Christmas Eve rush around


I finally made it to my Christmas hols!!! Yay!!! At six o clock, yesterday evening, i purchased wine, air kissed wok colleagues, sent my ‘Merry Christmas’ blessings, then kitty strutted to my Mercedes and drove home to see the babies! Wahooo!

I have worked SOOOOOOOOOOOOO incredibly hard this year, that nothing feels better than three days off…IN A ROW!!! Yes, in an actual row!!!

I’ve made the executive decision to do it drunk, in the name of Christmas, stuff my face, until I go all low carb in January and love the babies, like only I as ‘Mama’ can do! I obviously worked all Tuesday, so whilst I did Keiran took them to some Winter wonderland thing, to spend some time with them.

He brought them home around 7pm. He was in giant geek glasses, which made him more attractive. He’d actually lost weight and looked normal…well presented, handsome and normal…which made him more attractive really. We just did the polite ‘Mummy, Daddy’ mumbo jumbo and then he left to go ‘do tea.’ Oh…after giving me flowers ‘from the children’ and a card that stated that even though things had ‘changed’ we are still always a family.

In my mind…Ruby, Junior and I are ‘the family’ because we’re the ones who were left after he chose to leave. Lol Pete and Keiran are now additions. But, enough about that…it’s CHRISTMAS…and well…i can’t wait to enjoy it, relax and be amongst the people who i adore the most.

This year, i know a lot of people are doing dinner out. I’m choosing the opposite, simply because i’m always always out, so it’s more special for me to stay IN and just chill with the children, family and in ‘jamas.

I’m already on the vino, because you can be at Crimbo and well this morning i did all my last minute shopping. What a fucking bag of achey balls!! Everywhere is mayhem. Everywhere is packed. Everywhere is stressy.

I travelled all over to purchase food for Christmas dinner and swipe extra gifts. So, yeah i’ve only just got back..after not being able to get my contact lenses! UGH! As if i didn’t know that they weren’t open! Now, i have to save sight until Saturday. Nothing annoys me more. Let’s drink in tinsel.

As soon as i swung open the door, i made people carry bags in, i sorted out all the unpacking and then rushed upstairs, slid into leopard print comfy pj’s and grabbed wine!



Tonight, i get to do the whole ‘magic’ leaving the carrot and mince pie out for Santa malarky and i can’t wait. Then i have to do a mad wrap everything up to surprise them in the morning.

Last year I was in the forest. The year before I met up for drinks with friends briefly and then Keiran and I had to try and built a fricking giant plastic wendy house in the living room for Ruby to wake up to in the morning… AFTER BOOZE. We fought that night. The kitchen was a mess with drama.

All went well though…and well this year it’s amazing. I’m in a wonderful place. I’ve over spent but i’ve deserved it. 🙂 My folks will be around for sinner..sinner? Dinner lol…. tomorrow. I’m cooking. Yes, i’m cooking and I’m not sure why that shocks people, but i cook now and i’m ace at it. HAHA. I literally cook all the time, so the reason why it comes as a bit of a scare to folks makes me giggle. Lol

Keiran will be coming over in the morning he says…early…to wake the babies up (who will already be awake) and to do the whole ‘Christmas morning’ thing with them, watch them open up pressies…do love, life and family merriment for a few hours, before he then steps out back out of our bubble and ventures off to do whatever it is he’s doing.

Christmas to me is all about family. So with me having zero days off, it’s almost super special to me this year because i’m home!! I’m here! I’ve done so well! 🙂

Then I’ll meet friends for drinks Boxing day and have fun, fun fun, up until New Years! (I do work through that week though! Lol.)

I truly hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and hope that you don’t just see it as ‘another day.’ I mean, it’s special to me because of the babies, but even if you have no babies, and just friends, life or company. Enjoy it, as there are sooo many people out there, who don’t have anyone, anything, or even a place to be right now this second.

I love you all….

I’m off to get sozzled. It’s actually my first ex husbands birthday today. Mikey. So happy birthday to him and his very ‘Hollywood’ arse.

Roll on Crimbo. Life is AMAZING.

C x





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