Chrissie Cinderella and all that jazz

Okay so when i was little, my daddy use to tell me bedtime stories every night to help stir my imagination before i went to sleep. (Oh here we go!) It’s meant to give you a creative child. (Or one that’s quite unusual.) Anyway, when i say bedtime stories, i mean he would take regular fairytales, completely make up a whole new story, then put my name in front of the original title. (For example: ‘Chrissie Cinderella/ Chrissie and the Beanstalk/Chrissie Little Red Riding Hood.’) These stories we’re GREATNESS, as he acted them all out, with all the voices and everything. There were even songs included. He’s a bit ‘doo-lally’, but it works for him!! I guess, i intend to tell them to my daughter one day, (if i ever decide to have one??) However, i think i’ll keep my own name in the title. It’ll give it more ‘zing,’ and keep it ‘sexy.’ Not that it’s all about Me, but it really is all about MEEEEEEEEE!! Not that i’m gonna teach her ‘sexy.’ But i’m totally gonna teach her ‘sexy.’  Oh, that classical boy band ‘Blake,’ is on the telly. I love them, they have this random ‘Va Voom.’ I always imagine that when they’re wasted, they’d all burst into perfectly classical ‘Posh English Gentleman’ harmony. Why is the weather lady on TV telling me it’s ‘Blustery Showers’ when it’s currently super sunny outside?? Go back to Weather Girl school!! Oh shit sorry, she’s on about Ireland.

Anyhow, last night, i tucked Daddy in (this is all sounding very dodgy, i know, hahaha- but he’s just got over a little stroke, so i’m having to help him do everything.) Before he went to sleep, and after telling me that ‘no-one has a daughter’ like he does (aww…) He decides he’s going to tell me a bedtime story, (even though he’s the one going to bed??) It was completely MAGICAL and took me straight back in time, as he re-told the stories, (but ALL THREE in one.) Chrissie Cinderella, ended up finding herself up a bloody Beanstalk, with dodgy beans that she got from ‘Spar.’ And although he skipped a couple major parts of the story line..they were still just as ‘MAGNIFICENT’ as they had ever been. If not BETTER!! (ha-ha) It’s funny how no sense at all, makes clear sense to me.

 I’m 27, turning 18 and a half and i still get bedtime stories from my daddy. It doesn’t get much better than that!! Well…it kinda does. I need to go tanning.

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  1. you make me crack up chrissie it is lovely how u and your family get on so well babe. who are blake i aint ever herd of them babe they must be pony i hope u have fun tanning and a mustard day chrissie take care babe tada scratch


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