Chrissie is Ace!!! hahahaha

Hi Lovies!! Oh my Gosh, i have been soooooooooooo busy, so i’m sorry for not checking in, during the last few days!! So i went to that audition, danced my little bottom off, got through to the next round, sang a little bit, talked to them, feel in love a few times and so yeah, now i wait until the end of the week, and see how well i did…? I’m excited and nervous, because i really want this quite badly. The closer you get, the more you want it, so i have all my fingers crossed, a glint in my slanted eyes, and a heart full of hope!! i loved it every minute, every moment… and it made me feel as though, if i could do this every single day for a living, i’d be the happiest little tart on the block!! hahaha

So wish me luck boys!!! In the meantime, i have a whole bunch of shoots to get stuck into…yay!! I love my life!!! Oh and i love you too!!

1 thought on “Chrissie is Ace!!! hahahaha”

  1. Good luck, honeybum!

    however I’m suffering severe Wunna deprivation… could prove fatal in 30-40 years… please send naked photoness asap…

    feeling weak… dizzy…


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