Catch Ups, Football & Life Ruiners

Leeds lost. I was certainly devastated, but now i’m over it. Haha. I recovered quite quickly. For a moment last night, I became a football hooligan, in the name of ‘playoffs’ and winning. We didn’t win. It’s really annoying!!!! Haha.

KatyP: ‘I swear Chrissie was Derby’s half time talk, because she used to roll around on the floor like that at school, simply to get out of rounders.’

Me: ‘Haha, yeah i’m a pro at dramatic fall overs and painful looks. I’m also a pro at wasting time. I should be playing!! Haha. COME ON, LEEDS!!!’

‘Dbear’ even watched it from countries away, because I made him. Saying that, he would’ve watched it anyway. Footy is his ‘ting.’ All he did was piss himself laughing at my despair.

‘Me: ‘I’ve never sworn so much in my LIFE!!! I’M SO STRESSED OUT. It’s too much pressure.’

DBear: ‘Hahaha. That’s why it’s so exciting to watch and play!!!!’

Me: ‘I’m SO stressed!!! Oh shit! Wait! We’ve scored!!! Fuck! Yes!!’

DBear: ‘Hahahaha…’

I’m competitive and I hate to lose. I’ve lost quite frequently throughout my life. Lol.I never like it. Not any time. I always do that thing where you say, ‘everything happens for a reason,’ just to make yourself feel better!

I don’t throw tantrums though. I just cry and take it out on everyone else, or get cross at myself for a bit. Haha. Let’s say, I usually just focus on the stuff that i’ve won. I block out the losings, with banter, laughter and wine pours, because I’m smart.

I’m just a passionate (annoying) girl.

I will tell you that the last thing i need right now, (because I have a football hooligan headache, hangover…) is a bunch of Geordies, shouting really loudly near by breakfast table…whilst hitting on me, with their 10am lager eyes! (I am out at breakfast before work. Geordies haven’t just magically appeared around my breakfast table at home. Haha.)

I do love Geordies because they’re loud and fun. Yet, right now my head can’t deal with this selection of Geordies…because…we’ll…they’re loud and fun.

On top of that, I’m trying to each my avocado thing and Harriet decides to reassure me that I AM mental and having a breakdown. I’ve literally confused myself due to a poor outfit choice of trackie sports bottoms and pink fluffy ‘sort of’ sliders.

First of all I thought it was my old age, sending me ‘doo lolly.’ But it’s not…I’m now flash backing my entire life, as it hits me all at once…(Haha..) and thinking why the hell did I do that!?!

Harriet: (@hazribo) ‘BNP husband. That was the first clue that you were having a mental breakdown!! Haha.’

Me: ‘How the HELL have I managed to once have a BNP husband in my life??? Haha. Wtf!!!’

I’ve known Harriet for years!!! She’s right! I’m losing it!!! At least I’m three times divorced now. I hate flash backing my life. I’m definitely going to publicly blame her for ruining my life!’

Hazribo: ‘I add to it. Not ruin it.’

Me: ‘You’re right. I ruined it myself. Haha.’

It’s not like I need any help! It’s a piss easy task! I don’t ruin things lightly. I ruin them good and proper by accident. Haha.

I also bumped into my friend Louise yesterday.


Me: ‘Oh shit! Sorry! I didn’t realise it was you!’

We had the best impromptu catch up under the sun. She was telling me l about her new man. He keeps buying her the world…and she’s complaining about it? Haha.

Me: ‘I don’t see the problem. But I’m not a good person for you to ask! I’m materialistic. I CAN be bought!!Lol’

Louise: ‘He bought me a Range Rover. But when we had a fight, he called me a fucking GOLD DIGGER. He threw that in my face, mid anger. So now…I refuse to drive it and just drive my own car.’

Me: ‘Did you ASK for the Range Rover?’

Louise: ‘No. He just keeps buying stuff…then getting mad. Haha.’

Me: ‘Haha. Men are SO strange??’

I love Louise because she’s honest, straight talking and filled with that Northern Pride. I’d just say ‘Thanks’ and drive the car about. Haha. I thought it was rude to turn down gifts. 🙂

Everyone has a ‘wish list.’ I just never get to purchase any of mine because Ruby & Junior totter up to it, kick it out the way and plonk their own wishes before mine! Haha.

Me: ‘Well I was going to treat myself to that new bag, but instead I’ve bought 43 pick n mixes, a paddling pool, a hotel night, a pet, a bunch of slime and half of The Entertainer toy store!’

Get the violins out!!!!

Ruby: ‘She never says no and means it. She works extra hard and buys everything for us. BUT THEN makes us work hard, like….get a special mention at school or something.’

Junior: ‘She doesn’t give us the stuff until we do well at school. Even if we’ve been stung by a bee…she won’t give it us!!!!’

Hahaha. He stood on a bee. It stung him on the foot and then proceeded to go sting Ruby’s bum. I felt really bad so I cuddled, ice packed and cured him. Apparently toys, not ointments or love are the only things that can cure bee stings.

Silly me.

Anyway, life is wonderful. I’m working hard. I’m influencing a lot and I have exciting ‘up-comings’ approaching!!!

Stay tuned!!!

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