Easy Day, Drinks With Lyds & Cloughey The Wizard


Day 7 and i’m completely on doss mode now. It seems once i’ve accomplished the majority, I sort of tango with a mixture of ‘yeah the bulk is down’ and ‘can’t be botheredness’ 🙂 therefor instead i commit to having fun. It’s plain sailing now, even if it gets really busy. I’ve championed the hardest part…so yeah, roll on the next four day because i’ll breeze with a wink. (I won’t do it very well…but i’ll breeze them.)

I was sort of on ‘can’t be bothered’ mode yesterday as everything was a ballache. However since Keiran had Junior for the evening and Pete has Ruby until late (even though Pete’s being more selfish than Keiran right now, as he likes to fit in his social life, regardless a to whether i get one or not. Keiran’s now the opposite and i love him for it,) I decided to fit in a couple of after work drinks at the local with work mate and date stylist Lydia. She was feeling all down because her ‘love swirl’ was on panic mode. She keeps stressing about the ‘what if’ in the future, then fully enjoying the present. Lol. So she needed a drink and a wing woman. I just wanted to celebrate my ‘done the hump of my 10 days’ with a couple wines…so we clocked off and both ventured out, looking as glam as we could to say we had worked all day. (The great thing about us is that we get ready at the speed of light. By the time half an hour was up…I was outside her house ready…)

We had such a great time ..

and it felt great to actually be publicly social again. I bumped into Rich mid drinks, who was on a dinner and that was good…as he stopped by to say ‘hello’ and it wasn’t weird or awkward at all..it was actually GREAT to chat to him. So i felt much better.

Lydia and I must have talked about EVERYTHING. Mainly boys and our love lives, but EVERYTHING. I was trying to teach her the ways of dating, over bottles of wine and gin and tonics…and we laughed, giggled, got to know each other better and had the best time ever. We’re doing a bigger night soon, as that was just ‘after work’ Sunday drinks! She’s so much fun and well it was good to venture to The Broken Bridge after The Carleton, because I she told me a lot about herself and her personality…y’know the stuff that had happened to her..and i loved that as it meant she felt open enough to chatter to me about her life, her world..and everything in between.

She actually ended up getting text messages from the boy that is her heart’s desire and I then noticed that I hadn’t got any from the Doctor yesterday! HOW ODD. But then like a charm…as soon as he got back from driving..(he was driving back from Wales) I got my ‘You’re so beautiful, thinking about you, can’t wait to have you in my arms’ message…:) 🙂 and then he messaged me all night,

I text fought with Ben all yesterday. The puzzle isn’t that hard, but he literally has no idea how to make anything right with me.

I finally got Ruby back, whilst i scoffed Burmese food that my mum had got me and I watched the last part of ‘The Bachelor.’ God i adore JUAN PABLO.

Ruby got back poorly and isn’t able to venture to school today. Poor thing. And well, I couldn’t sleep? I fell asleep…but then found myself awake at 1am. So i did what any girl in need would do and put it up as a Facebook status. 🙂

And guess who came to my rescue. Cloughy!! Now, remember i don’t know Cloughy that well, but he began chittering me with, because of the log cabins that we’re both going to. We’ve chattered quite a bit since then..on and off..always funny, always interesting.

But last night, whilst he was on a night shift, or whatever he was doing? Cloughy managed to cradle my soul mentally and calm me enough to send me to sleep. Lol. He really did. He’s like some mental mind wizard…(he put that on his CV) and i’m finding him more and more interesting because right now, i’m into mental stimulation…one of the main reasons that I like the Spanish Doctor, other than the fact that he’s so romantic…is the fact that for once i feel mentally stimulated. Cloughy mentally stimulates me and it’s a nice surprise because i wouldn’t have guessed it. We did have to start again because we were playing some twisted version of ‘ball knocking’ Inception. He stole my dreams and replaced them with his profile picture. But yes…I was impressed, because he managed to puppet me…from across town…and send some Asian Glamour Puss to sleep…without being a bore, but just manipulating her mind….by accident. Super impressed, It made me sexy. He should do that to all  girls…he’d have his ‘wizard stick’ out all the time.




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Comments (Cloughy ‘liked’ this..and then the madness began.)

Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaYour everywhere Cloughy
Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughI’m here, I’m there, I’m everywhere
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaCan you bring me some water and tell me a bedtime story about pigs. K’thanx
Steven James Clough
Steven James Clough You live within close proximity of taps and you have glorious technology in your hand, I believe my work isn’t needed
Chrissie Wunna

Chrissie WunnaJust felt like hearing about ones that build houses out of straw….would send me to sleep…right?

Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughOh out like a light I’m sure
Chrissie Wunna

Chrissie WunnaAll you’ve given me is ‘Once upon a time….I’m global…’ Lol

Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughIsn’t it comforting?
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaWeirdly…..yes
Steven James Clough
Steven James Clough I’ve knocked it outta the park yet again
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaYes, yes, I get, I get it…you’re a ball knocking champion
Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughThat could mean two things, both apply
Chrissie Wunna

Chrissie Wunna*Very bad imagery is occurring*

Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughNo fault of mine, you set the dominoes falling
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaI’m my own worst enemy. Oh lord! Surely you’re not going to send me to sleep with emotional issues!!! #somechicksgetflowers #cuddles#massages
Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughI’m unconventional, have an image of ball knocking
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaLol i want to start again! #cantsleep
Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughLike a more fucked up Inception
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaHahahaha yeah! You dream stealing, mind wizard
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Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughAdded to my CV
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Chrissie Wunna

Chrissie Wunna Why do you get to add the word ‘Wizard’ and I get to add the words ‘merrily ruins stuff.’ Lol You’ve strangely comforted me. Haha and I have NO clue how you have!!! I keep drifting off…but with ur scary Profile Pic implanted in my brain

Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughI suit the wizardry better anyway
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaAs if you’ve managed to mentally cradle me!!! #impressed
Steven James Clough
Steven James CloughIt could be me or the effects of 02.45am
Chrissie Wunna
Chrissie WunnaModest! I can do 2.45am…it was you

Then i fell asleep!!!!!

Anyway, i’m off to work now.

Easy Peasy, Day 7.


Day Six, boys and Bitches

ac17 - Copy (2)

Dayyy SIX! Lydia and I forgot to do a rain dance. I did drinks the evening before. (Just at home, with myself because i’m cool like that.) Everyone else is going to be enjoying life in a beer garden but me and i’m fully aware that It’s going to be  hellish busy, yet we’re just going to laugh our way through it because at the end of the day it’s just funny…and it’s my last day of ‘very busy’ before it turns ‘easy peasy.’ After today i have only 4 days to go, the majority is done and when that four days occurs, i’m filling it with fun,alcoholism, dancing, second dates with Spanish Doctor, errand running (I mean GOD i haven’t been able to buy sight or even collect school uniforms because of this stretch,) babies  and hopefully booking two photoshoots. There’s actually 3 people that i wish to shoot with…so i’m going to book them all. The more pics i have the better! Plus, I’m pretty good at posing, so i’ll smash that out like a champion. Yet it’s going to be a different approach to the usual ‘boobs out’ Wunna. (Even though my Boobs did me proud! Lol. However, the beauty of the blog is that you grow and develop with me. There’s people who have been reading it since I was 24, in LA and on Myspace…so a lot has happened to me in that decade. AND THANK GOD FOR IT.)

On the boy front…I’m talking things through with Ben…and trying to understand what he’s saying..yet…i’m guarded because he hurt my feelings..meaning that it’s probably best if i just meet him, chat it all out, high five the situation and have a wine.

The Doctor has still, ever since the day or even moment i met him, delivered me a message to make sure i know that he’s in tune with me, thinking about me or thinks highly of me in some way EVERY SINGLE DAY. He’s getting back from Wales this evening to begin work tomorrow…and it’s kinda lovely that we’re both somewhat busy, as the time that we get to schedule ‘meet ups’ in…are more precious and exciting. He makes me feel good, I’m excited! *Eeek* But like I said, once i’m in work mode…i kinda just commit to work until i’m free and then tango with love. But in life, i’m thankful because i’ve had some really wonderful experiences with some really fantastic, charming, troubled, hilarious, simple, mainly sexy, but just all sorts of guys form all walks of life, all over the globe…and it’s made my life very colourful and at the end of the day, it’s something to be grateful for, as i’m not a being who will find myself on my death bed, feeling as though (unless it all turns boring) I haven’t lived. So much has happened and even the bad times have been fun and precious.

I’m looking forward to work today and simply because i’ll get to spend it with Lydia. She cracks me up and hopefully she’s spinning in the swirl of love today, but probably not, as her Facebook status last night was moaning on about how she shouldn’t be such a nice person and be a bitch instead. Lol. (Bitches get what they want Lydia! HAHAH She’s in Glamour puss training and failing.) Next week, i’ll be swirling in romance mode and i can feel it coming, as I even bought myself fresh tulips yesterday just because….It means i feel good times coming…like a blooming.

More importantly..my lips are dry as hell because I didn’t have time to consume fluid yesterday…aside from after work alcohol. Keiran’s meeting me at the garden centre to pick Baby J up. (We’re getting on really well now.) Ruby’s been scheduled out to Grandma, followed by her Daddy, Pete…until i finish work. Mayhem! The babies wanted party food for breakfast, so i had to get up early to set up the entire table like it was a birthday party, with balloons and paper plates..the works. Lol. I can’t help it.


Day six guys! Hope you have a wonderfully, sunny day! (Whilst i’m at work.)

I’ve resigned up to Snapchat now…so i’ll finally get to get back on it all. That boyband guy that i used to date is now gay and happy. 🙂 See what you can find out via snapchat! Love him!

Enjoy!! Pete and I’s song for Ruby…It’s be her Mama and Papa, wedding dance song…


Sexy, Hooking Ducks, with Bin Bag Tug of Wars!


I SMASHED TODAY! I SMASHED IT! I knocked it out the ball park with a stress rash, but a *Va Voom* so viscious, it could make your heart sizzle with ‘ooh laa.’ So yeah, at the half way mark…Wunna pulled through and now i’m plain sailing, as I have not only got one more BIG BUSY day to champion…making the rest seem ‘easy peasy,’ but as soon as tomorrow begins, I’ve done THE MAJORITY of my 10 day run…and i’ll only have FOUR DAYS to left deal with! Wahoo!

It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy today and we smashed it!

Anyway, of course and as always, there was part of the day where in which we committed to being fed up. I mean anytime you find yourself playing, real life  ‘tug of war’ with an actually bin bag and silver trash can, with Lydia, who is now officially a glamour puss, because she got he ‘power’ back with boys and is currently enjoying what i call the magical ‘swirl’ of love that we girls go through…you know you’ve hit rock bottom.

I even laughed whilst we were doing it…‘West Hollywood based, Former model Chrissie Wunna, plays with bin bags in her new Pontefract life.’ 

However, in the end it was alright, as we forgot about that, and decided to be Italian for the rest of the day…and sell pretend pizza’s to…well…nobody. ‘Iya Welcoma yooooou to our Piiiizaaariaaaa.’ It wa good times and well I love Lyd’s because she’s irrepressible. It’s hard to get that girl down, even when she feels down, she’ll find a more positive vibe to dilly dally on and that’s how I am by nature..so I love her for it.

Infact it was a busy day full of glamour Pusses, as Natalie is now an official Glamour puss, as she has successful adopted her ‘sassiness’ and owned it like a champion. There’s a secret strength Natalie that I witnessed today and girls with that secret strength are the sexiest. She’s chatty and loud, when she gets to know you…will definitely feel uncomfortable until she gets to know you…yet will put aside her own fears and be able to *victory’ a moment when the hardest times come. She’s a ‘get on with life’ kinda girl…no matter what life throws at her…and i love that in girls…Again i’m the same way…and today I saw that in her…and it was sexy!

Then a granny with dementia came to talk to me and she was beautiful. Beautiful in every way. She even passed me a two pound coin, that she gently massaged into my hand. Her energy was light but magical..and her soul was just lovely. She adored my eyelashes..(NOTE YOU CAN ALL BUY THEM NEXT MONTH 🙂 ) and told me that my eyes were mesmerizing! (That’s what the Spanish Doctor says to me. Wear my lashes…pull everything. Even grannies.) It was just her manner, her approach and the way she touched me. Literally when she massaged my hand, a gentle, warm, peaceful energy transferred through my system…She paused and told lydia and I that we were really good people and she had known a lot of people in her life, (she’s 91) and she just knows good souls, when she sees them. Awww! It was beautiful…

Then we washed pots.

I was knackered by the end of the day, but rolled in with it was a sense of achievement. I even got to go home early…and fit in a bit of shopping.

Once i got home, i cracked open a vino and well that was after helping the babies play ‘Hook a duck’ in the kitchen. (THE GODDAMN HOOK A DUCK is literally the most difficult thing that i have had to conquer ALL DAY. It’s impossible and shit when sober. It’s make a good drinking game. And well…blowing up the goddamn mini paddling pool nearly knocked me out..even though ‘Crow’ did say that i should be good at ‘blowing.’ HAHAH. ‘It should take you 2 seconds Christina, i’ve heard you’re good at blowing…Don’t you also have some blow up boyfriend at home too? !’ Lol. I know i said that i was sexually ready for anything right now…and i am…but i’m never ever blowing a mini paddling pool for fake ducks up AGAIN. What a shit way to spend Saturday evening.


We’re all bathed, fed and watered…and we can’t wait for just chill time and rest. I’ve been fun and sarcastic all day and i liked it. I’M BACK.

Tomorrow i’ll only have 4 days left and once i’ve championed those last few days, i’m gonna have a ‘blow out.’ I need to let loose, have fun and just feel free, excited and let my hair down. Everyone needs balance in life and so far all i’ve done is WORK with no play!

I want ‘play.’ So yes, i’m gonna find fun..nothing too wild, but just fun. I NEED IT. Plus, i’ll be happy as i’ll finally be able to go on that second date with the Spanish Doctor…I promised him a meet up after my work stretch…and i’m a girl of my word…so again after being so shattered it will just be nice to be around a being that i know adores me and will go out of his way to emotionally  spoil me and comfort me. It’ll feel like a fun treat to myself, after such a hard work load. Plus, Lee will pop in Tuesday, if he can drag himself away from saving the world.

Things are on the up…This stretch has definitely made me start drinking….lol



Work at Weekends Should be banned

images (41)

Morning folks! Happy weekend! You call know that i’m working the entire weekend, lol, so i won’t ramble on about it. Yet just so you know..i’m smack bang in the middle of it, on Day five and despising every inch of it and totally grumpy..which if i’m being honest feels odd when the suns out. (Thought it was meant to snow? I’m sure i did a ‘rain dance’ last night, so work wouldn’t be too packed.)

Anyway, i had a great night, so i’m happy. And i’m not grumpy because of the process work, but grumpy because today i wanted t spend the day with my babies…they’re both off school and nursery..and i’ve got five more days of not spending any time with them, because of work and it’s shitty. It’s what makes me glum. But whatever…i’m half way through it, yet my mind is readjusting and changing about everything. I’d be okay if i could down prosecco at work.

Lovely messages last night. I got a message form a guy friend, saying that he ‘SWORE that i was getting more beautiful’ and that’s always lovely to hear from a guy friend, as it makes you ‘ooh laa.’ Especially because my hormones are in tune ow, meaning i’m back to my regular sense of, let’s say ‘sexuality.’ Lol. So my loins are on the prowl…but i’m calming them down…HONEST! But it is weird, as the older I get the the sexier i feel and the ‘more beautiful’ i feel. I think i’m randomly maturing well and i have no clue why? Maybe i’ll end up on a few more love ‘detours’ before Mr.Right, but i fucking hope not!

Erm…I want to get myself to the log cabin in the forest! I’ve never needed like i do ow, so i’m all ‘gimme, gimme.’ It is the only palce where my family and I find peace.

Then out of nowhere…like i had been really well studied or just fate had wanted me to make sure i knew that the Spanish Doctor was ‘in tune’ with me…I get my regular message saying how he was thinking about me, couldn’t wait to hold me, see me and that I was beautiful…Yet added on was..’I’m currently in North Wales again in with Brother.’ I asked why he was in North Wales a lot, as it sounded fun? Like an adventure…. And the Doctor replies with a..

‘Oh i own a log cabin there, as it’s a good base for me, for all the sports that I do..and i can relax there…in the woods! Lol’

WHAT??? I’m even questioning the uncanniness of this right now. He owns a log cabin in the woods which is my favourite thing to do for relaxing EVER…we’re like TWINS! I can’t even believe it. So I told him how much i loved the cabins in the woods…but i’m literally in shock. I love it. I can’t even decide if it’s coincidence or not?

I’m headed to my forest cabin in the Summer. It’s a big Wunna tradition. Cloughy’s going also for scotch and peace in the hot tub. (In his own cabin.) I’m going to ruin it all for him..and he’s okay with that, as long as booze and food are cheap. I’m soo happy that he’s going, as I love everyone to love everything i do.

Anyway, i’m off now, as i’ve got to get to work. *Wunna weeps here.*

When Victoria Saved my life…


Looongest day ever…Lol…I started off in a sort of good mood, and then got fed up with it all and just wanted to toss off work for fun, but couldn’t. Haha. It didn’t help knowing that everyone else was either off tomorrow, for the weekend or had one day left of their own little ‘stretch.’ It was hilarious. Tomorrow i would’ve done ‘five’ and I’ll have ‘five’ more to tinker with. (I’ve even got a spot today. Only a little one. But I never get spots. The Beauty Gods usually bless me without adult acne. Just the stress rash. Lol)

Anyway enough about my day. I had a lot on my mind. i’ve got a lot going on in and out of work. I’m single mummying. I’m loving it. But i have a lot of lash line work, other work and all sorts that I’m sort of juggling with and plate spinning with a wink. I’m fine. As i am at my strongest when i’m in this position. I can juggle anything…Infact, I can do anything…but have a decent love life. 🙂 I swore down to Victoria today, that it’s always the hot girls that end up single all the time, because we have more choices so get to pick badly more often. Hahaha. It takes us longer to find our ‘Mr.Perfect’ because we are forced on a ‘detour’ via ‘no hopers’ who assure us they care about us…but don’t. Right now, Victoria has her Mr.Right…and she found him in her early 40’s and like she said…some people meet the guy of their dream at 20 and live happily ever after, and some people don’t. I don’t think there’s any rules to love…as long as you end up finding it. The good kind. Told you..hot chicks are sent on ‘detours’ before Mr. Everything! 🙂 (Oh shut up, i’m an ego maniac and I don’t care. I’ve just completed Day 4 of my 10 day work stretch, and everyone else is out having fun…so you can all just go with it and clink wine glasses with me to the Wunna ‘pity party.)

But yes, longest day ever….was simply mulling around..and then out of nowhere, Victoria popped in..I heard her voice…’Chrissie?’ And it immediately brought a smile to my little ninja heart, as she follows my blog, knows me anyway, we’re actually becoming great friends, like i just seem to have just pull towards her, this great respect for her. I’d been talking to her for ages…and she’s read and been there along my recent life journey…but I hadn’t actually gotten to see her in the flesh in AGES…so it felt really great to stir her a cuppa tea and have a giggly, Girl God chat! (Remember that Victoria is my sassy, Girl God life mentor. She instructed me all the way from cocktails in Tenerife with her ‘Handsome Guy,’ when she was *hooked* on me meeting the Spanish Doctor and wanted to help me ace my First date, with the ‘seal the deal’ advice!) In fact, she made me feel great today because she said, because the Wifi was not always on top form in Spain, she had to screen shot parts of my blog, whenever it was working, just so she could read it. Made me feel all honoured. Then i got all big headed. 🙂 However, you can’t get too big headed around ‘Sexy Vic’ as she’s just a total glamour puss..I mean, she had dashed in from a SIX AND A HALF MILE RUN (she’s doing the London Marathon shortly) and she looked like she was in her 20’s and flawlessly beautiful. AFTER A SIX AND A HALF MILE RUN. No one has sex appeal after a six and half mile run…except Victoria! Lol. I’d flipping look like Jackie Chan in labour, if i went for cups of tea after a bit of a  run. (That’s why i adore her. We all love a Glamour puss.)

Right, long story short, we got talking and nothing is better than a good girly chat on a Friday before the end of your work day. I needed it that was for sure…especially because i didn’t have a wine. (When i picked Junior up from nursery he actually said out loud, ‘You smell of wine!’ Lol. I just looked at him, after i had RUSHED out of work, after watching thieves with Jenna, ready for video..but it didn’t work out…and said, ‘I WISH.’ Hahaha.)

I am currently sipping on a mojito in a can, with my new glitter iphone wrap in ‘rose gold’ laid next to me, as text messages are coming in, that i’m peeking at constantly.

Anyway, during our chat, she told me the magical fated story of how she met Guy her hubby to be. Her ‘life enhancer.’ (How sexy! They’re sexy!) She gave me advice on my own love life…because remember how I had Lee with me yesterday giving me his version of events during our supermarket shop…and well I love that Victoria jogged on in with her ‘Girl God’ voice to guide me appropriately because chicks know chicks…and well…I have absorbed her advice and will act upon it appropriately. What she did say to me was to do what makes me happy because in life..it’s those little moments of ‘happy’ that make our world perfect for a while, so whenever we feel them or have the chance to experience them…we should grab hold of them with two hands, thank life for them and enjoy! I AGREE!

Then we decided to throw a ‘Date a Dad’ party at the Quaker school where both our girls go, so i can be really hated…and talked about on Open day and Summer Balls! ‘I’m sure there’s some hot Dads at the school you can date Chrissie!!‘ HAHAHA. I love being a girl!

Then we just went on about how great we were. Hot hot we were. How lucky Victoria was with her love life…how good my cups of tea were, but i should’ve become a Doctor and how our unglam our jobs felt. Then she reminded be of how men don’t want to be with you, yet at the same time, don’t want anyone else to have you.

It was GREAT! Like this mojito…it made my Friday and my Day 4 worth it…just for that last half hour chat! It saved me from making Brett hit me with a broom by a unicorn.

I love life. (FYI, Victoria likes the Spanish Doctor for me, right now. It’s early days…but i think she’s rooting for him! However, she did say that i was to do what actually made ME happy…regardless…and i always think, that no matter what and no matter what circumstances you’re in or facing….you’ve just got to go for what you want…)







The Bachelorette….?

DSC_4098 - Copy

So my new favourite show is ‘The Bachelor’ and ‘The Bachelorette’ which we get on ITVBe here in the Uk. I think it’s on ABC in America. I’m obsessed with it because i’m adore love, romance, dates, watching glamour and drama and people finding a fairytale glistened happiness. I’m addicted to it, the glamour of it all…adore the love…the rose ceremonies…and enjoy the fun! And I watch it religiously, with a wide open heart and googly eyes. Ruby even watches it with me..and now understands the process of the show..even though she calls the guys ‘Princes.’ Aww!

I’ve loved all the season, be it a Bachelor or a Bachelorette…but obviously with me being a girl, a glamour puss…a singleton..AND BECAUSE HE TWEETED ME…I’m adoring Juan Pablo…and i have no clue why people have ranted on about him being such a harsh Bachelor, as I think he’s AMAZING! What a great guy! He’s sexy, he’s sassy, but he’s emotional and romantic. I like that, don’t I!

*Swoon here.*


And i know that they once tried doing ‘The Bachelor’ here Charlotte Churches ex and Spencer from ‘Made in Chelsea’ but we knew that they weren’t really gonna stay with the girl that they chose and that it was just for a bit of ‘look at me’ a bit of promo.

So, it’d be nice if we just had deliciously romantic, GREAT, NORMAL, BUT HOT, guys on our own version of the show, here in the UK. OR EVEN BETTER…I WANT TO BE ‘THE BACHELORETTE!!’ I’d make an ace one! I’m in my prime! I need a bunch of potentials to *breeze* through and size up, to find my hero!

Today. being single isn’t so bad. I should be enjoying myself, instead of moaning about things…so from now on..I am. Remember…i’m BACK! Like i said, it should be an amazingly fun time. I’m in my prime..and i’m going to chillax and enjoy it…glamourously. Plus, i kinda don’t mind it so much today. I have my babies and i *heart* life with them so much…that it’s always filled with love.

Being a ‘Bachelorette’ isn’t too bad. 🙂

Watch this trailer and tell me you’re not hooked.. He reminds me of The Spanish Doctor…(just so you know….And the Spanish Doctor’s name is also ‘Juan.’ )




It’s Freaking Friday, New Messages & Day 4


Morning! I’m on Day 4 and i’m making the executive decision to refrain from committing to any particular mood, simply to see what happens. It’s like knowing that you’re going to go out on a big, delicious cocktail session, yet forgetting to eat all day by accident. It never works and you always end up sick. But whatever…lets roll with it. I’ve still got ages to go. So have fun with your ‘Friday feelings.’ *Wunna weeps here.* I’m secretly a workaholic, so i love it really. 😉

Last night was lovely. Chilled to be quite frank. Easy! Keiran popped around with Junior to drop him off early, as has a giant audit for his company this morning…Poor thing. He said he was going to ‘ace’ it though and i believe him. He aces everything, or charms his way through them. Keiran and I are VERY similar. But the good thing is that Junior was happy. Keiran and I are closer than we have been since our separation and right now the rapport between us is great. It has always been cordial, but now it’s great, which is so important when raising a bambino, if you want to do it well. For the first time in a long long while, as I swung open the door to see Junior, Keiran smiled at me, with his eyes…like he used to…as before he was always a little guarded. Yesterday, at 7pm…he smiled the right way and I knew that we had healed. He stayed and chatted for a bit and it was…well…lovely. We got along like we used to. I like that!

What else? (Other than the fact that I don’t know why 17 year old girls are on ‘Plenty of Fish?’ I know that everything ‘online’ is the way forward, but when you’re so young and in college, you can easily find a boy to adore you. You’re around them all the time….You’re out all the time. But still…POF away my ladies! People keep telling me that I keep coming up on their ‘Tinder’ and I shouldn’t because I’M REALLY NOT ON TINDER!’ It is NOT ME. Cue: Catfish. I not a fan of online dating simply because I associate my online inboxes with ‘scary willy pic’ boys or boys who aren’t who they say they are. It terrifies me. But more importantly…for me i need to see them in the flesh, in order to feel an initial connection. They need to be there, right in front of me…where i can see, touch, and smell them. Lol)

The Doc, sent me good messages last night, as I had told him about his ‘full…on…ness’ and how i just needed him to tone it down in the ‘sensual’ department, until i knew him better. Lol. And he took it really well…and began toning it down and being lovely. (He listens. I like it!) He told me that he found me really interesting and beautiful and that’s why he is so into me straight away, even after the first date. I find that sweet. I find it direct. To the extra sensuality bit..all he said was ‘he’s hot blooded’ Lol…’he can’t help it.’ Hahahah. Then he went off to cook himself a Lebanese dinner and wished I was dessert. I did ask him him he dated a lot? And he simply siad, he doesn’t have time to, or can’t be bothered to. However, with me, he HAS the time and finds the time to be interested in me…and because he likes me. (MAJOR POINTS SCORED.) Like honestly, how can i end up not liking this guy! The chatter just ended with him delivering a..

‘Can’t wait to have you in my arms. Definitely next week one eve, if u are free?’

So, our Second Date is next week…Let me just get these 10 days out the way first! Ugh! Work! Lol. I’ll be on my last part of ‘the stretch’ anyhow, so i’m sure I can even do an ‘after work’ dash there. (I guess Lee was right with his ‘just tell him’ advice. He’ll be gloating over that! I next see LeeTuesday..because he’s off until then.

‘You’re ALWAYS OFF!’

‘Always OFF!?! I’m SAVING THE WORLD!!’

‘Whatever…’ )

Regardless, I hope you’re having an amazing Friday, whether you have ‘the feeling’ or not. You better be wishing that mine is going well. 🙂

Thank you once again for reading my blog. I really do appreciate it…as you don’t have to…but you do. Makes me smile. 🙂

Chrissie x







Feeling Empowered, Romance & Besties

DSC_6974_bok_flare (1)

Today wasn’t do bad! ‘Do bad?’ Too bad! See! If i go into things, feeling the worst, I seem to champion them and it all turns out okay in the end. Yeah the day was long. But it was grand! I’m lucky because i’m sort of surrounded by this ‘family’ all day…and we all get along really really well. I’m happy. Day 3..was a breeze! (Now i’ve said that. Day 4 will be shite! Yipppeee!)

My *Va voom* has returned! I’m back. I’m feeling whole. I’m feeling feisty but chipper and i’m very very Wunnafied right now. I want a night out. I need a night out, with friends! I’m BACK…and i’m dipped with winks and ‘ooh laa.’

Other than that, i’ve probably annoyed ‘Baby Adam’ all day, who i adore. He’s sort of like a baby brother to me, but i enjoy that now he’s growing up…lol…he’s turning ever so ‘Wunnafied. ‘ I congratulated him on it today, after finding out he spoilt his girlfriend ‘Demi’ (who i also adore) simply because she was in a mood with him, to her favourite perfume and prosecco, to cheer her up. Yeah, he was probably in the ‘dog house.’ (You can get a delicious cocktail at a little bar in Leeds, by the Doubletree, called ‘The doghouse’ and it’s amazing. I found it on one of my Date Night’s with Ben.) However, he’s now smooth and in love enough to know how to wiggle and charm his way back into the ‘love zone.’ Hahaha. I mean, God, we were all a bit maungy today…and he didn’t buy any of US gifts to makes us smile. Lol. But yeah, he’s a really good guy, so i’m happy to see him do lovely things for his chickadee.

Today..like i said was easy. I loved it. The Spanish Doctor sent me a message apologizing for scaring me of. But he hasn’t. He’s just eager and i’d rather have someone be ‘eager’ about me after going on a date with me…than not caring at all. He ‘can’t wait to hold me’ and see me again. And yeah he’s full on, and he has little relationship experience because he’s committed the majority of his life to work and family. Yet, i’m open minded and once i’ve sailed through these 10 days…he’ll stop by and see him…for Date 2. He deserves that. He’s not doing anything wrong, but being attentive. Bless him. And he’s a BUSY guy,. The new face in my world ‘Chloe’ thinks he’s like s Spanish ‘Christian Grey.’ Lol. I’d say he sort of is, in the way that he has his eye on the prize and the prize is Me. However, he’s not emotionally closed off..he’s spiritual and open…his soul is alive. That makes him sexy.

Then like my day couldn’t get better. I plonk my coat on, and totter to finer pastures…by orchids….and in walks my new bestie and current favourite human ever Lee! I love Lee…you all know that and like I said, we just get along so well…that not only is he a good person (remember the magazines and the brotherly care)…but he’s earned his place in Wunnaland…and he’s become a really important addition to my world. He’s about to be a hubby for the first time in a couple weeks and he’s excited. I’m excited for him. But i’m sure I can still be his ‘work wife.’ Lol. I’ve never really got on with a brand new stranger so well ever…just like that. So, it’s great because he’s such a good person by nature and today after chats about my shit love life and after he assured me that I shouldn’t be soft and feel sorry for people that didn’t deserve it..I agree…everyone agrees…we sauntered the Co op…so he could give me more advice which was ‘just tell him’ and get some CCTV footage or something? And so i could moan some more about my rubbish love life, pretend that i was going to nick Tikka Masala, make fun of his life a little and then buy cans of cocktails! He really is like my guy bestie and it all just started off with cups of tea! He’s ace! He makes me feel safe..physically and emotionally. Even when he’s doing disapproving head shakes.

So yeah, I feel empowered! I’m feeling great! Everything’s rosy! I did get a brief lecture on how to be ‘just me’ because ‘the real me’ is ‘kind, normal and lovely’ and ‘nothing like the persona that people know of me,’ from my favourite crow and favourite celotaper.  *Hair toss* Hahah. The smart people see me for me. The fun people see me for the ‘persona’…as it’s only for fun…unless i’m MAD or ‘passionate.’ The dumb ones…see nothing but what they want to see. 😉

Life isn’t so bad when you’re surrounded by good people. (Why am I getting a Flash back of some hairdresser chick at a ‘Supercuts’ who had aggressive ‘contour cheek bones,’ that she did all wrong…because they don’t work without a smile or good customer service. What a witch. She was a bitch to me. Can you tell! Lol)




Day 3, Hornballs & Texts


Day 3 and i’m not looking forward to it. I had such a great night of chill, lol…that i’m sure that i’m eternally doomed for today. Yesterday got the better of me, work wise…so today i’m not expecting it to be good at all. I dread Day 3…DREAD IT! (Shit loads more days to go, on the ‘stretch.’)

Awesome night with Ruby. Awesome morning with Ruby, Spent most of last night texting from my bed sheets. (No, not that kind of texting. I’m far too old and busy to be bothered to ‘sexy text,’ But Ben and I have been trying to chat things out..and we have…and it’s been better. We’ve opened up about the things that we did wrong and the things we feel sorry for…and sorted through, the ‘what, where’s and why’s?’ It’s good for me, as i think that Ben’s a lot more closed off expressively than I am…so to actually hear him express makes a difference. Yet there’s been no real conclusion. I’m still questioning…and well when you just send a bunch of text messages…it’s not the same is it. It still feels a little awkward to me, and i don’t know why? I guess he really hurt me, which makes it hard for me to trust him…with my heart. Yet, he’s not doing anything to sort of help me to trust him..as i did notice that once again, I’m the one that’s beginning the ‘bridge build.’ He doesn’t initiate anything. But cares…)

Ugh! I hate Day 3. I don’t even want to do it. (You can tell that i’m moody about it all today, already.)

The Spanish Doctor’s been more attentive. I don’t know if he reads my blog or not, as he’s doesn’t really do social media…he’s 38 and has no children to stalk…so he feels no need to ‘snapchat’ or Facebook much.

He restarted sending me lovely, lovely messages…and like i told you, he’s great at telling me he’s thinking about me every  single day, be it long winded, or brief. He’s a very passionate soul…and gets really excited by the thought of ‘one day’ hitting the jackpot with me and getting me in his little Spanish bedsheets. As guys do…be they 19 or 109.  I think he’s great, but before all that…i need to get to know him much much better first. As I don’t really treat sex as sex, now that i’m a biddy and a mum and i firstly i don’t have time for play the field really, lol, nor tango with hook ups. I can please myself. 😉 REALLY WELL. (I’m not bad in the bedroom with boys and certainly not bad in the bedroom with myself.)

But yes, We’re both very busy and i understand his excitement and dazzle of testoterone…but he sent me a message basically saying that he couldn’t wait to ‘devour me’ (that could just mean *kissy kissy* I could be jumping the gun) and that i wouldn’t ‘escape this time. 😉 ‘ If i want to…..i will. 🙂 I’m like Catwoman, if i want to escape. I will and with trophies and a pina colada in my hand. I mean God, i’ll gallop off on a near by donkey if i have to.

But on the whole, i’m not judging him…(remember I am a girl that has sort of lived this life where i’ve had men be excited to bonk me, simply from looking at a picture, that plays to their willies) so i always get *urked* out when boys try and force sexy time  on me, without it happening naturally…which is when i want. Lol.

He’s just excited. He likes me a lot…and I get that. And i’m not intimidated by him nor am I of anything sensual. I just don’t like the romance to be taken out of things, I think? And replaced with a hornball. I like them to balance out,

So i’ll still do my second date, when i’ve done my 10 day stretch and recover as i’m off after that! Frrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee! And i’ll see how i’m feeling about the Doc. It’s almost as if i need to see him again in order to know how i feel…You always get lost in the magic on your first date. Your second date is more real. Yet i love that our dates are chill dates, because like i told you, he’s sooooo smart that we can literally sit in a room and chat all night, without the show of a dinner date, or even a dress up occasion, if i’m honest. And i like that as it skips the false part of ‘new dates’ and keeps it’s real. If i can just chill with them at home, then it helps me see a future…If i can’t…then it makes me feel like a trophy.

He’s a good guy, just needs a little bit of a cold shower. Lol He’s funny.

I watched Patti Stanger, do her Millionaire Matchmaking last night, with Sonja Morgan and Perez Hilton! That must have made rating fly through the roof. So many successful people are single! It’s strange and means it’s harder to find love the more successful you become. When they Flashbacked Sonja’s past relationship with the really young 23 year old, hotter, than hot, hot hotty…(she’s fifty something)…I sort of thought, ‘Your’e so amazing, why would you do that, as you’re worth so much more…and it was obviously not going to work out!’ But then I looked at myself and realised that’s exactly what I would probably end up doing. I’ quitting bad habits.) The Doctor looks better all of a sudden…lol.





The Spaniard, Stressy Days, Mojitos & Early Finishes


Today, On Day 2, I completely lost my *swag.* I don’t even know where my *Va voom* went…but i lost it, and once you do, you’re kinda fucked, as then you’re chasing tail for the rest of the day…as the train wreck keeps flying forward…and you’re being dragged along with it. Lol.

Luckily, i’m well looked after…so even though I lost my *swag,* people realized that the plot was being beginning to ‘Houdini’ and therefore came to my rescue with love, help and rants to make me feel better! Jenna and I made chilli chicken wraps together and it was weirdly calming and I have no clue why? I like Jenna simply because she’s just one of those really good people. I like good people. I’ve started to collect them and to stay away from negative people who just don’t give two hoots about me or anyone but themselves. You’re a product of your environment…be warned. Lol

Anyway…all the pieces of the puzzle got put back in the right place and harmony was restored. Then I left work early…and BOY did I need it, even though when i have a spare hour and a half, I never know what to do with myself. So, I did what any glamour puss would do, after a stressy day and make myself a mojiti. (When I say make, I just mean drink one out of a can.) I’ve run a Bomb Cosmetics bath. I’ve made Ruby and I (we’re having ‘girls night’ the biggest and yummiest dinner (‘tea’ if your Yorkshire) ever…and we’re in our comfies, watching ‘Dinner Date,’ whilst she tells me that she wants me to star in her Vlog (she doesn’t have a Vlog. I won’t let her. Lol) And that she fancies blueberries for dessert. (Today, I looked at her and I couldn’t even believe that she was mine and that I had, created her and raised her. She makes me feel so lucky. And even though she has her Mother’s feisty streak…there’s not a day gone by, in the last month, where Ruby hasn’t made me a a card or written me a letter reading, ‘I love you Mum.’ Feisty but kind! Boom!)

Where’s my mojito?

I’m relaxing now. I’m calming down and well I remembering looking at Jenna today, after we ‘chilli chicken wrapped’ together, saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m this stressed at Day 2…I’ve got 8 more flipping days to go!!’ She reckons ‘Monday will be the worst and I AGREE! *Top marks, all around.*

(Ruby is now stealing my bath. I take her kindness back. 🙂 )

Annnyway, what else? Oh yeah, i couldn’t get on my phone all day. That’s how busy I was. I’m always scrolling on it, even just to *scroll.* Lol. I’m of the iphone generation and well, all I do is go on Facebook, and scroll down my newsfeed for no reason and then swipe left to see which of my friends have just been online. Lol.

Today, there was not even enough time for that! DEVASTATION!

But like i said, new things are happening and the *swirl* is a coming. I can get through anything…today i might have lost my swag, but at least i looked hot doing it! *Wiggle, wink*

During lunch, I did have a peek at my phone to see if i got any exciting messages…there was no exciting ones, except one from the lovely Spanish Doctor reading, ‘Buenos Dias gorgeous. Sending you kisses.’ *Swoon.* It’s nice to know a being, who goes out of their way to make sure the know that they’re at least thinking about me. It works with me. Even if i don’t reply…I read it. But I got home early, so i had chance to reply, just asking him how his day was…he sent me *kissy* emoji faces and then just now as i’m writing this, he whizzed over a…

‘Very busy. Clinic and theatre. I’m shattered. Gym now. U? Big kiss.’ 

At least ‘gym now’ means just he’s  ventured to another room of his own home. I’m very jealous! As if I lost my *swag* today and he saved lives and did ‘heart surgery’ on people.

So yeah, I’m not listening to Lee about my guy options. Lol.  I don’t have options…but I like The Spanish Doctor. He never forgets to care about me, even though he doesn’t have to, i’m not his girlfriend and that matters to me massively. (I think he’s trying to get ‘super buff’ before he sees me again, as for some reason he thinks i have this amazing body??? So he wants to look good also?  (He’s already buff.) But he’s certainly in his gym a lot more now and well like i said, the effort means lots to me. It’s nice. So every single time, whenever we’re busy and we both are. I especially am over the next two weeks! Roll on next Thursday. And we both focus on work and life and well…when that happens, i forget about my love life. (But one day, i’ll be a success as my work ethic is really fabulous!) So, i’m not really texty or much…HOWEVER, he’s similiar to me in that respect, when he’s really busy, yet never ever forgets to make sure, that I know, every day, that he’s thought about me. How can I not have him as an option! He’s lovely! So no…he’s back in the game and because he puts himself there! I find that sexy! I mean, there are boy’s who have even been my boyfriend, who haven’t bothered to make sure i know that they care. The Doctor doesn’t have to…but he does. Kinda like Lee, my mum…my children and my friends. (My Mum’s quite emotionally tough like I am. But during that week when i was poorly yet still demanding to go to work…she came into my work place every single day, saying nothing about it…but just to make sure that I was okay.)

I’m feeling excited now that i’m home relaxing and having a chill! I could finish early every day! 🙂 Gimme Gimme!

Anyway, more mojito’s for me!

Roll on Day 3!