Celebrity Big Brother, Dates and Babies



I’m watching Celebrity Big Brother with yellow ice pops on my eyes. They’ve decided to be all swollen and weird, so i’m in pain, but it’s funny as I have no clue how to mend them.

Celebrity Big Brother is literally cast SO INCREDIBLY WELL this time around that i finally have something on telly to look forward to after work! I finally have something juicy to live for on my box. I mean, everyone is either a bitch or a loud mouth….or interestingly weird…except Reg Holdsworth (who seems uncomfortable and edgy) and the Rn B soul dude..but only because I don’t yet know who he is. Plus I adore that they’ve thrown a million Americans in, as they do reality tv sooo well. There’s no manners with them when it comes to throwing on a show and it’s ACE. They will tell it how it is, cause all the drama and make the show worth watching.

(My Mum finds it dull…but probably because it’s not about something dodgy.)

I’ve done a lot today and i’m not getting nervous about my date. I mean, i shouldn’t be, as he’s messaged me a lot to ease my anxiety Lol and make sure I know that he’s interested. I’ve bought dresses. I’ve enjoyed my day off, but now i’m ready to get back to work.

My lunch with the work colleague didn’t happen. He ditched me because he was ‘busy.’ LOL. AS IF! Busy is being a single mum of two, running a business and having a day job. Not…’being 18. But all’s good…I’m just focussing on wine right now. 😉 (I even bought my friend ‘Booty’ vino just so i could fall into alcoholism with a buddy.)

Other than than…my friend ‘Scott’ got bored of banking. (Yes, I said Banking. It’s what he does. My other friend Mike…dressed up as a condom and ran home in the rain. And my date did the gym and ate fish for tea.)

My eyes then swelled up and everyone told me to put teabags on them. Suuurrre! Teabagging is not my thang.

Instead, I thought it was better to plonk ice pops on them and well they’re still swelly and they still kill.

I’m nervous about Saturday because I keep thinking i’m going to get stood up. Surely, he wouldn’t? Would he?

Yet, i’m not going to worry about it, as i worry far too much about nothing.

The home is all decluttered, as it is Christmas free! I mena, as much as I adore the fetvie season, it feels good to box up all the clutter to rock into the new year with a fresh, spacious strut.

The babies, were SOOOOOOOOO happy this evening and nothing filled my heart with more joy than that. There was just a moment where they were madly twirling and singing and dancing to ‘Let it go’ like they had no cares int he world and were the happiest pieces of loin fruit in all the land.

I just sat back and watched and my little Asian heart filled with warmth. It was AMAZING. It was MORE THAN AMAZING. There was a point where Ruby wanted Junior to ‘shush’ so she could do the ‘light and shade’ part of the song…(she takes it very seriously) and Junior well…he wa shaving so much fun that he was mental. It all got the better of him and he grabbed a toy mic like he was Elvis and started rocking out like a champion.

It was amazing…and yeah all the work, dating and ‘ooh laa’ part of my life is tremendous. But it’s those moments that make me tick.

I adore them so much.

I am the luckiest Mama in the world.

(Now for the rest of Celebrity Big Brother. Hurrah!)


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