Catch Up- Part 1

I have writers block. Well…not writers block? I don’t know what it is? I could write. I could write for days! But I think I just have so much going on and so much to tell you about, that I don’t really know where to start? It’s all really wonderful and  I think I’m just getting on with running with it & enjoying it, whilst it’s all STILL wonderful. Y’know…before ‘life’ actually notices and flings some kind of spanner in the works…for kicks. 

(I’m not gonna lie to you, my work life is ROSY. I’m on my way! But obviously I have something awful going on, behind all the ‘magic’…& I want to make sure you know that. So you know that my life has ‘balance.’ Lol. It’s not all glittered garlands & ‘Hey Chrissie, you got the job.’ Yet I’ve chosen not to give energy to the bad parts, because when you give energy to the negative, it kinda ignites them. Y’know, gives them LIFE…It awards them with unnecessary importance. I like to keep things simple and happy. I accidentally made eye contact with ‘the problem’ yesterday…for a moment. It was still a problem…so I ignored it and got on with my day.)

Back to the jollies….

So everything that I have to tell you about, trails all the way back to JUST before Christmas, when I did the film ‘Extra’ in Leeds. (It was the most amazing experience & I HAVE actually written that ‘behind the scenes’ blog. I just haven’t published it yet. I just want to make sure it’s right, before I do. It’s filled with fun and great memories. But the blog WILL come within the next few days. I promise.)

Then obviously Ruby & Junior went out on the streets to give to the homeless for the Shelter charity, on Christmas Eve… I’m so proud of them for initiating kindness, learning life, & giving back to the community. They’re my babies, so obviously I see them as so tiny. But when I heard Ruby doing one of her Radio interviews, I realised how emotionally grown she was.

Ru: ‘Mum. I’m fine. I know how I feel. Just let me talk. Ju Ju, If you’re too scared to say anything, just look at me & I’ll speak for you. But try not to be scared, because people like John need our help.’

Ju: ‘No. I want to talk too. I like John.’

(John is the homeless gentleman, who inspired Ruby & Junior to WANT to make a difference. They met him last year on the streets of Leeds.) 

I listened to Ruby & she just wasn’t this terrified little 4 year old anymore. She was literally a confident, 8 year old… ‘WOMAN.’ Haha.  

My Mum: ‘She was kinda like….you.’ 

She just seemed to have a great understanding of life and an unconditional love for people. They both knew HOW they wanted to help make a difference & they both knew that wanted to go out and do it in person. 

I looked at Junior during the interview. As he told HIS story, (he’s much quieter than Ruby, so I was shocked that he came out of his shell.) But he stood by her side, with absolute pride. He was really confident. He literally backed her up and supported her all the way, as I stood in ‘the wings’ and watched. 

My heart absolutely swelled. We might not have everything, but we have each other, great hearts & a great hope for the future. 

 (I’ve completely written that blog also…I’m just having to wait until I publish it, as so many INCREDIBLE  things have happened & keep happening to them, as a result to their thoughtfulness…that we’re sort of absorbing the ‘wonderfulness,’ before I gracefully gather it up & deliver the most beautiful story. That will hopefully inspire. On Christmas Eve at around 7am…in Leeds & without us even knowing, they became the youngest children in the Britain to…well I’ll tell you about it in the blog.) 

Obviously as the year began, I hit the ground running. I figured whilst everyone was chilling and rightfully enjoying a ‘minced pie & mulled wine’ break…I was gonna hustle in the ‘down time’… with mulled wine….to try and get ahead. Of course! 

So.. tons of emails went out. A bit of a jiggle. A bit of a jaggle.  I was still auditioning. I was chatting to people who were casting, directing & producing films that I thought I’d be right for. Infact, I noticed that lots of people IN the industry were actually still working? So I scrambled a few meetings together, did interviews, smashed a couple auditions and I actually managed to  snag work, in the so called ‘quiet time…’ 


Then on Monday Jan 6th (Which was everyone’s ‘first day back) by 7 ‘o clock in the morning…I was already set up. I was already on a train to London, to go sign contracts, meet the agents, audition for a feature & ‘book’ a whole other one. 

I had the best time. I celebrated with wine showers, under chandeliers, with both my agent and later with a bunch of people from Leeds, simply because they had travelled up, for the Leeds vs Arsenal game. It was really goood fun! I was happy! Everything felt great! 

What it gave me was the ‘feel good’ factor and I knew that I needed to have this whole ‘feel good’ thing. Whenever I FEEL good, I’m at my most confident. When I’m at my most confident…I ‘book’ more. A lot more. When I start booking….this weird ‘domino effect’ of luck seems to happen at the same time?? That’s how I wanted to start my year. 

I wanted 2020 (and you’ll hear every actor say it… ‘to be MY year.’ Haha.) 

So basically, I have all these short films, two features…and excitement a going. My life’s completely changed. I’m riding the wave…But although grateful, I’m still
trying to pave my way…

I couldn’t type a single thought out. I don’t know why? Then my friend and school mum ‘Miss.Murphy’ fell over near the school playground, during drop off…

…and weirdly…as I was sat in my car, learning lines for an audition…my fave cracked a smile…I burst into laughter….and it inspired me to get back on that blog….and write.


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