Class, Love Decent boys and Disco Leggings



Anytime you have accidentally walked out of a shop, after purchasing high waisted, wet look, lycra disco leggings at 32, or any age be it, you know you’ve still got the ‘sexy.’ Today, I feel sexy. Not because of the high waisted, wet look, disco leggings, because of course I bought them a size too small, under the assumption I was much thinner and well they don’t actually fit me. 🙂 No carbs for my foreseeable future. Plus, you can’t do wet look, disco leggings on a Sunday daytime. (Saying that, it’s probably something that I WOULD do. Yet i’m still a fatty, so there’s not squeezing into them just yet.) I still feel sexy though. I’m 32, with 2 babies and rocking a MILF title. School boys have told me, whilst waiting for the bus. Then builders told me whilst I was pretending I was ignoring them. When you’re an oldie you like people fancying you a bit, simply because…well….you’re an oldie and everything goes a bit south. (‘South’ as in gravity and not all posh like ‘Made in Chelsea’ as that would be awesome. )

I’ve decided i only enjoy posh things now. I’ve come from good roots and managed to get distracted from them. Then Hollywood added glitter to it all, making the art of fabulousity my thing..I’m currently saying this because I have just had a conversation with one of my good friend’s ex boyfriends, who can’t at all imagine why his ex girlfriend (my friend) doesn’t wish to be with him anymore now that she is with another. Erm..? How about this...’you’re a vest wearing, recreational drug taking, party boy, with no job, who’s 30, not noticed that all the decent boys grew up, found love, made money and didn’t spend time in ayia napa this Summer, looking for love/sex in bermuda shorts, with a lager in their hand. #weirdo’ Pahaha! 

That’s what I said and managed to get away with. Then because I got away with it, I added more. 🙂 Oopsie!

‘No wonder she’s gone for suit wearing, decent grown up, who makes loads of dosh, runs his own busy company, loves her, treasures her, romances her and invests time in his relationship with her, over good conversation, love, wine and actually performs decent ‘grown up sex. AND he’s obedient, in the name of love! He’s a proper man and you’ll always lose out on scoring a decent ‘forever’ type girl, until you realize this, hang up you’re Peter Pan tights because all women think that’s gay, and all young foolish girls turn into women one day, so don’t get that twisted. Then if you actually took responsibility for yourself and loved better, she’d find you attractive. But you didn’t. You cheated on her, stayed a boy and she found a better deal. Ah-dee-dums. No sympathy! You have a gym membership and think a bigger bicep is going to score you true love. He has the ability to love, honour and provide. You’re an idiot.’ Lol (You can tell i’ve been through a lot with men through my lifetime. 🙂 I’ve dated loads of good guys and loads of idiots. A sprinkle of losers and a dash of fabulous men. )

Anyway, long story short, she doesn’t like him and he shouldn’t be that shocked. I never get why guys are so shocked why women don’t like them after they’ve messed up? We like to be impressed. If we’re not…we’ll always be looking over your shoulder. We like things to be fairy tale perfect, because we’ve been taught that true love and decent men exist.  In the end, men like the above. The loser type…don’t win. They never do, but you’ll find that the girl they lost ALWAYS does.  What a surprise! *Laugh here.* Plus, the boy in question has SO lost his ex, due to the simple fact that she is currently rocking a diamond the size of his one bedroom apartment,  which states that her new found  ‘love’ is solid. 🙂 In the words of Beyonce, ‘to the left, to the left…’ sir! Now let some other guy handle something that you couldn’t.

I love it when girls get a better deal. I’m all for women and their strength.

But I did want to remind any of you delicious ladies who are still on the look out for that bastard Cupid, 🙂 that from my experience with men and there’s been plenty, from all walks of life, all countries of the world, there ARE good guys out there. If you haven’t found one, your picking ability is off and it just needs a retrain. We as chicks always get it wrong, but know that you can always get it right.

The reason why I know that there are great men out there is because The Gods always remind me. Like today, I accidentally bumped into an old school friend of mine, who is now actually my neighbour and it was refreshing to see what a gentleman he was and had become. He was nothing like the stereotype of ‘loser.’ It reminded me that every boy I went to school with actually is and turned out to be a wonderful man, a true gentleman, who know respect, women, work  and life and what a being a man is about.I went to school with LOADS of males, meaning that’s a bunch of them all out there in the world ready for you to snatch. 🙂 Yipppeee! The rest are under rocks?

I also think different women, bring out different sides to gents and well they know when they’re with the right one. They’ll know which one is to be their wife, yet how well they do at keeping her is their job. They are the hunters and the gatherers  after all. They’re meant to make us feel precious..and when they do…they get….blowjobs. 🙂

Weirdly, i’m one to actually say and you really would never have thought that I’m pretty lucky in love and i’ve felt lucky all my life in that area. Well, lucky once I reached the age of 19 and moved to LA. My first proper relationship out here, out of school, was hideous and well lets just say I certainly mixed with the wrong type of boy, from the wrong type of background to what i was used to. Y’see, I’m never one to harp on about class, because people are people and we’re all cut from the same fabric. They’re good people and there’s bad people. But…sometimes when two people have been raised differently, to the point where it’s the little things that rock their relationship, (and I say little day to day things because everyone knows what BIG things are not okay at all,)  due to tight morals, verses looser morals maybe? Or just different rules of ‘okay’ or the things that are deemed as acceptable have been established so strongly to the point where they cannot be altered. I dunno? It just matters and makes a difference.

I’ve had an amazing weekend with the kids. Ruby rocked yesterday and was the happiest I had ever seen her.I kept having to chase her around department stores because she kept thinking the mannequins were ‘her mum’ and that she needed to stand by on the giant displays and pose on them. Posing, playing, cuddling me. She was wonderful. Junior slept through most of the adventures and then suffered the ‘still aches’ from his injections. Hope he feels better soon, as this whole early morning to work thing on zero hours sleep is not going to be okay. But I guess it’s all part an parcel until they are fully fledged grown ups. 🙂 Next time I have babies….i am sooooooooooooooo hiring nannies.












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