Chilling, Work and The World Cup


I am currently baby free and completely by accident. It’s weird having time to yourself, where in which there is just you. I’m taking full advantage of it, as i’ve been as busy as they come. Juggling everything is great because when I do, the dollar pours in. Yet, these moments are now dedicated to relaxing. The races took it out of me and don’t get me wrong, as I had two days off work after the event, (one of the days I spent accidentally bumping into Harriet at The Carleton, over vino, in the sun,) but i sure as hell needed them. Now, i’m an oldie, being social…lol..something that i’m good at…take it out of you. 🙂 *Gin cocktail here.*

Anyway, I’ve just completed the busiest day at work and with ouchy ankles and a sweaty face, i’m sat on my living room floor, resting on a giant black bean bag, with a gin in a can, by a black and white Union Jack rug and watching England get kicked out of the World Cup. (We did well! NOT!! FFs. We can’t win anything, can we.) I’ve got one more day of hard work left and then Sunday…I’M FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. I hope it’s flipping sunny on Sunday, the day of God. Even though I have a fabulous tan right now, i just need a bit of chill tine, family time…time of utter calm. I’m around people, random people everyday, all the time. It’s kinda good to be around those little few who truly know you and truly love you…innit…It helps you recharge, stay grounded and get back to entertaining the masses.

I don’t even know what to tell you, as I do have a lot to tell you, but I can’t get my head around it all due to knackeredness. My brain is currently like a lump of throbbing meat, doing nothing but trumping.

I’ve decided that boys have forgotten how to ‘woo’ women…or just ME. I love a courtship, a bit of romance and a bit of old fashioned ‘wooing.’ A n opebn, forward boy, who isn’t terrified to blurt out the ‘i adore you’ words.  So a shirtless picture, a bit of ignoring me, a chat up line…a whatever else you boys think is fabulous, is actually quite rubbish. *Slurps gin.* Where have all the brave men disappeared too?

(New readers are currently on my telly box. News readers, particularly female ones, are dreary. They look like corpses, that only seem to move their bottom lip to talk? AND, none of them have any other accent but ‘posh.’ They’re literally a breed of their own. Don’t mate with them.)

Mike the Handyman got to work, whilst i was away at work. i’ve returned home, with a working telly, now banged upon my wall, lampshades, Ruby’s bed now done, Juniors racing car bed now assembled…the lawns mowed, pictures plonked up…everything! He must be knackered. Poor thing. Yet he did however text me a photo of him owing with his shirt off. (1,2 3…aww.) I just ignored it and giggled. I mean, Mike is good at being HANDY. I’m the Queen of selfie and picture posing. Let’s stick to our strengths here and get back to work. LMAO!

I’m joking, I’m actually very very grateful. He’s done an excellent job. Plus, I do feel bad, as the list that I wrote for him this morning..hsi ‘to do ‘ list was super bossy. It was all ‘do this… do that…more..more…complete it.’ 🙂 I got really into being an arse. I started off feeling bad and ended up feeling great. I rock as ‘diva.’ I’m going to be ace running my own company. The Wunna eyelash clan better be ready to yell at me, when I get all to big for my boobs. (I hate the term…’boots’…it always reminds me of miners and i don’t know why?)

Okay, i’m going, I need to chill and drink ymore gin, before work tomorrow morning.

I love you. Thank you for reading this. Hope you’re all as lucky as I!


C x

Ps, Super shit that we’re already out of The World Cup




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