen and  is something that i do in the name of humour. However, knowing that I do the same and that he is a character, I know that he works really hard and there is a definite sense of dedication and determination in him. He might laugh it off, but Henry didn’t get to where he was JUST by coming up with an idea with a drink..he turned his dreams into a reality through vision, passion and hard work. I liked him. I liked him A LOT. I’d definitely do sparkly cocktails with him and definitely want his martini glass, embroided skirt. 
That morning was great. I can’t believe i’m covering the event. I can’t believe I have a press pass! So honoured! I’m getting my outfits ready. I’m going ot be there EVERYDAY to report and celebrate fashion. 
When I got home from all the pre-weekend shenanigans…I returned to this..
Some money laundering scam? 
 Lol. Only I can do the height of fashion mixed in with a crime circle. WTF? I’m a glamour puss, I don’t do crime…unless my beauty is a crime. ARREST ME! *Wiggle-Wink*
Apparently some Spanish guy thinks i’ve booked a shoot with him for a clothing line and has paid me via fraudulent American Express traveller’s cheques. Lol. Now, I’ve been a model in my past and i’ve worked A LOT in entertainment. Firstly…you don’t get paid BEFORE THE SHOOT and secondly you NEVER get paid in travellers cheques. 🙂 Thridly you never then have to cash them and Western Union £1000 of it back to the photographer. LMAO.
If I cashed the above…i would’ve been part of the a huge money laundering circle and owed the bank £3000. I’ve put it up here simply so you become aware. I knew right away because I’ve never ever spoken to the guy, let alone booked a shoot with him AND i’ve worked as a model for AGES. 
Don’t get scammed. My moral for the day. #justsaying
Here’s a shoe to make you feel better…
Oh fact for my girls and my gays…
Here’s Justin my LA old roommate…
He doesn’t mind…he loves it. (He stopped doing drugs, pulled himself together and made his life ‘worth it’ in the end. That was all AFTER this picture. 🙂 He’s a business man now. 
We worked together, lived together and played together. Fun few months. 🙂
Anyway can’t wait to tell you all about the In Moda Fashion showcase later…
My choice of dress was by..
You like?
C-ya later x 

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