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What’s up y’all! I’m blogging from my merry day off and enjoying ever inch of this glorious weather today. My babies are doing fabulously. I’m adoring each Mothery moment that i’m getting to have, i’ve rushed about for most of the day, surprised a sixteen year old, a hard working one, that I appreciate very muchly, with a giant lily and pink rose bouquet (handpicked and tied this morning) and a yummy bottle of champagne! (I’m a good person to know when it’s your birthday. We all need a little Wunna in our lives and well i tend to do classic, traditional luxury. I mean it was my little brother’s birthday yesterday, so i did Prada for him and because it said it all without me trying.) I think it’s important to treat little ones well and so that they know that there are good people in life who do actually do lovely things for you, when they care. How do they know…because they’ve had it done to them by someone…and in their case MOI!

However, there is a problem and the problem is the fact that I think that i only get people stuff that I like and not necessarily stuff that THEY like. HAHAHA. But whatever, it makes them smile and when you’re in a position to be able to crack a few smiles, be they pure, giggly or dodgy, you might as well!

Okay, so life is great right now. Ruby is a still ever the DIVA, Junior is the most cheerful child in all the land. (He’s literally like all of Snow White’s dwarves all in one, apart from the grumpy one, who is quite obviously a bit of a bastard. πŸ™‚ ) I’m working hard at my day job, i’m enjoying designing for my eyelash line…which now has a Christmas launch and well i adore coming home to my family filled with giggles. It’s almost as if, i have everything. I have everything…but a partner. It’s odd innit, because i do feel adored, as in the boys come with their googly eyes, and attempt to enjoy that ever so potential ‘milkshake’ from ‘my yard’….or whatever Kelis decided it was. But….still….it’s all about chemistry. I’m not feeling chemistry and i’m not feeling chemistry because i’m not being appropriate ‘wooed.’ I’m a traditionalist, so i’m all champagne, surprise flowers all the way. Not a shot and a bonk EVER! So, i’m sitting back, enjoying life and well i’m going to be success, i’m already on that ladder…meaning i’m got not too much to worry about, because i’m blessed…as are my babies. I’m one lucky girl.

Right, yesterday I did my brother’s birthday lunch and it was wonderful to have all the family together. The Wunna’s do ‘together’ a lot…and it’s great to be so close as a unit. We all need each other and play very different but very important roles within the family. Junior being the littlest one. πŸ™‚

Tonight, i’m out to dinner with the girls. Just fun, local, but i’m still going glammy. (I’m an OTT dresser.) There’s about 20 of us to celebrate a birthday and a leaver. I’m really looking forward to it as i’ve never felt more social than I do now. My babies are now more grown, meaning Mama can get back to embracing life and being delicious.

Life is good. Life is great and it’s important that you know what’s important, but still love all the luxury anyway.

I’m actually just remembered that i had a 1pm Skype meeting that I forgot about. SHIT! It’d be alright if it wasn’t a meeting that I always forget about!! How annoying of me! Well, i’m sure after now they will certainly have a bad impression of me and probably won’t want to work with me. πŸ™‚ I literally and utterly forgot!


Anyway, i’m going to relax, enjoy an afternoon wine, shower, tan and get ready for my dinner out. I’m actually waiting for someone who really isn’t going to make it on time by the looks of it!!! I’m rubbish at waiting because it makes me anxious. Lol. I don’t know what to do with myself because i’m usually someone who is never late for anything, in fact always early for stuff!

I’m literally DYING for a massage now. I want to be able to come home and have my entire body rubbed down from head to toe by a being, any being, who just loves to pamper people. (And i say that because i once had the craziest, angriest massage off a psycho Chinese lady in Camden, who pretty much wanted to break every bone in my body, kill me, or just wanted to vent. πŸ™‚ She did it to pan pipe music too, the cow. πŸ™‚ ) I want a loving massage…a good one. My body is over worked and needs a little ‘ooh laa.’

Please send me massages. K’thanx x

Love you all..

Chat later..




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