Casting: I’m on a little search

Okay Lovers, i’m pathetic when it comes to finding things, so i figured you could help find yourself to me!! (As always!) Lazy bitches rock! Anyway, I (Miss.Wunna) am currently on the look out for as many AMAZING beings as possible…groups of AMAZING beings!! I’m looking for people who enjoy, dabble in, or simply have an interestingly WEIRD or Wonderful life. Maybe a way of  life that’s simply misunderstood?? However nonetheless you must be happy, fun and proud of who you are!!

I’m searching for anything from the scariest fetish groups, to a wacky world of living barbie dolls, to simply themed nightclubs, random societies, people who are in groups with certain strong moral beliefs. Maybe you’re a sex addict? Maybe you’re not! (God i sound so Jeremy Kyle.) Maybe you’re a grand troup of overly feathered Burlesque dancers. Or maybe you just have an odd profession? Are you all glitz and glam, or wonderfully bizarre? You could even be an Adult baby? A belly dancing troup, a street girl gang, shot putting group, a bunch of horny drag queens, homeless, a porn star, a dominatrix, a rounders team, a hoarder or just something that would shock me…or maybe even bore me?? I’m looking for interesting groups of people, within the UK, who wouldn’t mind inviting me into their merry life for a day. I want to live life with you…and cause a little controversy!

I’m a strong believer for searching for the truth of my existance and having a party the whole of the way there! In order to take over the world, i want to embrace and understand all the alternate worlds that live within this one earthy globe! It’s important for me to open my eyes and your eyes to everything, so i can see where I stand amongst all youz!! And it’s massive for little Miss. CHRISSIEWUNNA.COM (Plus, i kind of think there’s no-one out there as well lived as I.)

So if you’ve got a story to tell or a group for me to join. Be it good, or be it shit! Please do email me telling me all about your life, your group, your world and why i need to experience it!! Send emails to (they will personally be emailed straight to me.)

Oh and if chosen…you will be getting filmed, (not for the telly…just getting filmed) so you kinda have to be okay with that! (I don’t do anything hilarious without documenting it! Who knows what could happen!)


Chrissie Wunna

19 thoughts on “Casting: I’m on a little search”

  1. i am what i am go out for a beer with me then u will get to know me i aint good at saying what i think in typing and that but i want ot be part of wunnas firm i think i should be the consigliereie

  2. Hmm me and my friend are theatre freaks so you can have a live viewing of us next weds, if you can make it? 😉
    We’re not quite adult babies or homeless people but we’re pretty crazy (in a good way) and we sort of talk about stuff only we understand sometimes!!
    But saying that we’re completely sane, to an extent!! xx

  3. Ooh it’s delicious! I’ve seen everyones email in my inbox, but haven’t read any yet. I’m waiting until i get a ridiculous amount of them, so i can be all excited and have a jolly old read into all your tragic lives! lol

    There’s one that looks really flipping good from ‘Sandy.’ (Ooooh! Scares me…i love it!!)


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