Cleaning, Purchasing and Boys


Well…i’ve really got into cleaning. (I know…how dreary, but whatever..i’m an oldie now.) And well..i’ve only JUST got into it, after the folk at my work place, who have a wonderful dash of OCD, have passed it on…sort of like the lergy…or the dutchie…the parcel…or (I’ll let you finish that off, as i can’t be arse. I have a cocktail.) I was gonna say ‘boogie’ yet that’s nothing about passing and all about ‘blame’ innit. πŸ™‚

So, today..although rainy has turned out to be great, as my baby son and I have took cleaning by storm and rubbed, polished and wiped down everything that we could find! I will admit it took him some work, as he much preferred to wipe mucky paws on clean surfaces…and well I am a complete germ-a-phobe. I can only really maintain, so if something is in need of a hardcore clean…i get terrified and have to either drink gin, cry or leave it to to others, who can bare it.

We championed it. We bonded. He’s still spotty. But chipper. I’m happy and simply because i’ve found that designing your home is ACE. I love it. It’s so therapeutic and delicious. I have each room planned and know exactly what i want, how I want and where. So I now feel super sorry for poor Mike the ‘Handy Man’ as he’ll have a job on his hands. Yet, he’ll survive. I mean what’s the point in being a handy man, if you’re not handy.

I also found that i’ve certainly grown up a bit, as i actually had to THINK, followed by a rethink as to whether a giant canvas of YOURSELF, in this case MYSELF would be far to cringey in my living room. (Yes! In my actual living room. πŸ™‚ ) Back in the day Chrissie, would’ve not thought twice and had a piccie blown up and nailed in within seconds. Grown up, ‘at 33’ Chrissie, contemplates such. I think i find it more fun, or funny than anything else? I’ve turned less ‘look at me’ which is quite disappointing, I know. Yet it simply means i’m more comfortable in life.

In the end i went with ‘whatever, fuck it…’ I’m having a retro living room, so i can’t think of a better face to be adorning my blank wall, than a big old, modelly canvas of myself. πŸ™‚ It’s like i’ll be Queen Beeing it and guarding over my space…with my face?

It’s all going to be very glam and very me and simply because i never ever got to do all that before. It’s weird how your past can effect your choices. But it totally does. I can’t wait! I have a space all to myself and the babies. That’s MINE to love and nurture. I’m quite good at this nurturing malarky, yet only if I adore you. If I don’t than I’m horrid and simply because my heart won’t be in the operation. πŸ™‚

I keep getting these messages asking how one should woo me? Firstly, i’m concentrating on life, business and babies, right now, so it’s tough. Secondly, if you have to ask…I already don’t fancy you. πŸ™‚ Thirdly, I’m 33, so being under the age of 30 nowadays will go against you in Wunna land, for those seeking to sit on the throne next to me. πŸ™‚ I am aware that that is completely ageist, yet I really am. When boys are young and from my own experience, i’ve always had to look after them and I hate that. I’m already a Mum. which would also mean that being wonderful with my children is essential. But I could never trust anyone else with my children but ME. πŸ™‚ I’m awful for it.

Right now…there’s no time to get to know new males, who litter my path. I will tell you that I don’t enjoy a bad boy, I really despise a party boy. A drug taker, is out of the question. I enjoy a refine specimen of a male..a educated one will do. A quiet, loving soul and simply because i’m noisy. I don’t like flashy, or laddy types. Just simple, loving, romantic, good old family type of guy. One that will look after me and care for me with every inch of his soul, who doesn’t have any problems that I need to solve, any issues that need ironing out..or any just….drama! Lol. Relationships are just about two people who love and fancy each other, who take care of one another through life and build a family, a future and their own version of success, life and wonder. It’s chemistry and you KNOW if you have found your true love, because even when all is said and done, you can still look at that person and feel that ‘flicker.’ My daddy always told me that. My mum and dad have had all sorts of ups and downs, but 30 something years later, they he still looks at her after everything and thinks, ‘God, I love this girl.’ #aww (And my mum is as feisty as they come!)

But that’s if I was looking. πŸ™‚ Right now…i’m not. I still like flowers pink roses. I’m jealous because my friend Hannah got some yesterday. I got cloths…from my MUM. Charming. πŸ™‚ No champagne or anything. It’s weird because as I get older, I prefer useful gifts. πŸ™‚ #old Things that I NEED, more than junk. πŸ™‚


Tomorrow i’m back to work. Ho hum. I do actually love working and making dosh, so it’s not so bad. I’d rather be in work, than out. It sort of gives me a sense of worth. Plus, I have no time to do anything, meaning I save up faster. Yippee! I’m finally accumulating.

I don’t know why i’m so chipper, but I am? There’s this glow about me right now that i can’t seem to shake off. Lol. A glint in my eye… In fact, my first husband Michael, always used to say that he knew that I was happy whenever he could see that ‘glint in my eye.’ It was like they told a story of every bit of excitement that the world could afford to have. He used to say it in a very New Yorky, American accent though, which made it feel more glammy. The Yorkshire version, sounds very….well…:) Yorkshire. (And I do love being from Yorkshire, so it’s not soo bad. Just not as glamourous.)

Anyway, I must go, as i have a bit of time to myself right now, as the babies have decided to sleep? I know, right! Cleaning got the better of them. I think they’re more fed up with me, that sleeping is a better option. πŸ™‚

Talk to you soon…

Oh and thanks for following my life.

C x










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