Christmas, Monthly Cycles, Massages & Rings


I definitely received a much needed back massage this evening, so on the whole life is good. I’m moderately moody, as my head is all a stress with work and well i’m sure that i’m about to celebrate my merry ‘time of the month,’ where we women, turn into ‘real’ women for a week…at the same time as pulling faces and moaning about everything. I tried to blag Ruby into giving me a back massage, yet i’ve raised her all wrong and she’s a Diva. I pretty much got a 4 second long, ‘few back smacks’ until she got bored of being selfless. 🙂 I’m the same, so i can’t really complain.


‘Good with his hands’ Ben, came to my rescue, as I laid on the living room rug, tummy side down, all moany and pathetic, with an achy Asian back. (I enjoy a ‘pity party’ near ‘girl time.’) Within seconds, he had whopped out the best smelling cream ever, got to it, and rubbed all ‘ouchiness’ right out of my spine. You kinda need a guy like that. So I couldn’t be more grateful. He also prepped dinner and made us all eat it at the table…which couldn’t be nicer of him. (Makes me feel bad for being a grump all day. We did Chinese food at Eastern Court today, before a couple drinks at The Carleton. It was quiet and chilled, but my head was all over the place and my moodiness kept peeking out from under my lashes.)

Keiran popped over this evening, all in a panic, as he thought Junior had disappeared? He hadn’t. He was with me? So after mix ups and his upcoming flight to Africa this weekend…(for a day…..yes, Africa for a day,) he approached me with an idea…and that idea was to sell the engagement ring that he had bought me and split the money between Ruby and Junior…so it would all go to a good cause. Great idea! So, i straight away gave it to him and even though he looked at it and said, ‘it’s such a shame we didn’t work out,’ a ring’s a ring at the end of the day…it’s just a symbol…and I couldn’t think of a better way to utilize it, as it will really help the children out with their future…a little.

Other than that, Ben and I had emergency wrapped the children’s Christmas presents. I’m a shit wrapper, because i don’t have the patience, when i know it’s for my own loin fruit. They’ll simply rip the paper to shreds in seconds to find the prize. Ben’s a good wrapper. He’s literally good with ANYTHING to do with his hands.

We’ve hid all the pressies though and simply because the babies will be more impressed with a ‘Santa came on Christmas Eve and dropped them all off’ spiel. However, the excitement of seeing them all wrapped before hand, yet being unable to open them before Christmas day, is still just as awesome, as it gets them juiced.

So, starting tomorrow i’m back on my work *plunge* as I call it. I’m working all the way through until Sunday, late afternoon. The good thing is that i’m money making. The bad thing is that it’ll be busy as hell AND because of work, i would’ve had to have missed doing the Christmas giftware, craft fayre at The Carleton, on Sunday…which is where my lashes are going to be on sale.

Luckily…Ben…again, has come to the rescue. So, as i’m working from 10am, until 4.30pm. He’s going to ‘man the lash ship’ so to speak, until I get there in the last hour and get a drink in. 🙂 I’m shit, I know! But what can I do? I’m trying to seize opportunities, but with work, babies and all sorts…and when there’s just you…it’s hilariously not easy. But i’m not defeated! It’s all about having a wine, crossing your fingers, closing your eyes and hoping for the best.

Anyway, i’m off to chill and watch comedians chat about telephones on my telly for a bit, with a vino. (My Mum’s had my phone for almost a week now, by accident…as i left it in her car….and IT HAS FELT AMAZING!!! It’s actually made me feel FREE!!)

Life is good. I’m craving a boiled egg. We did salad for dinner…and it’s all about Orange and Pineapple cordial.

Boom x


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