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I’ve had an eventful and a rather amazing weekend. My weekends are always about ‘family’ and well when you’re working, climbing that ladder of success, trying to keep your cool during your ‘time of the month’ and decorating…things can get on top of you. My Friday was insanely busy. But I rocked it, like a champion. It sort of made my Saturday lay in feel like bliss.

The weather was shit, so all my plans went pear shaped. Therefore with the consent of my little ones, we all decided to have a cuddly, buddly ‘home day’ filled with love, treats, potty training and laughter. There was no point in carting the children out in the pouring rain simply to ‘do something.’ We did love and we did it well. AND we did it WARM. (Ruby’s toliet training is going so much better than I thought. The thing i’m proud of her for is not the fact that she’s weeing on the loo, yet more the fact that SHE WANTS TO SUCCEED. I’ve made her a sticker chart…an achievement chart…and well nothing makes me happier knowing that my little girl, once given an incentive…wants to do well. Yeah..she’s pushing wee’s out, even when she might not need one for a present. But ah well…if it works, it works and we all know that gifting in Wunna land ALWAYS WINS! )

Okay, so that evening turned into mayhem. My family came around to organize my Daddy’s birthday dinner and well I decided that I needed the entire ‘upstairs’ to the home rearranging. My poor cousin and her boyfriend ended up doing it all for me and it was no joke hard work. I stood there and supervised of course. 🙂 AND looked after the children. (They have Baby Holly.) It was hilarious because I ended up with a full on Asian baby creche. It was Me and three Asian babies, whilst the other grown ups moved around giantly heavy things for my pleasure. 🙂 I was extremely thankful for it though. The rooms look and feel soooo much better now. They’re spacious, they’re roomy and well everyone now has their own space.

(I’m narked off today because i’m on my period. It’s messy. It’s uncalled for and it’s putting me in a grizzly mood. I can’ tbe glammy, when i’m bleeding.)

Yesterday, we found Christmas. I adore the fact that Christmas has come early. So I took the kids to every garden centre going to ‘find Crimbo’ and well of course ENJOY IT.

Ruby loved it. Junior slept through it.  Actually met Harriet, Youngie and Baby Evie by accident, mid-swopping children with Daddies. #beautifulfamily They weren’t swopping babies with Daddies, because Harriet was far more responsible than I. It was really great to see them after so long. I always accident meet people and we I hoping that they really do have another bambino..EVERYONE I KNOW, seems to be pregnant right now, so why not Harriet? We were pregnant together the first time. It was ace.

When I was a tiny wee one…maybe a twitch older than Ruby, I always used to think the word ‘Christmas’ read ‘Christina,’ meaning that I thought the entire season was ALL ABOUT ME. Easy mistake. Don’t hate! I’m not even dyslexic. I was ace at spelling. In little school I managed to spell 99 out of 100 words right in some charity spelling comp. For some reason, I forgot how to spell kangaroo. Oh the pressure. 🙂

But yes, not thick…just far too lazy to concentrate.

Sunday ended up being rushy because Pete decided not to stick to correct timings. Prepping to go anywhere takes ages for me because I need two lots of baby bottle, nappies, clothing changes…you name it…everything. Plus, I had to warp up presents and do it all under 5 minutes. Keiran arrived on time. I like that about Keiran. He may have done some silly things in his life…but he’s always on time. Pete is sweet and hardly ever does anything bad in his life…yet he is NEVER on time. NEVER. It’s annoying. He’ll say he’ll be somewhere and at that time call you to say he has to switch the time. Lol. Keiran will either point blank say…’I’m not coming,’ right from the beginning. OR be there exactly on time. I’m someone who is never late to anything. I don’t even do fashionably late.

Sunday night was spent at Aagrah to celebrate my Daddy’s 65th birthday. I can’t actually believe that  i’ve actually known someone for THAT LONG. But I have!! 🙂 Dinner was great and well the family all sat around a long table and enjoyed tasty curry eating with the kids and cousins.

They love having us there and my family is very close to the Aagrah family, so we get treated quite well, when we’re there.

Anyway, half way through Keiran decides he’s going to show everyone how great he is at eating chillies. I’m a good chilli eater because i’m ethnic. My nose sweats…yeah. But I adore spicy food. It’s actually really good for you. Hence why the exotic folk, who spice eat, are usually skinny. Now, i’ll give him this…as Keiran… since dating Moi, has gotten quite good at chilli eating. There’s only been one time when I’ve ever seen him have his head blown off…not like that…;)….and that was Chao Baby. Last night was the big one. The Mother of all fuckery. The chilli eating bonanza….

This is what occured…

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