Checked into ‘Date Night’ Part 1



Friday night was literally the most wonderful time, swirled in magic, fun, luxury, cocktails and love. All of these things pretty much cater to everything that is ‘Chrissie Wunna’…so where’s there’s a loveable dash of ‘good times’ that sends you into a euphoric state of happiness…you will usually find me center stage…running it. 🙂

Okay, so. as I had mentioned, Ben and I did ‘Date Night’ on Friday. It was a last minute arrangement, that turned into something amazing, which always makes good times and great memories worth it. He’d trotted off a night shift. I had worked all day. But as soon as it hit ‘home time’ we found ourselves with overnight bags packs and in a taxi to Leeds to do what kinda was technically, our FIRST EVER ‘Date.’ I mean, we’ve done lots of hanging around everyone and even lots of hanging out with just each other at the pub. Lots of chilling with the babies and or just movie watching at mine.

But i’m a girl who loves a ‘date night’ and i think it’s important for people to have them because not only are they fun, romantic and special. Yet you  kind of just need that time with the person that you care about, that time, that’s away from the mundane grey of everyday…and reminds you both of the actual rapport that you have together. So whether you’ve been in a long relationship, or a brief relationship…(and i always believe it’s ‘how’ you’ve loved and not ‘how long’ you’ve loved) the reason why ‘date night’ is essential is because it takes you back to when you first met, or first fell for one another and keeps, what ‘Cringey Wunna’ 🙂 would call, ‘the magic alive.’

Soooo…by quarter to 7..we were both stood outside the revolving doors of Malmaison in Leeds, having being dropped off to tend to ‘Date Night,’ sort of excited for the evening ahead, whilst absorbing the city we were in. Leeds is a busy place, that’s packed full of excitement. If you live in Pontefract, like London, it is an AWESOME place to choose to do ‘Date Night.’

We check into Malmaison, which a beautiful, stylish, modern, yet sexy hotel. It’s boasts good ‘french boutique,’ twist of decadence. It’s dark, moody and sensual…and the service is impeccable.

We had booked ‘The Depot’ suite for the evening, which as I told you was one of their best executive suites in the hotel, it’s a pricey suite, yet worth it., as it’s compact, but snazzy, it’s beautifully designed and modern. It’s a young suite, or a suite fit for a business man. It’s a ‘party’ suite.

We walked in, walked down into our suite, there’s  living room area, the biggest bed ever, in a separate room (which I always prefer)..even better, there was a GIANT mirror headboard as I’ll call it, which always makes ‘date nights’ sexier….giant TV’s in both rooms and a really big, modern bathroom, that celebrated a deep plunge bath, with overhead monsoon shower and his and hers sinks! They provided great quality hotel toiletries….and when that happens you know your world is a safer place. 🙂


Straight away we got comfy. I mean, at first it all felt strange, but then I found wine, two bottles that they gave us for free…and Ben found snacks… so immediately ‘date night’ commenced. We kinda just flung everything everywhere, got ready, giggled, smooched (because we hand’t seen each other in a couple days) …and with music on in the background, we enjoyed being ‘just us.’ It was us, our ‘date’ and nothing else in the entire world mattered… (cue, the word, ‘magic..’) and we both kinda enjoy that..which is what I like about Ben. He likes a ‘date night’ and a good time. He likes a bit of luxury, great quality and fun..especially if he feels he’s around good company. Which sort of makes him like Me? I mean, In LA, everyone does ‘date night’ ALL THE TIME. However, in Pontefract, hardly anyone seems to do it? I’ve even seen girls roll their eyes at a romantic ‘date night’ like it would be moderately embarrassing? But i’m the exact opposite. I’m romantic, I’m a girly girl…and i couldn’t think of anything better?

Oh and YES, to some people it might have seemed moderately ‘extravagant?’ Especially to the chick that called my actual place of work, to leave me a message, stating that I was definitely a massive ‘slag’ (hahaha) for going on a ‘date night’ and boasting about love and expensive hotels? YOU’RE A NUT CASE. GET OVER IT. Like Hana, (Nick’s Date) said, it’s hilarious because, this nutty girl, would have found me on Facebook or even already know me, click onto my blog, read through the entire thing, research where I work, Google the goddamn number… :)…and call it, just to call me ‘a slag.’ HAHAH. Now that’s a lot of effort. You should come work for Wunna land. Your researching skills rock. Yet your anger management skills are certainly below average. 🙂 I mean, GOD! I was just at work, buying Danielle, my work colleague Moet, for doing well in her exams! HAHA.

LOOK…IF I WANT TO GO ON A DATE NIGHT, I WILL. IF I WANT TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE ABOUT IT….I WILL. (It’s kinda what I do, if you haven’t noticed.) And if you wish to call me a ‘slaggamuffin’ for it, then i don’t care because you’re still not in our executive suite ordering room service champagne and headed out to dinner at one of the best Japanese restaurants in the city. *HURRAH.* But more importantly, it’s just ‘my’ story and I don’t hate on yours, so you shouldn’t hate on mine.

I don’t do it to be boasty. Literally at all. I’m really not that girl. Unless, I actually want to make you feel like shite, as then i’d go for it with all guns blazing. 🙂 There’s actually lots of reason as to WHY my experience is heavily shared…and if you know ME personally or even professionally…then you’ll exactly why.*Hair toss…POUT*

Okay, where was I…Oh yeah? We’re getting ready, we’re having a laugh, we’re ordering ‘Manhattans’ to the room and even a bottle of champagne. 🙂 We also had those two bottles of wine and had been saving ourselves for dinner…so you can imagine the result of such behaviour…


I said the famous, after sipping my champagne (btw, the room service guy was amazing, he even had a boogie and let me picture him whilst he popped the cork for us)…but yes, the famous words..

‘But it doesn’t taste of anything…’

And Ben..well he just openly admitted that he felt really pissed. HAHAHA.

Grooming then went on! Mad grooming! We’re in our executive suite, guzzling champers, cocktails with music playing, inbetween cheeky smooches and we’re flinging off outfits, both curling or straightening our hair…there’s products flying everywhere, poses being whopped out infront of our giant headboard mirror, hairspray, wasabi nuts and more champers…before we finally decide that we’re ready and jump into a cab, (and I’ll get to all the hotel treats that we encountered later….but first….we head over, in a taxi, through Leeds city traffic to Ben’s choice of ‘Date Night’ restaurant…which was ‘Teppankyaki!’




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