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‘Mum….there isn’t a donkey in Jack in the Beanstalk!!!!!’

‘I thought there was?’

‘It’s a cow. He sold a COW for magic beans?’

‘Oh? I thought it was Daisy the donkey?’

‘Do ya just want ME to read YOU a bedtime story instead?’

And that’s how Rubes and I ended Tuesday. 🙂

God, knows how fairytales work these days? Cow, donkey? Same difference to me. In my life, they all end up the same anyhow…in Divorce or separation. HAHA. I mean, when i was a child my Dad had to inject my  name into every single bed time story in order to hold my actual interest. ‘Chrissie Cinderella/Chrissie Red Riding Hood.’ Now that I am a Mum, I panick because I have no clue what the three little pigs actually did, apart from build houses that some wolf blew down. I kinda just make them up as I go along (don’t all parents) and well my first born doesn’t like it one bit, as she’s oddly kinda a stickler for the rules. (She must get that from Pete.)

Cow..Donkey…whocares? In real life….they’ll be bigger problems than that! ‘Just focus on the *magic beans* part Rubes….’

Okay, so i was meant to blog last night, but my legs decided to hurt so i couldn’t. I don’t know why that meant that I couldn’t type…but it did. It actually meant that I had to eat late night Burmese carbs and drink wine. I think i’m internally panicked…but on the whole i’m happy. Lol.

Today’s a good day because usually i’d be in a mad circus rush, bombing around Wunna land with work clothes, nappies, nursery runs and everything flying through the air. I’ve been working my normal long hours…which is a good thing when it gets to the end of the month…but today I have a late start and an early finish. I KNOW…AS IF! YIPEEEEE! God really must love me to have cut me this much slack.  I’ve actually forgotten how ace it is to actually do things in my own time, instead of having to stick to a very early and very precise schedule. Which is odd as i’ve just returned from a holiday and a brief adventure away down south.

I didn’t even go out last night because i’m gathering my thoughts, keeping calm, being Me, being Mum, checking my Priority tick boxes just enjoying the simple things…which slush cocktails.

It feels like there’s this massive change, like my mind set has jollied up, pulled itself together and got it all right again.

But more importantly….why did i do those late night Burmese carbs?? My things look like Beyonce’s this morning…and although i ADORE Beyonce and her thighs…i just can’t work the look off as well as she can. HAHAHA. Her thighs look like juicy, luxury dipped demons. Mine…well like a late night Pontefract KFC, when you’re pissed. Taste good though, i guess? But who’s fussy at that time. 🙂

Just joking, I think i’m awesome. 🙂

Humility rocks.

Wunna xxxx

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