Catch Up- Part 2

Can your feet shrink? Mine have shrunk. They’re weird?  I hate my feet anyway because…well mine are achey & wonky. But…I used to be a 4. A size 4 is now too big. So I’m in a Size 3. I’ll agree that it’s a little bit more comfortable. Yet they could do with being HALF a size bigger???

I guess life just wants me to feel mildly uncomfortable, whilst things are going well. Y’know, just to give me ‘an edge.’ I’ll shimmie with that. You can’t always do life in bunny slippers.

I’m currently writing this on the train back from my audition for a film named ‘Perfect.’ I really want to be part of the film, because the script is really great. So I hope it went well. Who knows? It felt right. Y’know, the energy was ‘alive.’ The guy sat next to me smells nice. He’s in a long black coat and he’s reading a book. Don’t know what the book is? But the chapter he’s on is called ‘Frank.’ 

Anyway…this is your ‘Part 2’ catch up on my life…so enjoy. Haha. 

I have lots going on. Like I said, I auditioned today. (Thursday.)  I have two feature film auditions tomorrow (Friday) and if you know me, you’ll know that I NEED to nail them, for various reasons. Then the following day…Saturday…I have my YAFTA assessment…which is really super important. So there’s lots of work I’ve godda do for that. 

I had fresh wild flowers hand picked for ‘Dotty McCormack’ who recently directed a film that I was a part of. That whole team gifted me with a memory, I’ll treasure forever. So wild flowers to the Director it was! (It was my birthday on the other film ‘Extra,’ which I also LOVED madly…but I’d ordered 50 fresh baked cookies…for the crew etc. I’m not sure Sean’d fancy wild ‘fleurs.’ Haha. 

Anyway, the flowers….when they were delivered, on time & perfectly, by the delightful ‘Bloom & Wild.’ (My favourite flower delivery service.) 

But I was a little worried because…well you know how businesses send you messages & pictures to track and prove ‘safe delivery?’ Well I got this message to my emails…

Are bushes safe? I’m definitely sure nothing safe has happened to me in bushes before. Lol. However, the note they left for her cracked me up..


I just enjoyed the moment…and went with. Yet decided to tell her and ruin the surprise…incase she didn’t find my LUXURY flowers, wedged in a bush. Haha.

Anyway….let’s speed it up a little…

I met a magician in a bar. I’ve just booked a film called ‘l’appel du vide.’ I play the female lead. It’s the most beautiful film and when I met Georgia (Director) at Starbucks, opposite ‘Fleur’ in ‘The Light,’ Leeds…I just KNEW I needed to be a part of her world. She’s amazing & her film is like NOTHING I have ever done before! So I’m delighted, to have been cast and to make a new memory. (That’s the film I need a body double for!) 

After the meeting, I was waiting for a train in ‘spoons’ at Leeds train station. Whilst I was chilling, I noticed some guy came and sat next to me. I kinda felt his presence…but didn’t look. I just carried on drinking my pint. 

Anyway…about 15 minutes later he asks me if I have a light? I say ‘no,’ with a smile. Then about 4 minutes later…he says…

‘Will you look after my bag please…’ (and just leaves it under the table)

‘Yeah. Sure….There’s not a bomb in it is there? Knowing my luck..’

‘No…no…I promise. Haha.’ 

I mean I must LOOK trust worthy. Would you leave your bag with someone you didn’t know? Later he said…

‘There’s nothing in there that worth’s much. If you had stole that, you’d have been on tv in about a months time with a full blown magic show.’ 


Anyway…He comes back…He waits…then he starts chatting to me…which leads to..

‘I’m a magician…’

…and he delivers the most amazing card tricks. I’m talking ridiculous. He was mesmerisingly talented. Like no joke!!!! He was ‘Dynamo’ insane. I’d hire him for ‘shindigs.’  I didn’t even have to pretend that I thought his tricks were ace…and I liked that. Haha. I do ‘pretending’ for a job. It was my down time. (And all this is in ‘Spoons’ at Leeds train station.)

He asks me about myself…I tell him I’m an actress…and his tricks seem to get even better. (He put in the graft.) Then he managed to change the conversation to our ‘love lives.’ 


Plus, I liked that he tinkered up to my table…sat down..acted all cool as a cucumber (without being creepy) found a way to chat to me…then when he had my attention…went with ‘I’m going to impress her with my talent.’ 

I like that. It’s confident.

Chick friend: ‘Whatever Chrissie. He already knew OF you…He’s local. When he saw you…he went for it. YET, I reckon he pretended he knew nothing about you at all. This happens all the time & you never get it!! Lol.’

Other chick friend: ‘He sounds cute. He did good. Weird that he doesn’t have any social media though? He’s gonna ask you out..’

Me: ‘I know….he has. Just for friendly/casual drinks sometime. We chatted a bit for the rest of the day…But I’ve got so much on until the clock strikes 7pm on Saturday. We haven’t really talked since.’

And just like that…life went back to normal! My mum has a birthday at the weekend! I have new shoes. Ruby’s just been given the opportunity to audition for a the new musical feature film version of ‘Matilda..’ and I think I’ve just signed myself up to go to a ball?

Everything’s just so strange because so much is happening to us in Wunna Land…and we just can’t believe it?? We don’t even know how or why? We’re absorbing it and just remaining grateful…with everything crossed. Lol

Anyway…I’m off. I’ve got a million lines and Monologues to learn…

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