Chicken bones, Boys and Filming.


Afternoony my delightful treats of ‘ooh laa.’ Today has been stressful, after the most magical champagne yesterday, with a dash of ‘hubby-to-be’ birthday and an evening with my absolutely gorgeous little baby Ruby. Ruby rocks my entire world and makes it sparkle with a soft, innocent, cheeky ‘va voom.’ I mean she pretty much cuddled Keiran all night and in the cutest way ever tried to communicate with us, in her little baby voice-voice. AWW! Most people attempt to teach their little one sums and the alphabet. We’re trying to teach her to ‘wink’ and giggle and high five, with a gummy smile, which i feel are far better tools to be equipped with in life. 🙂 Especially if you’re a Wunna baby. Woohoo!

Keiran’s gone away to work for 4 days, which i hate, because i always feel like he won’t miss me, like i would miss him and it sucks because it was just after his birthday treats. I’m one who always needs to know i’m adored, cherished, loved, idolized and cuddled. I love to hear it and do not at all deny it. I’m a kitty cat who loves loves. He’s just the same. Therefore in true Wunna style, after he left (and he didn’t want me to walk me to the taxi because he didn’t want to have to wave goodbye)  life got a bit ropey. I don’t know if it was because i missed him or if life..just decided to pull from under me…and when i’m in heels. (I tripped over a chicken bone in my garden today. How the hell did a chicken bone land in my garden. I mean, i know i’m asian and i’m meant to gnaw on them, before throwing them on the floor to save for later…yet who the b’jeeze was eating chicken on my lawn and without me even golf balls??) Bottom line, i hate missing people i love because i’m far too childish to handle it. It takes the fizz out of my champagne. The ‘Va’ out of my ‘Voom.’ I already miss Keiran loads. Wouldn’t it be awful if he wasn’t missing me at all.

But yes the morning was panicky because i’m coming down with the flu and i felt like i didn’t have any help. I have a lot of work on right now,w ith the book, the blog, the filming of the show…add a lack of childcare…and no wine and you have a ‘hit panic button’ moment. I sure as hell did and i did what i always do…take it out on everyone else. 🙂

Long story short and after sorting out chilli meatballs, in stilettos and making my cuppa tea taste better by watching the ‘Real Housewives’ argue in their perfect tans, i managed to pull myself together, recieve the correct phone call, make another phone call and have everything put back in place. Yay! All with a wiggle and a hair-flip.

Tomorrow, i am on route to the Ann ummers headquarters for filming and i’m travelling all the way to

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