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Evening my delicious dreams of a kitty cat joy!

Just a quickie, *wink-wink-giggle* to tell you that tomorrow morning at 10.25am, i’m going to be doing the ‘Cheeky Weather Report’ for The Cheeky Daz show, on 89.1FM, Big City Radio. Which is Birminghams, biggest local station.

I’m actually really excited, because not only is it hilarious, yet at the same time, i’ve always fancied myself on the radio for a wiggle. Let alone, being a ‘cheeky weather’ reporter. It’s funny and something to do with my Saturday, i guess.

I’ve actually been on the radio quite a lot really and i’ve always loved it and always found it easy. I remember 2009, when i pretty much had to go around, into studio’s, or have phone call interviews with every northern radio station possible (and that one in Wales)… I was playing games, rambling on about the Paris Hilton show and making sure you were all going to watch it. Then early last year Keiran and I were finalists, well ‘Couple 1’ for the Radio Aire ‘5 Brides, 1 Wedding’ competition…and yeah, although we lost. It really was quite fun.

So yes! Tomorrow morning at 10.25am, TUNE IN. I think i have a brief interview to begin with to have a little chat about some of the things that have gone on in my life…y’know dip into my past…and then you LUCKY people of Birmingham and well anyone else to cares to listen to it, gets to hear me report the WEATHER. ๐Ÿ™‚ #LOVEIT. 89.1 FM Big City Radio.

Take a look at Cheeky Daz’s website…

Click on ‘Cheeky Weather’ (top of the screen) and there you’ll see Me. I really can’t wait! (I don’t actually get my report until tomorrow morning, so Lord help me. ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) But whatever, i’m sure ill breeze through it with charm.

I enjoy that he has chosen to describe me as,

‘Has a reputation of mischief, glamour and goodtimes.Is currently writing a book, based upon her blog, (read on every continent of the world) which follows her delicious life of saucy mumbo jumbo. Oriental, straight talking kitty cat, with a sexy disposition. ;)’

Tune in tomorrow! Keeping your weather…delicious.


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