Christmas trees in September

Just rugby tackled a plastic Christmas tree, and it won. I needed to get to a box, which had an ever so important cable in it, that ever so importantly was needed by Moi!! It was for my Kodka Easy share Printer. I guess, they’re not that ‘easy to share,’ without appropriate wiring. I have a junk room, and no it’s not in my head…it’s upstairs to the left. Everyone has a junk room, and unfortunately this is where i had decided to hide my Kodka Easy Share cable from myself. The door, scraped heavily across the carpet, as i used all my Super Human strength to ease it open. A bunch of nonsense collapsed on me, and as my eyes darted through the obstacle course of ‘treasure,’ (code for junky crap)…i found the ‘ever so important’ box, containing THE CABLE, and to get through it, i was delicately weave in and out of basic rubbish, to get to the ‘right at the back of the fucking room’ box. I did! I tried to ‘bull in a china shop’ it, yet the power of the junk, in the room bounded me back into the corridor.

I LOVE Christmas, but i now despise prickly fake, plastic Christmas Trees, that are packed up, and left in junk rooms. OH MY GOD! I tripped over EVERYTHING, tqwisted my ankle about twice, fell into boxes of dusty books, had paintings of nudes, fall ontop of me, and then had this Christmas Tree, attach itself to my very being and wrestle me to the floor!! At one point my hair was even tangled in it. I just want you to know that, i thought this operation would take a good 7 mintues, so i attempted it naked, smeared in ‘waiting to dry’ fake tan, and in Ugg boots. Not really that pleasant. I wear panties all the time, yet for some reason i didn’t think to wear them during my ‘junk room disaster,’ McTango. I think i now have herpes, but a dusty kind. Like one you’d catch off an old ‘moth ball smelling’ codger. Three Cheers!

I’m still naked yet now armed with a cable. Luckily my fake tan dried, and i’m 3 shades darker, (no streaks) so i guess there is a positive. I have a big day tomorrow!! I’m determind not to fuck it up. I’m back on my merry way to Manchester. So i need all you’re love to will ‘great happennings,’ my way. Oh and I am loving my boobs, right now. Y’know, the best thing about boob jobs, (apart from the fact that you get way more attention from slutty boys) is the having the ‘no bra needed’ policy. I feel liberated. Cold, but liberated!

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