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So at 9.25am this morning, ‘Cheeky Daz,’ who does the Saturday morning show at 89.1 FM Big City Radio, who are Birmingham’s biggest local radio station, emailed me over my ‘Weather report’ that i had been asked to deliver to the masses, in the style of all things ‘cheeky.’ It was meant to be a fun little ‘something’ for me to do, on  Saturday morning, that i could shimmie out with a breeze and well i weirdly actually got nervous for it. 🙂 #welldonewunna Now, i’m not at all a nervous person, so i don’t want you to think that i’m a jibbery, knee knocking mess. But for some reason, i felt a wee bit ‘dotty’ like i wanted to deliver my ‘cheeky weather’ report, with GREATNESS! Lol.

I was up at 8.45am, in my pyjama bottoms, with shirtless hubby Keiran asking me to make him smoked salmon, glistened scrabbled eggs and with a hyper Baby Ruby running around the living room, moaning on about mumbo jumbo, in her nappy and infront of children’s telly, demanding breakfast NOW. I was stirring up manic cups of coffee, to wake up and reading my email through to make sure it was nice and simple. (There was a note on my email stating that they were having technical difficulties this morning, so if they couldn’t manage to reach me, i was to call a specific number to deliver my report with ease.)

I was cooking up scrambled eggs, slurping coffee, running around, writing out my weather report, on A4 paper, in pencil. (I forgot how much i love pencil,) tedning to Ruby, kissing handsome Keiran, then rushing upstairs to practice and because i was randomly a jolly bit nervous.

I practiced my report, closed up in our bedroom, as i looked out the window, to see our snow laiden garden, by the window sill. I actually only did it a couple times. I always thing with these things, to can’t really rehearse them, you just have to know what you’re vaguely meant to be saying and with your won ‘twisteroo’ deliver it with spunk and a wink. 🙂

I returned downstairs once more to make more coffee, grab a water and make sure Keiran guarded Ruby downstairs, as i went upstairs to call the station and get my ‘Cheeky weather’ report done. (Thank you for all your messages about it. Hope you all tuned in for a listen.)

Now, normal families, will just agree, nod and wish you good luck. In my family, i get a ‘good luck baby,’ followed by Keiran, who was in nothing but joggers, kissing me, dry humping me with an actual ‘yeeeah baby,’ and doing HIS hair in the living room mirror..for MY weather report. 🙂 Jeepers!

Anyway, after being mildy harrassed….playfully, i dashed upstairs with my notes, my report, my coffee and my water, my slippers, practiced one mor time and saw that it was now 10.26 am and needed to give the producer a call.

I called right away (‘Hi, It’s Chrissie Wunna, i’m doing the cheeky weather today for Daz!!’) I was filled with excitement and now my nerves had gone? I tend to do that, get a little worked up, then flip the ‘on switch,’ before steam rolling ahead.  A Birmingham man answered, pleasant, happy and immediately said ‘You’re going to be good at this, i can already tell.’

He put me through to Daz, who was cheery, fun and with the best radio voice ever, who told me that he’s be about a minute…then I was on!

There was brief music, all feel good songs, to keep one chipper as they wait. Much better than Greensleeves, (as now and due to AOL, i no longer find that tune soothing, as it has become the DEVILS music to me…it represents madness and frustration.)

After a minute, Daz put me back on the phone and within a second i was on! We did a wee bit of banter and after a short reel of instructions…there i was on Jan 19th 2013, delivering the ‘Cheeky Weather.’ How funny is that! I find it hilarious! I was actually told i was doing it, whilst i was on holiday in the forest and right after i had dipped myself out of the hot tub. 🙂 #glammy

I think it went well? I dunno? I was fun, bubbly and very Wunna-esque, so i hope i did them proud. In moments like that you kinda just ‘blurt’ out a report and realize what you’ve done later, after your ‘goodbyes. I LOVED IT though and could definitely enjoy a show on the radio. *Hint..hint- Helllooooo Co-Host!*

Daz, was brilliant and asked me to say ‘Hi’ to Meryl and Terry, who own a cafe in Birmingham. Aww! How sweet. Anyway, i must’ve done alright, because he said he’d definitely have me on again…and well i can’t wait for the next time. I’d really love my own bit of radio segment. It seems quite fulfilling in a bizarre kinda of way. I think i’m just one of those, ‘want to do everything in entertainment,’ girls. So we’ll see what happens…and if you did hear it, i hope you enjoyed it!

That was my morning…and all before noon. How was your morning?

Today, i think we’re playing in the snow and i might take the family out to lunch so we can get out and about.

My yummy hubby has just returned from the gym and i’ve been weirdly productive today, I’ve been on it and working hard…Well done ME, for a Saturday!

Thank you for following my life. I’m reading all your messages and loving you all for them. This blog is only a hit because of you…

Big Kisses,

Chrissie x

OH!! And if i can say anything today, it would be ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY, I LOVE YOU!’ (She’s currently in Burma, holidaying and sunning it up as she turns another year older.) I honestly have the greatest mother ever. I owe her a lot, as she’s quite responsible for the makings of ‘Chrissie Wunna.’ Big Kisses Mama. x

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