Chrissie Wunna lashes

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Are you buying my lashes??

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They make the most awesome gift or stocking filler for Christmas. A great table favour…’happy to meet you’ gift or just for any glamour puss who fancies a bit of luxury lash.

Please do spoil yourself and indulge in the best lashes on the market…

My lashes are hand woven and made from mink fur…they come in a designer lash box, they are the most natural looking lashes in all the land, they are feathered, light weight and can be worn up to TWENTY FIVE times, unlike synthetic lashes that can only truly be worn around five times…

These lashes are celebrity secrets…as Beyonce, Madonna..the Kardashians…everyone wears them. But i’ve brought them to you, at an affordable price…as a strip lash for instant, convenient glamour.

You love it. I love it. All comes gift wrapped.

Go buy…


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