Catch up, Christmas and Rum


So, in the last couple of days, i’ve managed to throw a couple of tizzy fits, i’ve managed to work my little booty off, almost every hour of the day, get stressed, find myself locked out of my home for 3 entire hours, AFTER a giant work day, have a baby wee on me, have a 2 litre bottle of Pepsi, fall and *wham* me on the head from a height, in PUBLIC, gain a nervous twitch, decide to not like people (lol,) worry…and have the achiest legs in the world ever…and still force myself to stand up all night, for kicks.

Even wine hasn’t made this better!

However, on the whole, i’m happy. I’m tired. But i’m happy. (Or just fucking delirious. I can’t quite decide which one??? But i’m going to go with happy.)

I’ve slept, but not eaten much (by accident,) i’ve loved every moment of having the babies. Ben and I are still dandy. And once again I CAN’T WAIT until ‘day off’ Monday.

I’ve definitely pretended to own a ‘China cafe,’ and i’ve definitely worn reindeer antlers to Mariah Carey, Christmas tracks. I want a pedicure. I want my nails done. I’d love a weave…and to top that off..i’d adore a massage.

I’m embracing Christmas now and trying to be as organised as possible. (I only have half my Christmas shopping done. But almost ALL the kiddie stuff bought.)

In the last week, the busiest week ever, i’ve talked to tall people, short people, rich people, poor people, happy people, sad people, odd people, normal people, nice people, evil people, big people, small people, vented, laughed and loved.

I’ve verbally karate chopped folk and faked smiled through lots of coffee moments. I’ve been up. I’ve been down. But i’ve enjoyed it.

I’m needing a moment to relax. I’m feeling excited. And i’m looking forward to my works do on Monday.

Ben is currently scrolling through his Facebook, Ruby is currently talking about camels, by grapes and i have a rum…which is prepping for my busy day at work tomorrow.

I’m not moaning, because i’m lucky and try to look on the bright side of most things…even if it’s smeared in ‘so busy, it’s funny.’

I can’t wait for Christmas to come, so i can chill. I’ve let the children decorate gingerbread stars. I keep needing a wee…and I’ve one hundred percent adored watching a lady be dressed as hair reindeer, half Santa apron, stress out at folk,whilst by bacon. 🙂

I’m in my specs…which is causing most to make fun of me, whenever i enter a business. Lol. Bastards! I thought i looked cute.

And i have a rash on my left hand.

There’s a Christmas pudding, made of tissue and cotton wool on my wall…and Michael J Fox is on my telly, being Mini sized and back in the future.

Rum helps.

Wunna x


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