Chilled, Warm & ‘Greedy’


Morning my little treats of glamourousity!

I couldn’t be happier! This morning I actually got to wake up in my own time, with nowhere to rush off to, no alarm ‘beep’ to abide by and with a *kitten ease, kick, stretch out.* Having the weekend off is amazing because i get to do it all over again tomorrow! Yipppeeee! I think I simply adore it because if I hate anything, i hate being rushed and enjoy to do things in my own time, my own way and with a *wink.* Plus, I only like doing the things that i like to do…(work wise that is, as away from work i’m pretty flexible,) so knowing that I can wake up gradually and do whatever I want makes me the happiest glamour puss in town. (Add ‘lurve’ and you’re dandy. I’m a chick and this will sound cheesy, but i’m powered by love, as it runs through my system madly, with glitter and maybe a red wine spritzer. It makes me feel alive, like i can conquer anything in the entire world…kinda like money making does. I enjoy the accumulation of ‘dollar’ yet it doesn’t half stress me out. The good thing is that I’m quite balanced when it comes to ‘making myself feel powerful.’ Lol. )

In fact, i’m quite balanced in general. I’m foolish but wise. Loud, but quiet. (That’s bullshit, i’m never quiet, even if i try to be.) But say for example, I’m a very feminine girl. I’m the Ultimate girly girl/glamour puss. Yet, i find it quite easy to simply ‘kick it’ with the lads, with boy banter, in the pub…..without being laddy at all? I’m giggly and wiggly, but I’m independent, meaning that I’m the girl at the bar that can fend for herself financially and anyone else, if needs be. (Which sort of makes me quite masculine… again.

I’m enjoying my chill weekend.  I have the babies. I’m fancying lunches and feeling pretty grand.

I’m still finding the image of ‘Workout Dan’ the most hilarious thing my eyes have ever seen. Danielle is a girl that I work with and she cracks me up no end. I mean, she’ll walk down what i’ll call ‘the catwalk’ in a different ‘genre’ every time she works. So one day she’ll turn up and be a beauty queen, (I made her a tiara that i just threw in the bin, without giving it to her because i wanted bacon instead. Then the next day, she’ll saunter in and  just look plain GREEDY. But yesterday, took the biscuit…as she jogged in, in orange workout attire…sweaty. HAHAHAHA. I love her.

Like most girls, she’s always on a diet. Yet she’ll start her day stating that she’s on her diet, then finish it by eating all the pies.

‘What? I was on a diet because I thought I was fat and now i’m hungry, i’m off it again.’


I don’t get why everyone’s on a diet right now, because Summer’s nearly over. Why is everyone wanting to get skinny for Autumn woolies? I have an excuse because I’m shooting for the lash line soon and have a holiday to go on shortly. But i guess it’s good that people are wanting to try to look and feel a bit better in general because Pontefract needs a bit ore glamour.

It’s gorgeous weather today and it must be getting to me as today i’m feeling quite…well as Nick would put it…’warm.’ LOL. When chicks are ‘warm’ they’re ready to be pounced on by the gent of their desire. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, but as a girl in general…and especially now that i’m in my thirties…my sex drive is pretty decent, because i’m at my womanly peak. Innit. I used to hear it all the time in my 20’s, but i’ll tell you that it’s true. Sex is good at 30…when you’re a chick.

Now, i’m not mad. I can go without and i’m not a being that needs to walk into a bar and get boned by anything, all the time. In fact, i’d rather die and that would never happen. Plus, i never got girls who were like that. But I am quite ‘warm’ which doesn’t neccessarily make me slutty…as I will admit that I am quite ‘slutty’ in the bedroom, with say, my partner. And that’s good because if girls are meant to be slutty, it’s meant to be with your chosen beau and not meant to be with every or any single piece of ‘male’ you can find.

I cant be bothered with all that because i’m an oldie..and a ‘Wunna.’ 🙂 I mean, if you can’t settle down at 30…then when can you settle down at all.

But yes, i’m ‘warm.’




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