Celeb Big Brother Rundown



Literally eating crisps and waiting for ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ to come on. This time around I’M HOOKED and it is quite positively the height of my tv viewing evening…aside from Saturdays when I get to perv on Tom Daley and Danny O in speedos and leopard print ones at that! Wowsers! (I like Danny O, simply because he told that girl on #towie that he she was too wild and he liked to stay at home and chill…Means he’s sensible. AND of course he’s hot…with a side of leopard print swimmers. Tom Daley…like my find affection for Ricky Martin…is just there to be admired….again….in trunks. I love talented people. I adore successful humans and well if you’re hot…that a bonus.)

But back to #cbb. So, I reckon Sam Faiers or Ollie…one of the two will win it. I adore them both. Wish Big Brother showed more of them, as they haven’t really been aired that much. However, it’s kinda working to their advantage, as like I said before, it puts them in the ‘winner’s circle.’ Too much of the wrong air time can go completely against you. (Lee Ryan. 🙂 ) Now, I know Lee outside the house. (Don’t we all and it’s actually lovely. Definitely playing the game. But ballsed it up. Yet he knows what he’s doing and he’ll get himself through it…with bells on and super fans. He’s actually a love bunny and when boys do feel vunerable (like he stated) and unloved…maybe a bit hurt, they act like that…like players. It’s their way of rebuilding confidence and their way of quenching their thirst for love. It goes stale as they secretly yearn to have a true connection and then they grow out of it and do all the right things.)

But yes, I want to see more of Ollie and Sam. Louisa, who has annoyed me through the whole thing, started to grow on me last night, nut now i’m nfinding her annoying again. Yeah, she’s being gobby for attention and air time…yeah she knows being outspoken is her niche and that she’ll make telly time. Yeah, she’s clever and knows how to work her game. But still, it’s not anything that people can’t see through. I don’t think she’s naturally silly, but acting like she is. Half of me ‘ugh’s’ her and the other finds her funny, with a side of ‘well she’s doing what she’s meant to be doing and that’s be entertaining. I don’t mind a bitch…i really don’t. But i don’t think she’s really a bitch. I think that she just plays one for ‘on the telly.’ Plus, she’s just said that ‘Jim Davidson wasn’t famous.’ He’s more famous than her? I’m confused. And he doesn’t have to play ‘boobies out sex in the shower with Dappy’ to get ‘look at me time.’

Dappy, has also grown on me. At first I thought ‘hmm’ but now he’s just like a little boy and he’s quite respectful. I thought it was funny that he scored only 6% on his IQ test, but then when he actually got so embarassed by it to the point where he wanted to leave, it made me feel sad. Awww! It’s not as if he hasn’t done well in life! Who cares if he’s not academically clever. It’d only be a problem is he wasn’t where he was in life, as you do kinda need a working brain. Why I like him, because he opened up and told Big Brother why he wanted to leave and how it had made him feel. That shows strength and well us chicks love a guy who doesn’t pretend that he’s perfect and admits that he has real insecurities about things. It shows a hero element. I like that.

Loved the Lord Lionel Blair song. Linda is sweet. but a bit boring. You only hear her moaning about Jim all the time. She can go for me. Jim..i don’t actually mind. I think Grumpy Jim is funny..right now. Casey…i feel bad for her…yet i’ve just noticed that I don’t know much about her, other than the Lee love triangle. But I do think FUN CASEY should come out to play now, so we can see a different side to her…one where she isn’t crying over boys.

Who’s left?

Oh Liz. Lol. Liz is actually quite sweet. Filled with insecurities, btt the fact that she can own up to them, sort of makes me think she’s secretly NOT as insecure as she makes out. There’s a wild streak in her. I just want it to come out. (I want everyone’s wild streak to come out.

I’m actually not too bothered that Lionel was voted out. Great guy. But yeah…it hasn’t changed much for me.

I wonder what the next story line is gonna be? I’m glad that love triangle thing is over. That’s why they had to get rid of Jasmine, to finally put a line under that story. I like it better now Jasmine has gone. Yeah she was fun, but there’s this sort of hard streak to her. She reminds me of Kat in the BBF house. So i do know that on the inside she’s soft, loving and not at all as confident as she makes out.

Ollie to win for me and simply because he wants to so badly AND because my friend Jason, looks after him!

There you have it. My #CBB run down.




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